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Davis Cup Betting 2023 Odds, Rules, Predictions

The Davis Cup is commonly known as the World Cup of Tennis as it’s the peak event in men’s tennis. The event occurs each year and involves players representing their na..

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Before the rise of the modern best European football clubs, and approximately 20 years ago when Porto won the Champions League over Monaco (if you like betting on Champ..

Most undervalued and overvalued European Football Clubs

Despite football being a worldwide sport, most of the fuss and fanfare are concentrated within the top five leagues in Europe. While the football teams at the top of th..

NFL Touchdown Scorer Bet

One of the betting markets that has really thrived in terms of NFL betting over the past couple of years is touchdown betting. Those who bet on soccer will know that go..

Dropping Odds Strategy

For any new punter, it seems strange to see the betting odds dropping. The question "why are they dropping comes naturally and is logical. In this article you will lear..

NBA Half and Quarter Betting

When you looking on betting systems or placing bets on the NBA, there are many different betting markets available that mean you don’t need to place a bet on the actual..