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To help you out, in this page you will find some of the best live betting strategy of football. Do note that we’ll approach this as if you already know the basics of what live betting is, how to place a live bet, and so on. We’ll also assume you’re familiar with the basics of general sports betting strategies, and will instead focus solely on in play betting strategy.

The Golden Rules to Follow when In Live Betting

Live betting is growing on a daily basis as more and more people turn to this form of betting instead of the pre-match markets. Some people focus on live (in play) bett..

Live Betting Strategy

When it appeared several years ago, in-play betting revolutionised online sports betting as we know it. Since then, professional punters have found that it can do absolute wonders in terms of value. However, it can also be an easy trap to fall into if you don’t know what you’re doing.

People are asking these questions
📈 How to live bet basketball?

Mots popular live bets on basketball is monyelines, handicaps and totals.

📈 How to live bet football?

Most popular bets in football is asian handicaps, totals and game line.

📈 How to win live football betting?

Study and watch games and when make a live bet, but dont judge to early, be patient and go for quality over quality.

📈 Is live betting profitable?

Of course it is if you find value bets.

📈 How to win at live betting system?

To win at live betting you need to gauge the situation in the field.

how to live bet basketball footballUse Live Information to Your Advantage

Your chances of success to be live betting specialist and your profits with live betting are directly proportional to your ability to gauge the situation in the field. To that end, the fact that you’re (probably) watching the event live is your greatest advantage. In addition to any pre-game stats or information, pay close attention to how the game is developing. 

Have there been any substitutions? How are the playing conditions? Are the teams using their usual tactics and formations, and how does that relate to any head-to-head statistics you’ve dug up before the game? All of this is relevant information, so pay attention.

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best smart live betting strategy specialistPay attention to the players themselves

This further builds on the concept we’ve just established. You also need to keep in mind the physical and psychological conditions of the players in the pitch. Do they look tired? Motivated? Do you believe they might be lacking in confidence, or are just not giving their best? We’re aware that anything you might notice is approximate information at best, but it can still help put you on the right track.

how to win at live football bettingWait for the best time to place your bet

This is perhaps the hardest aspect of in-play betting to master. The biggest issue is that different punters have different live betting strategies, and they all have merit.

Some have in play betting system that never bet during the last 15 minutes of the game. Some have live betting sysmte that you should always bet during the last 15 minutes of the game. The concept of value makes this even murkier. The only smart live betting advice we can give you is that you should:

  • Be patient. This can be hard to do at times but is worth it.
  • Don’t be afraid to miss out. It’s better to not take a good opportunity and learn from it than lose money on a rushed decision.
  • Realise that not every decision needs to be made. Sometimes, the smartest thing to do is nothing and draw some conclusions that you can use later on for another match best in play betting pick.

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is live betting profitableKnow live betting markets

Live betting markets are sometimes completely different from their regular sportsbook counterparts. For example, bets on corner shots in football betting have been known to have great live value betting. Some bookies can offer dozens of such markets at a time. Know them, and know when and how to use them.

live betting strategiesUse Live Betting to Add Value

Since value is a hard concept to discuss, we’ll use an example for this point. Let’s say that you want to bet on an Over 2.5 market. Let’s say you’re pretty sure the game will confirm the market since the odds are a relatively short 1.80, or 4/5. To make these better, simply try to place a live bet on the same market 10 minutes after kickoff. Now, your odds should be around 2.5, or 6/4. That’s great value for a very slight increase in actual risk.

This basic advice should be enough to allow you to start winning with free live betting tips. Good luck!