UFC Prediction: Luis Rodriguez vs Denys Bondar (24-02-2024)

UFC Fight Night 2024 on 24 February 2024 features an intriguing clash between Luis “Lazy Boy” Rodriguez and Denys “Psycho” Bondar in the Flyweight division. Both fighters bring their unique styles and experience to the Octagon, creating an intense atmosphere.

UFC Prediction: Luis Rodriguez vs Denys Bondar: Luis Rodriguez @ 2.0

Luis Rodriguez is a 24-year-old fighter with an 11-2-0 record whose last fight ended in a loss to Jerome Rivera after a unanimous judges’ decision in the DWCS 4.1 (Dana White Contender Series) tournament in August.

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Rodriguez’s orthodox stance and 65-centimeter reach add a different flavor to each fight. He has a 37% accuracy rate in his stance and can land approximately 1.27 accurate punches per minute. Rodriguez also boasts a 50% takedown accuracy, averaging two takedowns every 15 minutes.

On the other side of the spectrum is 31-year-old Denys Bondar, who has a 16-5-0 record in the tournament. Bondar’s physique is very similar, and his slightly larger reach, even at 69 centimeters, will always give a contrasting style to the fights.


His punching accuracy is also higher than that of his future opponent at 45%, with an impressive 4.89 punches per minute. Denys Bondar’s takedown accuracy is also 50%, and the fighter averages 2.75 takedowns per 15 minutes.

The fight promises to be a clash of high-level skills and strategies – Rodriguez’s accuracy against Brandon’s aggression. Despite the lack of statistics, fans can expect an exciting battle between these two talented fighters, with Luis Rodriguez expected to win in the end.

Although the bookmakers have Denys Bondar as a slight favorite with odds of 2.0 to 1.8, we can be sure both athletes will leave a deep imprint on this memorable UFC encounter.

This UFC prediction is for guidance only and we are not responsible for your bets.

Dalius Mikalauskas

Sports Betting Expert

Dalius became interested in sports betting at the age of 16, although he could not place bets at that time (bets accepted from the age of 18). However, it was not forbidden to sell betting picks, which is what the author did actively on sports betting forums. Today, he has more than 18 years of experience in sports betting. In school, the auth ..
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