Formula 1 (F1) Predictions 2024 – Schedule, Races, Teams

The 2024 Formula 1 season, set to ignite the enthusiasm of F1 predictions, launches on the final weekend of February with ten teams and 20 drivers. This year’s season will feature a record 24 races, including the first Chinese Grand Prix since 2019.

Last year, Max Verstappen dominated from the start of the season and secured the title quite quickly. It meant that the intrigue had to be found elsewhere – who would finish second, make it into the top five, etc.

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Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix Prediction

The seventh round of the 2024 Formula 1 season will take place in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy from 17 to 19 May. The last round in Miami saw Lando Norris’s first triumph, overtaking Max Verstappen to take first place.

As predicted, Charles Leclerc finished in the top three, continuing the Ferrari team’s solid start to the season. Meanwhile, Sergio Perez missed out on the top three for only the second time. 

Daniel Ricciardo performs better than Yuki Tsunoda @1,87

This performance by Britain’s L. Norris in Miami immediately boosted his chances in the following rounds. Until stage 6, he had not been included in the possible Top 3, but that was to be expected. 

After Miami, his chances are extremely high, with the second lowest odds after Verstappen to make the top three at just 1.50. This would not be surprising, as the Briton has been in the top three in the last three of four rounds. 

In the 2024 season, Japan’s Yuki Tsunoda is showing good results and has been faster than Italy’s Daniel Ricciardo in almost every stage. However, the key part of this bet is Ricciardo’s connection to Italy.

Typically, drivers perform better in their home country than in other rounds when a Formula 1 round is held in their home country. Of course, exceptions exist, but you can see these trends.

Although Ricciardo was born in Australia and races under the flag of that country, he has a special link with Italy, as his dad and grandparents on both his mum’s and dad’s side are Italian. 


Last year’s Emilia-Romagna was canceled due to rain, and in 2022, Ricciardo had a very unsuccessful year, finishing eighteenth, more than a lap behind. Meanwhile, in 2021, the Australian finished in sixth place, 73 seconds ahead of Yuki Tsunoda.

Although Ricciardo has had a difficult start to the season, a round in Italy could be the perfect opportunity to add to his points haul. 

Ricciardo is currently only fourteenth in the overall standings with five points. If we look at Tsunoda’s results, one of the rounds where he performed better than Ricciardo was in Japan. Now, we are expecting the same from Daniel Ricciardo. Miami Grand Prix Prediction

The sixth round of this season’s Formula 1 will occur in Miami, USA, from 3 to 5 May. Max Verstappen and the Red Bull Racing team continued their dominance in the last round, with both drivers finishing in the Top three in four rounds.

In China, Lando Norris jumped into the Top 3 for the second time this season, finishing second in his best performance. So far, Norris is the only other driver besides Red Bull Racing and Ferrari to finish in the Top 3. 

F1 Miami Grand Prix Prediction: Charles Leclerc to finish Top 3 @ 2.30

The Ferrari team’s solid start to the season in China was interrupted, with at least one driver in the Top 3 in the first four rounds. While Red Bull Racing dominates, Mercedes is having its worst start to a season since 2011, with no driver finishing in fourth place or higher.

Not much is expected from this team in Miami either – it would not be a surprise if neither George Russell nor Lewis Hamilton finished fourth or higher again.

At least one Ferrari driver has finished in the top 3 in the first four rounds. Charles Leclerc in two and Carlos Sainz in three. In China, Charles Leclerc finished fourth, and Carlos Sainz fifth.

In Miami, Ferrari is expected to return to the podium, and looking at both drivers, Charles Leclerc has a slightly better chance than Carlos Sainz. The bet could be successful even if both finish in the top three.

The Miami circuit, inaugurated in 2022, is set to host its third race. In the previous two races, Charles Leclerc has shown his mettle, securing a seventh position in 2023 and a close second in 2022, just under 4 seconds behind Verstappen.

These impressive results and intense competition this season, primarily between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari, make a strong case for betting on Leclerc to secure a Top 3 finish.

So far this season, only L. Norris has managed to break into the top three, but his past Miami GP performances have been lackluster, failing to finish in 2022 and securing only the seventeenth position last year.  

Chinese Grand Prix Prediction

The fifth round of this season’s Formula 1 will occur in China from 19 to 21 April. Last year’s champion, Max Verstappen, has dominated the early part of the season so far. The Dutchman won three of the four rounds but failed to win in Australia when he had to retire due to car trouble.

His teammate Sergio Perez is also having a good season. The 34-year-old Mexican has finished second on three occasions, putting the Red Bull Racing team first.

F1 Chinese Grand Prix Prediction: Carlos Sainz Jr. to finish Top 3 @ 1.81

A solid start to the 2024 season for the Ferrari team is worth noting. In all four rounds, at least one of their drivers has been in the Top 3, and the same is expected in the upcoming round in China.

Just before the start of the season, it was announced that British Lewis Hamilton, the multiple Formula 1 champion, would be joining Ferrari next season, replacing Carlos Sainz. The 29-year-old Spaniard was particularly motivated by the news, and it has been reflected in his results this season.

After finding out just before the start of the season that he would have to leave Ferrari next season, Spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr. finished in the top 3 in the first round. He missed the second round in Saudi Arabia due to appendicitis surgery and came in first in the third round in Australia.

The Spaniard is undoubtedly motivated and has the potential to compete for the top spots in the Ferrari team. In the last round in Japan, Carlos Sainz Jr. was again in the top three, almost six seconds ahead of his teammate Charles Leclerc in fourth.


With the Chinese GP on the schedule after a break of several years, last year’s results cannot be taken as a comparison to what can be expected this year. However, the start of the season so far shows that the main battle is between Red Bull Racing and Ferrari.

There is a good chance that Verstappen will come in first again and that Perez will be in the top three, leaving the battle for third place, targeted by C. Sainz Jr and his teammate C. Leclerc. So far, C. Sainz Jr has outpaced his teammate in all the rounds, and the same is expected in China.

If the race goes badly for Mr Perez, the chances for Ferrari will immediately become even greater.

These Formula 1 predictions are for guidance only and we are not responsible for your bets.

With the 2024 F1 season approaching fast, we’ve prepared five long-term bets to keep you interested in Formula 1, even if the champion emerges again ahead of schedule.

The F1 Long Term Bets are one of the bets that have attracted a lot of attention, as it’s a great opportunity to see how we’ve been able to apply the information we’ve gathered during the off-season.

The companies often adjust their long-term betting offerings as the season progresses, but it is only sometimes possible to find bets of the same value at the start of the season.

Key Highlights:

  • Record 24 Races: The 2024 F1 season features a record 24 races, including the return of the Chinese Grand Prix after a hiatus since 2019.
  • Long-Term Bets: Five long-term bets offer intriguing opportunities for F1 enthusiasts, including Lando Norris winning over 1.5 races, Lewis Hamilton securing more than 1.5 wins, and McLaren finishing ahead of Ferrari.
  • Driver Analysis: The article assesses the potential of key drivers like Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and Sergio Perez, considering their past performances and team dynamics.
  • Team Dynamics: With Ferrari undergoing changes and Mercedes facing uncertainties, the competition among teams intensifies, promising an exciting season ahead.
  • Schedule and Changes: Detailed information about the 2024 F1 schedule, teams, and drivers, along with insights into future developments such as Hamilton’s move to Ferrari and the future of Mercedes in the sport.

Formula One Predictions: Races Won By Lando Norris – Over 1.5 @ 2.30

Lando Norris didn’t stand out at the start of the 2023 season but showed his full potential in the second half of the season. He made his first podium appearance in race 11 and has been on the podium in seven of the 13 races since then.

He had a particularly solid stretch towards the end of the season, finishing second in races 16 to 19 and then second again in race 21. Of those seven podiums, Norris has finished second six times and third once.

Given his improvement, the 24-year-old British rider can be expected to win a race more than once but at least twice in the coming season. Last year was very close to that, and it would be a real surprise if Norris took a step backwards rather than forward in the coming season.


Looking at the main competitors, they will all be the same, so we shouldn’t expect a big jump from the others. For the best odds on this and other bets, check out our selection of F1 betting sites.

Although Hamilton is expected to do better, it should be remembered that this year, there will be two more races than last year, with the addition of China and the cancellation of a race in Italy.

The only downside to this bet is the dominance of Verstappen. If the Dutchman continues his fantastic form, it will be difficult for the other drivers to win.

However, suppose Red Bull Racing’s solid start to the season allows it almost to secure the title. In that case, it can be expected that it will be able to relax in certain races, where other riders, including Mr Norris, will be able to take advantage of it.


🏎️ What is Formula 1?

Formula One is the premier class of international auto racing, featuring high-performance single-seater cars competing in Grand Prix events held on circuits worldwide. It is characterized by cutting-edge technology, intense competition among teams and drivers, and a global fanbase drawn to its speed, skill, and spectacle.

🏎️ What is most dominant F1 team?

Ferrari holds the record for most World Constructors Championships with 16 titles. Ferrari and Michael Schumacher have the most championship titles with seven. Ferrari is the leader in terms of victories with 238. Ferrari is the leader in podium finishes with 544 podium finishes. These results show that Ferrari is the dominant F1 team.

🏎️ When does Formula 1 start?

The 2024 Formula 1 season starts on the last weekend of February.

🏎️ What are the most popular Formula 1 bet types?

The three most popular bets when it comes to Formula 1 are Outright Winner, Fastest Lap and Race Winner.

🏎️ How many Formula 1 teams are there?

There will be 10 Formula 1 teams in 2024 season.

🏎️ Who is the favorite to win 2024 Formula 1 season?

Max Verstappen is the favorite to win Formula 1 in 2024.

F1 Prediction: Races Won By Lewis Hamilton – over 1.5 @ 2.08

Lewis Hamilton’s last few seasons certainly didn’t resemble the days when the Briton dominated and won the F1 championship six times in seven years.

However that may sound, Lewis Hamilton has not won a race for two years. If we look at the previous year, the Briton was in the top three only six times and finished third three times.

Hamilton’s chances should not be doubted, and Mercedes seems to be a little more prepared for this season. We have all heard that the Briton is moving to a new team next season and will be a member of Ferrari.


Leaving Mercedes must have been quite a difficult decision, but given that last year there was also talk from the driver that the team should do more, the decision was finally taken.

Although the last two seasons have not been inspiring from Hamilton’s side, winning two races would certainly not be a spectacular achievement for him. If he wants to say goodbye to Mercedes with his head held high, the Briton can win many more of them and add some intrigue.

The season’s start should be when the Briton can fight for race wins. After all the talk of a move to Ferrari, the best reminder of himself would be to win a few Grands Prix.

Formula 1 Predictions: McLaren To Finish Ahead Of Ferrari @ 1.60

Last season was a big disappointment for Ferrari, and it’s no wonder the team is making changes, especially with the possibility of bringing Hamilton into the team. Although Ferrari was only three points behind Mercedes, they failed to capitalise on the extremely poor performances of Hamilton and Russell.

In 2022, Ferrari scored 554 points, 39 more than Mercedes. Last year, the points total was only 406.

This season, the expectations are particularly high for the McLaren team and its leader, Lando Norris. The Briton is expected not only to win a few races but also to be on the podium.


In the second half of last season, we saw Norris and his teammate Oscar Piastri on the podium. The 22-year-old Australian had some really solid races and finished in ninth place overall.

Charles Leclerc should continue to be the leader of the Ferrari team, but it will be very interesting to see what kind of season Carlos Sainz will have, as it is his last season in Ferrari.

The motivation to perform and, at the same time, to earn a contract with another team will not be lacking, but motivation alone is not a guarantee of high performance.

Formula One Betting Tips: Mercedes To Finish Ahead Of Ferrari @ 1.85

If McLaren is seen as second in the constructors’ standings this season, the battle between Mercedes and Ferrari for a place in the top three should be no less fierce.

The probability of all three teams engaging in fierce competition is substantial, with margins expected to be razor-thin; however, Ferrari appears to have the slimmest odds among them, an observation echoed on betting sites.


First, last year’s results do not give optimism for the upcoming season. Secondly, a lot will depend on the departing Carlos Sainz.

Yes, the motivation to perform, to earn a new contract, is understandable, but the team has shown that it no longer believes in its driver by choosing Hamilton instead. For the 29-year-old Spaniard, it will be no easier to be in such an environment in the coming season than last year, when the results were far from good.

If the start of the season does not go well for the Ferrari team, there is a good chance that the second part of the season will be even worse, resulting in a lower points tally than McLaren and Mercedes.

F1 Betting Predictions: Winner Without Max Verstappen – Sergio Perez @ 2.11

There is little doubt that Max Verstappen will be the 2024 champion. The driver, who is in great form, has all the ingredients to extend his streak and become champion for the fourth time in a row. Last year, Sergio Perez took advantage of his teammate’s dominance.

The 34-year-old Mexican scored 285 points last year, 51 points ahead of Hamilton in third place. In the previous season, he was in third place in 2022 with 305 points, three behind Charles Leclerc.


At the start of last season, Perez gave Verstappen the most fight. The teammates swapped positions in the early races, and both had two GP wins in the first four.

In the middle of the season, Perez was still on the podium, but from race 16 onwards, he was in the top three only once. However, this did not stop him from finishing a solid second place.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, the Mexican’s rivals are L. Hamilton, L. Norris and Ch. The expectations are particularly high for L. Norris, but the big question is whether he can maintain his form throughout the season as he did at the end of last year.

Hamilton is also expected to do better. However, the main rivals are raising some questions, while Perez’s stability should allow him to enjoy second place once again and, at the same time, extend the dominance of the Red Bull Racing team.

Formula 1 2024 Schedule

The 2024 F1 schedule includes 24 races, with the first race in Bahrain, as usual, and the season concluding on 8 December. Abu Dhabi. Bahrain will also host one pre-season race, which will take place on February 21-23.

The Chinese GP returns for the first time since 2019. Last year, a race that was due to take place in the Emilia-Romagna region did not occur due to heavy rain, but it has been added to this year’s schedule and will take place on 19 May. Full 2024 Formula 1 schedule:

Race NumberDateCountry
129 February – 2 MarchBahrain
27 – 9 MarchSaudi Arabia
322 – 24 MarchAustralia
45 -7 AprilJapan
519 -21 AprilChina
63 – 5 MayUSA
717 – 19 MayItaly
824 – 26 MayMonaco
97 – 9 JuneCanada
1021 – 23 JuneSpain
1128 – 30 JuneAustria
125 – 7 JulyUnited Kingdom
1319 – 21 JulyHungary
1426 – 28 JulyBelgium
1523 – 25 AugustNetherlands
1630 August – 1 SeptemberItaly
1713 – 15 SeptemberAzeirbaijan
1820 – 22 SeptemberSingapore
1918 – 20 OctoberUSA
2025 – 27 OctoberMexico
211 – 3 NovemberBrazil
2221 – 23 NovemberUSA
2329 November – 1 DecemberQatar
246 – 8 DecemberUAE

Six races will be in sprint format – in China, twice in the USA, Austria, Sao Paulo and Qatar. From 2026, F1 will also be held at the newly opened circuit in Madrid.

Last year, F1 debuted in Las Vegas, making it the 77th Formula 1 circuit ever to host a Formula 1 race. Las Vegas is also on the schedule for this season.

Formula 1 2024 Teams And Drivers

Ten teams will compete in the 2024 Formula 1 season and must have two active drivers. Interestingly, this will be the first season in F1 history where teams will start the year with the same drivers who finished last season.

The only change was last year when the AlphaTauri team replaced Nyck de Vries with Daniel Ricciardo from the Hungarian race.

Alfa Romeo has ended its collaboration with the Sauber team and will leave F1 in 2023. Sauber plans to work with Audi from 2026, and the team’s full name will now be Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. “AlphaTauri has changed its name to RB. You can see the complete list of teams and their drivers here:

  • Alpine-Renault: Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon
  • Aston Martin Aramco-Mercedes – Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll
  • Ferrari – Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr.
  • Haas-Ferrari – Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg
  • Kick Sauber-Ferrari – Zhou Guanyu and Vallteri Bottas
  • McLaren-Mercedes – Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri
  • Mercedes – Lewis Hamilton and George Russell
  • RB-Honda RBPT – Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda
  • Red Bull Racing-Honda RBPT – Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez
  • Williams-Mercedes – Logan Sargeant and Alexander Albon

The Future Of Ferrari And Carlos Sainz Jr.

It was big news in the off-season when it was announced that Lewis Hamilton would leave Mercedes to join Ferrari next season. He will join forces with Charles Leclerc, and Carlos Sainz Jr. must find a new team.

However, 2025 will be the perfect time to look for a new team, as eight of them will have vacancies as the contracts of existing drivers end.


Looking ahead to this season, seeing what motivation the Spaniard will show will be very interesting. Carlos Sainz Jr. did not have the best seasons, but knowing that he will be left out next season, he will be able to vent his sporting anger by performing even better while earning a better contract with a new team.

Last Dance Of The Mercedes?

Since 2014, when Lewis Hamilton became F1 champion for the first time with Mercedes, the team has not had to worry about its future.

By 2020, the Briton had won six out of seven championships with Mercedes, and Mercedes was getting more attention than needed. However, the last three seasons have not been a success, which has forced the Briton to look for a new home.

Replacing Lewis Hamilton will be extremely difficult for the Mercedes team. Could 2024 be the last dance for this constructor? In addition to Lewis Hamilton, the previous champion with the Mercedes team was the Argentine in 1955, who moved to Ferrari in 1956 and defended his title.

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