Best Horse Racing Bookmakers 2024

Horse racing is where many experienced players first get their feet wet. Incredibly exciting and with temptingly high stakes, it’s not surprising that horse racing bookmakers online span the internet with promises of excellent perks and remarkable odds. But how good are those promises?

If you’re completely new – or even if you’re already an old hand at this – finding good horse racing betting company can be tough. You’ll find yourself spending hours of your day just sifting through the different sites and making mental comparisons to see which one works best for you.

Our goal is to eliminate wasted time and guide you to the hard and fast facts of bookmakers for horse racing. What services do they offer? What countries do they serve? There’s no need to waste your data checking out each site only to find out that it’s not for you.

Our bullet-style listing offers a convenient page for comparison, allowing you to pick and choose the bookmakers that fit your precise needs. With the hour-long process of selection burned down to just a few minutes of your time, players can push right past the preliminaries and start choosing their favourites on the horse track.

Whether you are brand new to horse racing betting strategy, or a seasoned pro who bets on racing every single day, there is one vital decision you have to make. That is the bookmaker you are going to use to place your bets. This is something that many punters rush into, but it is vital you choose the right bookmaker for your betting style and the sport you are betting on, and that is certainly important for horse racing punters.

The right horse racing bookmaker can make you a more profitable punter, and the bookmaker can also make your horse racing strategy experience much better. Read this horse racing betting guide and be an expert in this sport.

How to choose a good horse racing bookmaker?

If you are looking for a new horse racing bookmaker, whether this is your first bookmaker or a new one you are moving to, there are many things to think about and consider. These include special offers that the bookmaker will give you on your horse racing bets, their live streaming service so that you can watch the races live and also their mobile betting options (read this – betting sites with live streaming).


🐎 What is an ante post bet in horse racing?

Ante post bet its long term bet, when punters bet which horse to win all horse racing event.

🐎 How to understand horse racing odds?

In betting world you can see fractional odds and decimal odds. If you stake on 4/1 fractional odds 10$, you will receive 40$ if you win (plus your stake). Same odds in decimal will be 4.00 and count your potential return is very simple, you just need multiply this number by your stake.



🐎 What is a swinger bet in horse racing?

Swinger bet in horse racing is when you select two horses in a single race to finish in the first 3 places in any order.


🐎 What does each way mean in horse betting?

Each way bet in horse betting is when you make two bets. One bet goes for the horse to win and other bet goes for horse to finish in any place of positions. This means you can receive a return on your bet if your selection wins, but also if it just places.

🐎 What does ew mean in betting?

EW means each way bet, when you make two separate bets on horse, for the win and finish in any place of positions.

🐎 What is SP betting on horse racing?

If you take the SP, this means that you are taking bet on the starting price being better than the current odds price.

🐎 How to bet on horse racing Singapore?

Horse racing is popular in Singapore and throughout the world. Here you will find best asia bookmakers which accepts Singapore players.

🐎 How to bet on horse racing in Hong Kong?

If you want to bet on Hong Kong racing, then you can place your bets at Racebets. In 2015, over 14$ million in Hong Kong was wagered! With only Happy Valley and Sha Tin tracks!

🐎 How to bet on horse racing in India?

Live horse betting is one of India’s most popular sports game and a lot of players enjoy betting on the race. Horse betting is a part of the Indian culture and most players from India place their bets by going to a turf club or by placing their bets online. In this horse racing rating you will find best bookmakers for your horse bets.

🐎 How to bet on horse racing in Bangalore?

Horse racing has a long and distinguished history in Bangalore and the Bangalore Turf Club was formed in the early 1920s. Now this club is one of the six major horse racing organizations in India. Indian law deems most forms of gambling illegal, so you can bet online at Racebets bookmaker website.

Special Horse racing offers with your bookmakers

By taking advantage of special horse racing offers, you can become a more profitable punter, and that is something we are all looking to do. These special offers can give you enhanced winnings when you bet, or sometimes give you a winner that you be classed as a loser elsewhere. With enhanced place terms, best odds guaranteed, insurance offers and free bet offers there are many different ways out there which you can become more profitable (read this – best horse racing offers).

The key to these horse race betting online offers is not only taking advantage of one but also taking advantage of the one that is the best fit for your horse betting strategy. For example, if you place EW singles on the majority of your selections then the best offer for you to take advantage of is the enhanced place terms offers that is available with many horse racing bookies.

horse race racing bookmakers betting online systems

If you make horse bets in the morning or the night before, then it is vital you use the best odds guaranteed service, and the good news is that this is available with many online horse racing bookmakers now, it is freely available. The chance to win free horse racing bets or get your money back in insurance offers are also common, so take a look around and see what you can find with the bookmakers, and work out which offer would be the best to use. The very best bookmakers will give you more than one offer, allowing you to use two of the offers together.

Do the best horse racing betting sites have mobile betting?

Many horse betting sites now have a mobile betting service, but if you intend to bet regularly on your phone then it is best to find a bookmaker horse racing that has an app you can download. This will allow you to log on and place bets quickly through the horse betting app, instead of using a mobile browser, which often takes a lot more time and can be slightly more complicated. When comparing bookmakers, look at the apps available and work out which one will offer you the best mobile platform to place your bets on.

what is an ante post bet

On top of this, there are a select number of bookmakers who may offer additional offers on different sports to punters who place bets through their mobile app. These mobile-only offers are to encourage players to download and use their mobile app, but if you are going to do that anyway then they give you another chance to make your online horse racing betting systems more profitable.

Where to watch horse racing online for free?

To add to your horse racing experience, there is no better thing to do than to watch the race live, and cheer on your selection. This is a great way to watch the winnings come in throughout the day, rather than just looking at the results after the race has finished.

The great news for punters is that many online bookmakers horse racing offer a free online streaming service, where you can watch horse racing live with them. The only stipulation here is that to watch the race you need to place a bet on it, but seeing as though those are the races you will want to watch, that will be no problem for you.

If this is something you are interested in and you would like to stream live horse racing for free then be sure to sign up with a bookmaker that offers a live streaming service.

How to be a profitable horse racing punter

We all want to be profitable with our bets, and horse racing is one of the toughest sports to do that in. However, with big odds available on horses to win, you will find yourself in a position where you don’t need to win many times to get in profit. For example, if a football punter had two winning bets out of 10 then because of the short odds with football matches, they would be at a loss.

However, a horse racing punter has more chance of being profitable due to the bigger odds on offer, even if they only have two winning bets. Mindset, and understanding this is very important for punters, and the first obstacle you need to get over.

what is sp betting on horse racing

All punters try to win as often as possible, but horse racing punters generally win less than any other sport, as the races are harder to predict and the chances of winning are lower. You need to understand this to help your approach. If you place 10 bets and eight of them lose, that doesn’t mean you will lose money.

You need to understand this, be patient and wait for those two winners to come along. Patience and discipline are the two most important traits a horse racing punter needs. Believe in your system, and trust that you are doing the right thing. Don’t let losses get you down and eventually if you are the punter you believe you are, things will come good. More than any other sport, you have to play the long game when betting on horse racing.

Betting with Bitcoin Horse Racing

There are horse races across the world almost every single day of the year, and it attracts millions of people to try and win big with their favourite horses. You too can get involved in this, but the right way to do it is with a Bitcoin betting site.

Being able to use Bitcoin for betting on horse races can change the way that you bet, and it is a fast, secure and effective way to win big. There are fan favourites such as the Grand National, which involve some of the most exciting horse racing on the planet. You can enjoy this excitement from the comfort of your own home by placing some winning bets with Bitcoin horse racing. online bookmakers betting on horse racing bookiesIt is so easy to get started, and you can start enjoying the benefits of Bitcoin betting as soon as you join up. With a fast and secure system in place to help you win big, betting on horse racing bookmakers online website just got even more exciting. Even if you have never used Bitcoin before, it is a great way to see what you can win by betting on horse racing.

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