Best Esports Betting Sites 2024

Are you a fan of esports? As computers are now built with astounding upgrades, the ability to run more complicated games through desktop and mobile platforms has significantly increased. Therefore, electronics sports didn’t just thrive – they boomed. While not everyone can play this game professionally, you can participate in this brand-new branch of sports through betting.

But isn’t the platform too new to find good esport bookmaker? Not with our help! Using a set of standards, we evaluate each betting company, make comparisons, rate them, and provide all this information into one convenient location. Want to find out if they have a license to operate? What about any bonuses or perks they offer their bettors? Do they have good customer support?

Right off the bat, our team has evaluated six of the most popular bookmakers of electronic sports with more being added to expand your choices and let you bet on esports that you love to watch.

Everything you want to know – and other information you might not know you need – are taken into consideration when presenting you with a list of possible bookmakers of esports. This attention to detail leads to a selection of quality sites that tick all your personal needs and perhaps a little bit more.

All you need to know about esports

Many if you will have heard of esports, but there are still a number of people who don’t really know what they are and how to get involved. The rise in popularity of esports has also brought them to the attention of gamblers, and as each event comes, there appear to be more and more esports betting opportunities out there (read this – esports betting guide).

Gamblers looking for something new have seen the rise of esports and latched onto it as it grows, while the esports industry has a lot to thank the gambling industry top esports betting sites for, and it has certainly brought even more attention to it.


🎮 What is esport betting?

Betting on eSports is becoming increasingly popular. This is when people place bets on who will win eSports games, which is computer gaming, between either teams or individuals.

🎮 How to choose best site for esports betting?

Because eSports betting is still on the rise, a key element to look out for is how many betting markets are available. The best eSports bookmaker is one that offers a wide range of betting markets for you to choose from.

🎮 What is the most popular esports games?

Many eSports games are popular including CS: GO, Fortnite, Dota2, League of Legends, Rocket League, Overwatch and more.

🎮 Where to watch esports online?

The great news for those wanting to watch eSports online is that many bookmakers offer live betting and streaming on eSports, so you can watch the action live through your bookmaker.

🎮 Is esports betting profitable?

✅ Making a success of your eSports betting is possible. The key here is your knowledge, you need to be an expert and then look for a bookmaker with a lot of betting markets so you have the ultimate choice in front of you when you are placing your bets.

🎮 What is esports betting market size?

In past years the esports betting market has been growing very fast, especially during COVID pandemic when nothing was played in the sports betting area, only esports. Today the esport betting market size is around $1 billion and it could reach $13 billion by 2025.

🎮 Is esports betting legal in USA?

✅ Yes, esports betting is legal in the USA. More and more states legalize online gambling and the US sports betting market is growing very fast – current market size is around $10 billions and it is projected to reach $40 billion by 2025.

In this article, we take a look at the basics of esports, the most popular games online that people are playing right now, and the betting markets that are available in betting sites esports for you to take advantage of.

What is esport gaming?

Esports comes from the term electronic sports, and if you want to know what is basically means, it means playing video games competitively against someone else. The rise of esports has seen this term become used when people are talking about big budget multiplayer events that are now taking place all over the world. Teams and individuals compete against each other to win on the game, and some of the prizes they take home can go into the millions when it comes to the biggest events in the world.

esports betting market size dota bets odds

Esports has rapidly become big business, and what seemed like something that people did as a pastime has now developed into a career for many individuals who are at the top of the tree.

There are two types of game that players generally play when competing against each other in esports. The first is multiplayer combat, where the last man standing is the winner and the other is a competition where everyone plays individually to see who records the highest score or quickest time on a game.

Esports bookmakers: where to bet on esports?

If you would like to place a bet on the best games online then there are many different esports bookmakers out there who will take your bets. There are a number of esports betting websites that offer a huge range of esports betting markets, and they take this very seriously. If you want to bet on a regular basis and you want to bet on a wide range of tournaments then these are best betting sites for esports (read this – betting with cryptocurrency).

If you are looking for somewhere to bet esports on the very big events occasionally, then a regular bookmaker will take these off you. These do not offer as best esports betting opportunities, but they cover the big tournaments and markets for those who are looking for a way to get involved, which is often enough for newcomers.

Betting has played a part in enhancing the reputation of esports around the world, and as more and more bookmakers take bets on esports and offer new betting markets, then even more players are going to become involved and interested thanks to that.

Gaming, video streaming, fast internet and online esports betting

Esports has rapidly grown into a huge worldwide phenomenon due to three things, online gaming, video streaming and online esports betting.

Online gaming

The first, online gaming, is something that many people will have done in the past. We have seen a shift in the gaming world from making games that you play by yourself against the computer to games that feature the ability to play online against someone else. Whether this is a big 20-player game between 20 different people all over the world or a game of FIFA between two people (read this – FIFA esports betting guide), this is online gaming and a big reason why many people originally became interested in esports.

Generally speaking, we are a competitive bunch of people, and playing free games online where you can beat someone else is something that gives us a great buzz. It is much more satisfying to beat a real individual than the computer, and now many people will solely play games online rather than playing the standard offline game against the computer.

Video streaming

The second thing that has helped esports become the big business they are today is video streaming. Thanks to social media, we can show our lives to the world through YouTube, Facebook and many other social media platforms. Whether you are videoing yourself at a party or streaming yourself playing the best games online and showing everyone your high score, this is all thanks to social media and the ability to show ourselves off.

One of the big reasons why esports became an acceptable spectator sport was due to the popularity of these early players, who were showing the world what they were doing on social media. From there we saw tournaments and games created that people could log on and watch, and it is the crowds from these games online that created the first following for eSports.

Internet speeds

The appetite to play free games online against other players has been around a lot longer than we have had the ability to do it. One of the main reasons why it took so long for esports to grow and become global is that the technology simply wasn’t there to make it happen, forcing players to wait for an opportunity to get together online.

best top esports betting app sites websites

There was nothing better than being able to play against someone else 20 years ago on a computer, but that required both of you to be in the same room at the same time and on the same console. The internet simply wasn’t good enough back then to allow online gaming, but it is now. Instead of playing on the same console, we now play games online, because everyone has fast internet that can handle this.

While the growth of esports was relatively steady, a big reason for that is down to technology. Had we all got the internet speed that allowed us to play online 30 or even 40 years ago, then there is a good chance that esports would have been born a long time ago.

What makes a great esports game?

We have moved on from games that have a multiplayer element, to games that are specifically designed to be played online against other players. This has been a big shift in the way we play, and what game developers are creating for us, but what makes a great esports game?

There are three genres that are currently thriving in the esports world. Those are first-person shooters, real-time strategy games and multiplayer online battle arenas. All of these offer the gamer something to get stuck into, but more importantly, they also offer the spectator something fun and exciting to watch. Just like all other sports, esports are not the same without spectators, and it is important for game developers to put something together that spectators can follow and get excited about.

is esports betting markets profitable

The second thing to think about here is how accessible the games are. The best games online are those that have simple and easy to understand gameplay features, these can attract a wider audience which includes casual viewers who are perhaps not as intensively involved with the games industry. The more casual viewers that esports can attract, the more widespread things become and that is what will move eSports into the mainstream.

Spectators are a hugely important part of esports, and we are seeing games design features for them. The newly launched Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game is a prime example of that with the spectator mode that the game has available, allowing people to watch the games online and get involved without actually playing.

Best games online to make bet on esports

There are a handful of titles at the top of the tree in terms of being the best esports games out on the market. These are the games used for some of the biggest tournaments in the world, with some of the biggest prize money on offer. Here are the games to look out for if you want to watch or play the very best that this gaming market has to offer you to make bet on esports.

best site for esports betting

Dota 2

Dota 2 and League of Legends are two of the biggest games online, and both have huge fanbases. These two are multiplayer online battle arena games, and while League of Legends betting is seen as slightly bigger and better than Dota2bets, the investment into this game continues and keeps pushing it closer towards League of Legends (read this – esports betting with Bitcoin).

One records Dota 2 holds that League of Legends doesn’t is having the largest prize pool in esports history. Back in 2017, the prize pool for the Dota 2 international championship was over $24.6 million.

League of Legends

The League of Legends game created a huge market and player base by being one of the best free games online. The game is especially big in Asia due to a huge marketing campaign and investment from Riot, who are the developers of the game.

A yearly world championship takes place using this game, where the very best players from all over the world come together to compete in one venue to take home the prize pool, which currently stands at nearly $5 million.

cs bet league of legends betting dota2bets

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game that has risen through the esports ranks thanks to a big player base, low price point and good, regular updates from the developers. This is a great team game, with 5 v 5 a gaming option for players, and because of this, there are many Counter Strike team tournament games online and CSGO gambling in online betting sites.


While Overwatch may not have the same mass appeal as the other games listed above, it has been a key player in developing and enhancing the esports industry as a whole. The Overwatch league sees teams that represent cities from all over the world come together and battle it out in this first person shooter game.

These teams play seasons, with games against each other much like you would see in football, making it one of the best games online to watch as there as many events spread through the calendar year. If you want find great esports odds and make cs bet or dota bets check the best esports betting app – Unibet.

Where to watch esports

With so many competitions filmed and covered on a regular basis, watching esports games online is now very easy and accessible for fans. The biggest games in the world are broadcast using dedicated live streaming platforms such as Twitch and Mixer. When you log in here not only do you see the live action taking place, but you can also participate in the live chat rooms to speak to fellow fans about the games online that are taking place.

is esports betting legal in usa

You also have the option to attend a game in person if you wish. esports events used to be small in rented halls but now we have esports gaming arenas around the world that have a big gaming floor where the action takes place and stands surrounding the floor for spectators to sit and watch.

If you would like to view previous tournaments and competitions then head over to YouTube, where the big players and teams all have their own channels. They usually show re-runs, either in full or highlights, of previous competitions, and these can be good to watch if you are new to a particular game and want to understand how it works and what to look out for.

Fancy yourself as a competitive gamer?

Getting into esports has never been as easy, although don’t think it is easy to get to the top and play for a living. There are a number of online games being organised every single day and as a new player, this is certainly the best place to start. Some of these are free online games, while others have a participation fee attached to them, with the winner of the game taking home the prize money.

Those who want to take it to the next level should look into esports competitions in person, which there are many of taking place in different countries all over the world. These all have an entry fee, and they are often higher than online games, which means they are for semi-professional players out there.

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