CS2 ESL Pro League Predictions – Season 19

Counter-Strike 2’s 2024 season is gathering pace and slowly heading towards the player break. The season’s first Major tournament has just finished, with NaVi triumphing and Justinas “jL” Lekavičius winning an MVP.

IEM Chengdu 2024 concluded on 14 April, with FaZe Clan finally winning the final. In just over a week, the ESL Pro League Season 19 tournament kicks off on 23 April, with the top 32 Counter-Strike 2 teams competing.

The ESL Pro League Season 19 LAN tournament is unique in that it is played without the crowd, with even the final matches taking place in front of a small group of fans. Teams can lose as many as three times in the group stage, making it difficult for gamblers to make predictions.

The teams must try their best when the playoffs start because they can no longer lose. These tournaments have no shortage of surprises, which is reflected in the past results. Below, we have highlighted four ESL Pro League predictions, which we invite you to take a closer look at.

Key Highlights:

  • MOUZ favored by esports bookmakers to make Top 4 due to closed environment and strong group stage performance.
  • NaVi is expected to win Group D with an experienced roster and weaker opponents.
  • Vitality aims for finals after recent disappointments, facing manageable group in ESL Pro League.
  • TheMongolz from Asia could qualify for playoffs, posing a challenge to stronger teams in the group.
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MOUZ To Make Top 4

MOUZ is the youngest team in the Top 10 CS2 teams. The average age of the team is just 20.5 years. Brollan, siuhy, and torzsi are 21, Jimpphat is 17 and xertioN is 19.

This team has made the playoffs in the last few tournaments and played in the finals at IEM Chengdu 2024. The main problem with the team is that they play very well in the group stages, but once they get to the playoffs, they usually can’t handle the pressure when it comes to playing in front of a crowd.


The ESL Pro League Season 19 tournament is played in a closed environment, so not having to play in front of a big crowd is a significant advantage for a team like MOUZ. This team will compete in Group C and have over two weeks off after the last tournament.

Not only will they be able to rest, but also to train and prepare themselves even better for the upcoming matches. The group is not difficult, with FURIA, Monte, Liquid, GamerLegion, and ENCE being the main first-place contenders.

First place in the group would allow them to start the playoffs from the quarter-finals, which means that if they win one of the playoff matches, MOUZ would be in the Top 4.

That is what is expected from this team – it would not be surprising if they compete in the finals, which will not be a weak opponent. As the final is played in BO5, MOUZ has a solid choice of maps.

We recommend this team as one of the most reliable in the group stage. They play better when they know they have a chance to lose.

Also, check our CS2 betting guide for additional info for this gaming season and CS2 betting strategies.

Natus Vincere To Win Group D

NaVi surprised everyone by winning the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024. The world champions will arrive at the tournament after the holidays fully recovered and ready to prove that their Major appearance was no fluke.

The team is playing very similarly in both the group stages and the playoffs – there are experienced players and younger players who don’t care about the environment they play in.

NaVi used to be very solid against the lower-level teams before the Majors – they rarely lost to them, and if they did, it was against a few of the strongest teams.


With a very good record against slightly weaker teams, NaVi has a good chance of finishing first in Group D and starting the playoffs from the quarter-final stage.

Complexity, BIG, Heroic, NIP, BOSS, FlyQuest, and PERA will join Natus Vincere in Group D. This is one of the weaker groups; neither BIG nor Heroic is in good form, and NIP is coming with a new lineup.

At the moment, this bet is not available on the betting sites, but it will definitely appear, and we recommend you pay attention to it. NaVi has an advantage over all the teams in Group D and will have extra motivation to prove they are the strongest after the Major tournament.


🔫 What is ESL Pro League?

The ESL Pro League is a prestigious international esports competition for the popular first-person shooter game Counter-Strike 2 (CS2). It features top teams from around the world competing in a season-based format for substantial prize pools and recognition as some of the best players in the game.

🔫 Where is ESL Pro League taking place?

ESL Pro League Season 19 will take place in Malta.

🔫 How many teams will participate in ESL Pro League Season 19?

32 teams will participate in ESL Pro League Season 19.

🔫 When is ESL Pro League season 19?

ESL Pro League Season 19 is scheduled for April 23 – May 12.

🔫 What are CS2 ESL Pro League Season 19 predictions?

Our CS2 ESL Pro League Season 19 predictions are: MOUZ making the Top 4, Natus Vincere winning Group D, Vitality reaching the finals, and TheMongols qualifying for the playoffs.

Vitality To Reach The Finals

Last year’s best team has been playing disappointingly so far this season. They missed the IEM Katowice 2024 playoffs, and at the PGL Major Copenhagen, they lost to FaZe Clan in the semi-finals after a great battle.

They have not participated in any more tournaments, and ESL Pro League Season 19 is where they can prove themselves. The team has had plenty of time to prepare for the tournament, the roster is top-notch, and the road to the finals is manageable.

In Group B, Vitality will face G2, Falcons, BetBoom, M80, TheMongolz, TYLOO and Sharks. Vitality must win the group, with G2 in questionable form and a slightly refreshed Falcons as their main rivals.


Even if they stumble in the group, Vitality is one of the best teams in the playoffs, and not making the final would be considered another fiasco.

If Vitality fails again in this tournament, we will likely see a change soon.

The most likely replacement is the 25-year-old British William “mezzi” Merriman. However, this is not something to consider now, and we can recommend Vitality as one of the most reliable teams for the upcoming tournament.

TheMongolz To Qualify For The Playoffs

TheMongolz is one of the best teams in Asia and has had a pretty solid showing at the Major. The organization will have another chance to prove itself among the best CS2 teams. It’s not an easy group, but the chances to continue fighting in the playoffs are there.


Four teams from the group qualify for the playoffs, and three are stronger on paper – Vitality, G2, and Falcons. This means that even if all these teams go through, there is still one place left for TheMongolz against BetBoom, M80, TYLOO, and Sharks.

There’s a good chance it will be against BetBoom, which TheMongolz can beat. However, we should consider that unexpected defeats could come to G2 or Falcons, which are not yet a source of confidence.

In other words, TheMongolz is a force that should be reckoned with when playing against the weaker teams in the group. This team has the most potential besides Vitality, G2, and Falcons. It would not be a surprise if they beat G2 or Falcons, which should guarantee a place in the playoffs.

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