Tennis Betting

Here is some tennis advice that will be useful to both newbies and experts. Instead of explaining a tennis betting system or strategy directly, these are tennis tips that will allow you to make your own winning tennis betting strategy. These specifically relate to tennis but can be combined with some more general betting strategy tennis for the best results.

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Tennis Betting Strategy

Tennis has always been one of the more popular sports with punters, for several good reasons.  First of all, there are tennis tournaments worldwide for 11 months out of any given year, giving you plenty of options. Tennis matches can be five-set marathons, allowing for plenty of changes if you live bet tennis, and plenty of opportunities if you’re value betting and have smart tennis bet strategy, but not making tennis gambling moves. Here you can find all the best and trusted tennis betting sites.

tennis betting strategy system gambling markets analysis

It is also a wildly exciting sport in which anything can happen. Underdogs in tennis manage to triumph against stronger opposition much more frequently than in, say, team-based games such as football.

how to read play tennis betting oddsBe Careful with Statistics and Head-to-Head Histories

Unlike teams, tennis players depend entirely on their skills. This means that it can be difficult to interpret when a player is in bad form, and why. For example, a minor injury or a simply streak of subpar games could drive the way bookies present a player’s form through the ground. However, if you manage to realize that these games were a sort of “fluke”, you can open up great opportunities to profit with tennis betting.

People are asking these questions
🎾 Its posssible betting on tennis for a living?

To win money on tennis betting is simple, you just need to pick right winners. But reality is that 97% people failling it. So 3% of people is betting tennis for a living, maybe you will be in this 3% part?

🎾 How to bet on tennis and win?

If you want bet on tennis and win you need to know the tennis market and know more information about tennis players when bookmakers or you can interpret it better when bookmakers.

🎾 What does retired mean in tennis betting?

Player retires in tennis match when they cant continue due to injury or illness. In betting different bookmaker has different rules for player retirement.

🎾 How to play tennis betting?

Tennis is playing on different surface: grass, clay and hard court. So its first thing to understand before you wanna place bets on tennis matches.

🎾 How to read tennis betting odds?

Tennis betting odds represent which tennis player has the highest probability of winning.

🎾 What happens in tennis betting when a player retires?

If players retires when first set has not been completed – the bet is cancelled and you get your money back. If tennis player retirer in second set and one set is already played this means that the bet stands.

🎾 What is simple tennis betting strategy?

Simple tennis betting strategy its betting on outsider handicap in live betting. Wait first set start, its should be absolute disaster for the underdog. When for second set bookmaker will give you +5.5 handicap for second set. Which mean outsider should only win 1 game and in men tennis 6:0 result you see not so often.

Additionally, head-to-head statistics are notoriously unreliable with tennis in particular. Don’t fall into a trap of following such information without stopping to think if it accurately reflects the chances of a player winning.

simple tennis bet handicap betting strategy

set betting on tennis strategyThe “Pre-match Drift”

This is a regular occurrence in tennis: if a player happens to not play for a while, the bookmakers treat them as if their form is much worse. This happens due to fitness concerns. However, more often than not, players will come back with the same vigour and form they had before they took a break, if not better. This can provide incredible value of tennis betting analysis to spot such opportunities on time.

how to bet on tennis and winOppose Fan Favourites

Tennis fans can be passionate about who they support, even if it leaves them blind to actual probabilities. We have a very clear example of this in recent history: any Grand Slam tournament in the 2015-16 period. 

live set bet tennis betting expert tips

Up until then, Federer was considered a clear favourite to win pretty much anything. A lot of this could be chalked up to nostalgia – the Swiss had been a dominant force for so long, it seemed obvious. However, bookmakers offered even money on Djoković for the Wimbledon finals. Fans thought this ridiculous, even if most actual tennis expert gave Djoković a distinct advantage. And they were right – he beat Federer in 4 sets.  

If you used tennis betting markets to trade against other punters, you could have made incredible profits on this. Our point is this: the crowd is fickle, and their love is not based solely on skill or chances of success. Try to see what others do not.

betting on strategy tennis for a living

in play tennis live betting advice guideTennis Live Betting

Because of this game’s tendency to be unpredictable, in play tennis betting can be incredibly lucrative when it comes to tennis. To illustrate, here is a scenario we’ve found happens all the time.

The first set of the match is an absolute disaster for the underdog, resulting in a 0:3 loss for them. For the second set, bookmakers often have betting offers for a +5.5 positive tennis handicap betting on the underdog. This means that the underdog has to win just a single game in the second set for you to win. And, statistically, this is very likely to happen, no matter their result in the first set. So its nice set betting tennis strategy.

So main live tennis betting tips – wait for similar opportunities, and live betting can be a veritable gold mine for betting on tennis strategy.