Malaysia Betting Sites 2024

The sports betting industry and Malaysia betting sites is a bit of a grey area. It has been that way for many years as a result of the country’s dual system of law. Sometimes, this system makes it challenging to establish what is illegal and what’s legal. Malaysia is a secular nation with laws for all citizens, but Muslims also need to abide by Sharia law.

The Betting Act of 1953 was the first legislation piece that covered Malaysia betting websites. According to the 1953 Betting Act, only horse betting and legal lottery are allowed in Malaysia, while gambling and sports betting in the country are illegal.

However, Malaysians can access reputable offshore sportsbooks and bet in Malaysia on their favourite sports. The availability of offshore betting platforms and apps in the country makes the whole situation get messier. International betting sites can accept Malaysian punters from within the nation, and the Government of Malaysia can do nothing about them.

Offline, online sports betting in Malaysia and live betting is a vast and booming industry. The country is home to passionate sports enthusiasts, and most of them love to put their knowledge and skills to the test by placing bets on the outcomes of their much-loved sporting events with Malaysia betting sites. It’s no secret that thousands of Malaysians enjoy a good wager on sports.

Offline vs Online Betting in Malaysia

Malaysian gamblers can access two types of betting, which include land-based and online. Land-based betting in the country is available in only three racetracks. When it comes to Malaysia online sports betting, Malaysians can only access offshore sportsbooks.


🇲🇾 Is online gambling legal in Malaysia?

✅ Yes, online gambling is legal in Malaysia. There are many online gambling sites that are registered and licensed to operate in Malaysia. However, it is important to check with the individual gambling site before playing to ensure that they are operating within the law.

🇲🇾 Is betting popular in Malaysia?

✅ Yes, betting is popular in Malaysia. There are many Malaysians who love to gamble and bet on sports. It is important to choose a reputable Malaysia betting website.

🇲🇾 Which betting markets are the most popular Malaysia?

The most popular betting markets in Malaysia include football, horse racing, and cockfighting. Malaysian bettors tend to favor European football leagues, such as the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, and Italian Serie A.

🇲🇾 Is betting on football legal in Malaysia?

✅ Yes, betting on football is legal in Malaysia. There are many legal football betting sites that operate in the country, and people can bet on football matches both online and offline. However, it is important to note that there are some restrictions on football betting in Malaysia, and people should be aware of these before they place any bets.

🇲🇾 What is the future of gambling in Malaysia?

The future of gambling in Malaysia is quite uncertain. The Malaysian government has been cracking down on illegal gambling activities, and it is not clear if they will continue to do so in the future. There have been some calls for the legalisation of offline and online gambling Malaysia, but it is not clear if the government will act on these calls. It is possible that gambling will remain illegal in Malaysia, but it is also possible that the government will change its stance and allow gambling to take place in the country.

🇲🇾 Can I join betting companies in other countries while I am in Malaysia?

✅ Yes, you can join betting companies in other countries while you are in Malaysia. However, you will need to have a valid passport and be a Malaysian citizen in order to do so.

Offline Betting

Penang Turf Club, Perak Turf Club and Selangor Turf Club are the only destinations where betting on horse racing events is accepted in licensed sportsbooks. These three destinations offer a massive array of horse racing markets to pick from; however, punters from Malaysia must pay an entry fee of anywhere between MYR 5.70 and MYR 7, and they must access the tracks physically to place their bets. 

While Selangor Turf Club accepts wagers at off-site locations such as the Bingo Sound Sdn Bhd and Kelab Rekreasi Honey, punters still need to travel there physically.

online sports betting in malaysia

Online Betting Malaysia

The online betting environment in Malaysia is more appealing than its offline counterpart. With Malaysia betting online, Malaysians can enjoy offshore online betting platforms.

While local illegal sportsbooks are available and offer online sports betting Malaysia services, they usually work with credits and agents, so there is a massive risk you will not withdraw your winnings or accumulate large debts since you don’t need to pay before you place a wager.

Compared to offline betting venues, offshore sports betting platforms allow punters from Malaysia to access both local and international sporting events.

As such, punters can place bets on Sepak Takraw, a Malaysian national sport and many other sports from across the world, including cricket (see here for cricket betting tips), online football betting Malaysia, horse racing, and rugby. Each of these sports offers a wide range of betting markets for both in-play and pre-match wagers. 

malaysia betting site online

Most of the international online betting websites hold licenses from trustworthy authorities in the world, so the risks you are taking are noticeably lower compared to local Malaysian betting sites. The sports betting bonuses and promotions that international online sites offer for both new and existing players are also a huge plus.

Malaysian Sports and Leagues Betting

Sports in Malaysia include both old-style and western games. Badminton and football are among the most popular Malaysian sports. Other sports include golf, squash, bowling and water sports like kayaking, yachting, diving, water polo and swimming. Old-style sports include Sepak Takraw, Gasing and Silat.

Many athletes from Malaysia have achieved excellence at both local and international levels. For example, in badminton, Lee Chong Wei, Malaysia’s top player, is ranked world number one. He won four gold medals in the 2006 and 2010 Commonwealth Games. 

Aside from badminton, the country also performs excellently in squash competitions. In squash, Nicol Ann David, the country’s top player, is ranked number one globally. It’s no doubt that the country has produced many legends and athletes who have done excellently in different international games.

online football betting malaysia malay odds

Football is also popular in Malaysia, but the sport isn’t very successful or famous. Malaysia has a football team that represents it in international football competitions. Football players in the national team also play for different clubs in the Malaysian Super League, the highest competition in the country. 

The country also has a second-level football competition known as Malaysia Premier League. These leagues provide punters from the nation with many football betting markets. And the best part is that all trusted betting companies that accept Malaysian punters cover these top events as well as other amateur competitions.

Malaysian bettors who follow and support their star players always place bets on these popular sports in order to achieve thrilling actions anytime their country is represented. Each day, punters find a sporting event from Malaysia to bet on.

How to Deposit in Malaysia Betting Sites

The deposit method you choose will determine the time your funds arrive in your betting account as well as the amount of money you can transact. Sports punters in Malaysia will be filled with joy when they discover that top online Malaysia betting sites that accept punters from the country are home to some popular methods of payment.

There’re various benefits to using popular payment options. The most obvious one is the ability to enjoy hustle-free and seamless transactions.

Creating an account with one of the most popular banking options available will allow you to streamline all of your transactions. For that reason, having an account with any of these deposit options would be helpful: electronic wallets like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill, debit and credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, Bank Transfers, Digital Currencies, and Pay by Phone.

In terms of local payment methods, top International online betting sites allow Malaysian bettors to deposit via EaziePay, Help2Pay, and PayTrust88.

is online gambling legal in malaysia

Malay Odds Format Explained

New bettors mightn’t be familiar with this, but the most popular odds format in Malaysia is Malay. What makes Malay odds unique is that they cannot go over 1.00. It’s vital to note that when Malay odds are favourable, the chances surpass 50%. And when they are negative, the likelihood they represent is below 50%.

The formulas that bettors use to determine what they’ll win are a bit straightforward, especially when dealing with positive Malay odds. They’ll find the potential earnings by multiplying their stakes by the odds.

For instance, a stake of £50 at Malay odds of 0.90 might provide a profit of £45. If the Malay odds are negative, bettors need to divide their stakes by the odds to get the profit they can walk away with.

online gambling and betting in malaysia


You’ll find many best betting sites Malaysia that allow punters to place real money bets on different sports. Before opening an account on these platforms, be sure that they’re reliable and safe.

Joining a trusted online Malaysia betting site will allow you to come across a massive array of excellent features such as enhanced odds, generous bonuses and promotions, Malaysian-friendly payment options and support services and dedicated mobile betting apps for Android or iOS.

The best sports bettors in Malaysia will not only offer these great features but also have a reputation that speaks for itself. If you’re looking for the best gambling destination in Malaysia, be sure to pick from a list that experts recommend.

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