Cycling is a very diverse sport, which also means that betting on cycling offers a lot of variety. Variety equals plenty of opportunities in this hobby, thats why you need online cycling betting tips, to know what to look for.

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Online Cycling Betting Tips

Let’s look at some basic principles of online cycling betting tips. If you want make cycling bets with crypto, check best crypto currencies bookmakers rating.

Keep in mind that this article only delves into cycling specifically, and does not cover general betting tips and strategies. However, you should use all the knowledge at your disposal to get the most out of betting on cycling.

tour vs. tack cycling multiple bets

Tour vs. Track Cycling

Before we go into any other cycling betting advice, it is important to stress the difference between these two major types of cycling event. These require completely different skillsets from their respective participants. They are almost two completely different sports when it comes to figuring out how to place a cycling bet.

online cycling value betting odds tips

Tour cycling betting 

Tour Cycling Betting 

These events are what most people immediately associate with competitive cycling: the famous Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana all fall into this category. With these, endurance and team coordination are just as important as speed. This also means that you can bet both on the winning team and which cyclist will clock the shortest time.

Events like the Tour de France are also divided into different stages, allowing for multiple bets ber event. The mountain stages are traditionally considered the most exciting, but can also be somewhat unpredictable from a punter’s standpoint. Some cyclists even specialize in such sections, so keep that in mind when deciding your next slip.

These big tours can last for weeks, with plenty of changing cycling odds and probabilities. An interesting feature of cycling bets is they can be a long-term commitment. This makes this type of betting unique, but not for everyone.

Track cycling betting

Track Cycling Betting

The other kind of bicycle race is done on a velodrome, and speed is all you need to consider here. Track races will be more familiar to you if you have experience betting on other sports and is thus somewhat easier to do. It is often associated with the Olympics. 

They are further divided into Time Trials, Omniums, Sprints, Team Sprint Cycling, and Keirin cycling races. Not to mention the increasingly popular off-road circuits.

betting on team sprint keirin cycling

Cycling betting markets

Cycling Betting Markets

While there are a lot of different kinds of cycling competitions, the selection of markets is fairly limited. If you’re betting on competitive cycling – you’re almost exclusively betting on who’s going to win the event. The only exception that comes to mind is for the Tokyo Olympics, where top online bookies occasionally allow you to bet on which country will take home the most cycling medals.

This fact has its pros and cons. The lack of markets makes your decisions simpler than they would otherwise be. It also means that you can learn to quickly make solid decisions based on just a few relevant statistics and bits of information.

On the other hand, a wide variety of markets is not only more interesting but great news for value betting. Having just one market means that you have to play by the bookie’s rules no matter what.

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