Eurovision Predictions 2024 – Favourites, Odds

One of the most anticipated music events returns after a year’s break, from 7 to 11 May in Malmö, Sweden.

Even people not interested in betting often place bets with betting companies, and only for the fun of it, to make the Eurovision Song Contest more interesting.

But everyone is wondering, what are the Eurovision predictions for 2024? This article provides all the most important information.

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Switzerland – Nemo, 3.50 Odds To Win

Born in 1999 in Biel, Switzerland, Nemo is a talented musician who plays violin, piano, and drums. Their fame soared in 2016 after a viral appearance at SRF Virus (#Cypher), leading to two EP releases. Seven songs charted on the Swiss Singles Charts, earning Nemo five Swiss Music Awards.

In 2020, they began writing and producing for others and released English-language music for global audiences. Their songs explore themes of gender identity, mental health, and self-discovery. Currently based in Berlin, Nemo evolves as an artist while continuing to impact the music scene.

Pros: The song will surely be the jury’s favourite because she has a great voice. It mixes many styles of music, and they don’t distort the song but complement it. It is an interesting song with opera, pop, rap, and techno styles. As a result, the song is likely to hook a large audience.

Cons: The song contains a few repetitive moments of the previous Eurovision song. Eurovision fans usually do not like performances that are not unique and reminiscent of something else. Another downside is that it is not clear what the performance will be. 

Therefore, it is crucial to wait for the first rehearsals. If the Swiss invest heavily in the performance, it could significantly enhance the song’s chances of winning.

A well-executed performance has the potential to captivate the Eurovision audience, while a lackluster one could struggle to maintain their attention. This underscores the importance of the Swiss performance in the overall Eurovision experience.

Prediction: After the first rehearsals, it is safe to risk betting on a Swiss victory even if the odds will reduce to 3.00. Prediction – 1st place.

Italy – Angelina Mango, 5.75 Odds To Win

In 2023, Angelina Mango rose as Italy’s standout star with 4 platinum and 2 gold records and a sold-out tour, dominating sales charts and radio airwaves with hit songs.

In 2024, she made history as the first female artist in a decade to win Sanremo, Italy’s esteemed contest.

Angelina’s music fuses Italian and American rap, R&B, and instrumental elements, exploring GenZ anxieties, love, freedom, and family.

With a strong presence on TikTok, her singles “Che to’ dico a fa” and “Ci pensiamo domani” garnered over 187,000 and 223,000 uses, respectively, showcasing her broad appeal.

Pros: This is a great song with a bit of oriental music flavour. It is likely to be supported here by the songs of most Balkan countries.

Cons: The singer has a great voice, but the song does not always allow it to come out, and it is quite likely that the Italian singer will dance during the performance. This might not fully reveal the voice, which is what the jury appreciates most, which may result in fewer points from the jury.

Prediction: We will have to wait for the rehearsals and see how the performance looks, but the odds of 5.75 for victory are certainly worthwhile. A safer bet might be Italy in the Top 5 or Top 3. Prediction – 2nd place.

Netherlands – Joost Klein, 7.50 Odds To Win

Joost Klein, a versatile talent in music, writing, and art, blends pop, happy hardcore, and pop punk, captivating audiences in the Netherlands and beyond. A fixture in the Dutch music scene, he tours regularly and performs at festivals like Lowlands and Pinkpop.

In November 2022, Joost achieved two sold-out concerts at AFAS Live, showcasing his growing popularity. With an expanding international fan base, he’s performed in Belgium and showcased his wit on “De Slimste Mens”.

His hit single “Friesenjung” topped charts in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria last summer, earning over 100 million streams worldwide and Best Song at Germany’s 1LIVE Krone radio awards.

Pros: The song is sung in different languages to hook a large audience. With references to different European countries, the song will surely attract much attention. 

The European Parliament elections will follow the Eurovision Song Contest, so the song is very topical, which is part of the success of this song contest. The music is really fun, simple, and understandable for every European. The song could be successful if there is a good stage show.

Cons: It is a bit of a copy of last year’s Finnish performance. Another minus is that the lead singer’s voice is weak, so the jury may not like it.

Prediction: 7.50 odds for a win certainly have value; it will only go down later. It is safe to bet that the Netherlands will be in the Top 5. For those who want to take a bigger risk, there is value in betting that they will be in the Top 3. Prediction – 3rd place.

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🎶 What is Eurovision?

Eurovision is an annual international song contest where participating countries from Europe (and some outside Europe) compete by performing original songs. It’s known for its extravagant performances, diverse musical styles, and cultural significance across Europe and beyond.

🎶 When is 2024 Eurovision?

Eurovision 2024 will take place from 7-11 May.

🎶 Who are Eurovision favourites 2024?

The favourites for Eurovision 2024 are Switzerland (3.50 odds).

🎶 Where Eurovision 2024 will take place?

Eurovision 2024 will take place in Malmö, Sweden.

🎶 Which country won Eurovision 2023?

Sweden won Eurovision 2023.

France – Slimane, 21.00 Odds To Win

Since his victory on The Voice (France) in 2016, Slimane has experienced a rapid ascent to stardom, marked by impressive achievements, including the sale of 2 million albums, the receipt of 5 NRJ Music Awards, the accumulation of 2 billion worldwide streams, amassing 7 million followers on social media, and earning a Victoire de la Musique award.

Pros: The song is in French, which is typical for this country. But the lyrics are so simple that every European viewer knows the song is about love. It’s a lyrical song, which is not among the Top 10 candidates to win Eurovision so that you might get lucky.

The singer has great vocals, and this will get a lot of points from the jury because of that.

Cons: The song is perhaps too simple, and it will be very important to see how the French performance looks because the artist will be alone on stage, and it will be challenging to keep attention.

Prediction: The bookmakers are somewhat underestimating this performer. It is worth taking the risk that France will be in the Top 5. Prediction: 4th place.

Croatia – Baby Lasagna, 4.50 Odds To Win

Croatia’s Eurovision entry for Malmö, ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim,’ comes from Baby Lasagna, a Umag’s Marko Purišić project. Rejecting industry norms, Marko crafts music reflecting his artistic vision, blending genres with humor and charm.

His lyrics often convey societal and environmental messages, challenging conventions. Baby Lasagna’s performances entertain while subtly addressing social and spiritual issues, all with a lighthearted touch.

Pros: The performer is seen to have a creative personality, which is sure to make the performance exciting and engaging and is likely to get a lot of support from the audience.

Cons: The song shows the influence of Maneskin and the style of last year’s Finnish participant, Kaarija. Finland put on a spectacular show last year but failed to win due to low jury support. 

We do not believe the Croatian show will be more impressive than what we saw from Kaarija last year. Maybe the audience will support Croatia because the song is cheerful, but it is very primitive, and the jury should not support such a song. 

Eurovision prediction: The 4.50 odds for a win are way too low and will probably go up to 6.00 or 8.00. Croatia is predicted to come second. We would predict that Croatia will not make it to the Top 3. It is also a good bet that Croatia will not win Eurovision. We predict 5th place.

Finland – Windows95man, 51.00 Odds To Win

In 2013, Windows95man debuted at the Flow Festival, donning a unique costume of cut-off shorts and a Windows95 t-shirt. He’s since performed at Helsinki’s New Year’s celebration in 2022, opened for Käärijä at the Helsinki Ice Hall, and appeared at various smaller events.

At UMK, Windows95man released his debut single, “No Rules,” embodying his artistic motto. Henri Piispanen is the vocalist, chosen for his exceptional technical ability to tackle the challenging chorus.

Keisteri, the creator, emphasizes Piispanen’s unique vocal range, making him the ideal choice for the song.

Pros: The Finns continue to crack jokes, and this is likely to be the best Eurovision performance of the year, which will once again encourage a large part of the European public to vote.

Cons: The song is not impressive and will not get many points from the jury, which accounts for 50% of the votes. The style of the song itself is reminiscent of the 2000 Eurovision standard.

Prediction: We confidently predict Finland to secure a spot in the Top 10, a bet that seems to be on the safer side. However, we believe the betting companies are underestimating the Finns to a certain extent. With one of the most entertaining entries this year, we foresee Finland clinching the 6th place.

Israel – Eden Golan, 41.00 Odds To Win

From her earliest years, she graced the stage as a talented dancer, but at the tender age of 9, she unearthed her vocal prowess, setting the stage for her remarkable journey.

Drawing inspiration from many musical styles, her aspirations reach new heights, with her ultimate dream being to share the stage with Beyoncé. However, before pursuing her grand ambition, she embarks on a meaningful journey to Malmö.

Pros: Israel is another country at war, so the song is sure to draw attention to itself. The singer’s voice is strong, so points from the jury. It is a lyrical, sad song, not many of which are among the favourites. We can even see in the final, perhaps tears and pleas for support from the singer, which often affects the audience.

Cons: Maybe it’s a somewhat simple song, and it’s not clear what the performance will be like, but often, Israel invests a lot to draw attention to itself.

Prediction: The Israel odds will only increase as the event approaches. There is value in assuming that Israel will be in the Top 10. Prediction: 7th place.

Belgium – Mustii, 13.00 Odds To Win

Belgium’s Thomas Mustin, or Mustii, captivates with two albums and a versatile arts career. As an author, composer, singer, and actor, he shines in theater, TV, and Netflix productions. Mustii starred in Belgian series like La Trêve and films such as Grave and Un Petit Boulot.

Notably, he appeared in Je Voulais Juste Rentrer Chez Moi and portrayed Hamlet in 2019.

Pros: The song sounds good as a radio hit, reminiscent of the 2019 Dutch winner Duncan Laurence.

Cons: Somehow, the song seems to be more in line with the Eurovision standard. In other words, it is a mediocre song: it has no chance to win, but it also has no chance of being overlooked. The song is not bad, but it gets lost quickly.

Prediction: It is not clear what the performance will look like. It could strongly influence the odds, but we do not see the value at the moment. If the artist appears alone on stage and the performance is not spectacular, Belgium could be outside the Top 10.

Ukraine – alyona alyona & Jerry Heil, 8.00 Odds To Win

alyona alyona and Jerry Heil emerged victorious in Vidbir, earning the chance to represent Ukraine in Malmö with their song ‘Teresa & Maria’. Despite Ziferblat winning the jury vote, the duo clinched the public vote to secure their spot.

Describing ‘Teresa & Maria’ as a tribute to women’s resilience, alyona alyona and Jerry Heil emphasize the importance of unity in achieving significant victories.

While the song speaks specifically about Ukraine, its message of solidarity resonates universally, emphasizing the power of coming together to achieve collective goals.

Pros: Whatever the Ukrainian Eurovision song, Europe will still support and vote for it, especially Eastern and Central European viewers. The song is alright; it is the only lyrical song in the Top 10, so it will draw attention to itself.

Cons: The performers lack vocal ability and are, therefore, likely to receive fewer votes from the jury. What the performance will look like still needs to be determined.

As every piece of jewellery or object on stage costs money at Eurovision, Ukraine is likely to opt for a minimalist performance. It would be rather strange to show a lot of pomp because of the war, and unfortunately, minimalist performances don’t lead to victories. 

Eurovision betting predictions: The bookmakers predict a Top 5 finish for Ukraine. We think it is worth betting that Ukraine will not make the Top 5. Perhaps after watching the rehearsals and paying attention to Ukraine’s performance, we can take a bet that Ukraine will not be in the Top 10, but this is a risky prediction.

Greece – Marina Satti, 21.00 Odds To Win

Marina has crafted a unique musical style blending Greek, Arabic, and Balkan influences. Noteworthy achievements include representing Greece in the EBU’s Euroradio Jazz Orchestra and collaborations with Bobby McFerrin. Her debut album, “YENNA,” in May 2022, showcased her versatility.

In 2023, she released the documentary “FLABOURO” and the popular song “TUCUTUM,” which delves into Balkan trap music. Marina’s exploration of diverse artistic mediums highlights her innovation.

Pros: The song is done primitively, which can get stuck with the viewer.

Cons: The song has a strong sense of oriental music sounds. It seems as if it is a representative of Turkey rather than Greece. As you know, you don’t get far with Turkish-style songs at Eurovision, and having realised this, the Turks last participated in Eurovision in 2013.

Prediction: Greece’s chances of doing well in this contest are overestimated, and when the H2H Eurovision market becomes available, you can bet against Greece being beaten by, for example, Israel or Finland.

Sweden – Marcus & Martinus, 34.00 Odds To Win

2024 Sweden selected Marcus & Martinus with “Unforgettable” for Eurovision. The Norwegian twin brothers won the Melodi Grand Prix Junior in 2012, toured Europe, and secured a Norwegian Grammy.

They also excelled on The Masked Singer in Sweden. They’re a powerhouse duo with three chart-topping albums and hits like “Air”, streamed over 14 million times. “Elektrisk”, their most streamed track, boasts over 100 million views on Spotify.

Pros: the song’s rhythm is the most contemporary. The performance is likely to be one of the best because the Eurovision producers are Swedish, and the best ideas go to Sweden. As a result, the Swedes have won Eurovision seven times.

Cons: The song’s performance is weak, and most of the time, the winning country does not win a second time and does not even try to win, so they send mediocre acts.

Because of the weak voice and the song’s youthfulness, there will not be much support from the jury. There may be little support from the audience either because Sweden got a lot of support last year.

Prediction: you can bet that Sweden will not be in the Top 10.

Norway – Gåte, 51.00 Odds To Win

Gåte swiftly rose to prominence in Norwegian music by blending traditional folk with electrifying rock, earning national treasure status. Their meteoric rise featured acclaimed studio albums, EPs, and captivating live performances.

Selling over 100,000 albums, they topped the VG-lista chart and won the Spellemann Award for Best Newcomer in 2002. After a 12-year hiatus, Gåte made a triumphant comeback in 2017, captivating audiences anew with exhilarating concerts.

Continuing to delight fans, they receive widespread acclaim, cementing their status as a powerhouse in Norwegian music.

Pros: The song’s interesting style and excellent vocals should attract points from the jury. It is certainly not standard, which is why it stands out from the rest.

Cons: The song is performed in Norwegian, which makes it difficult to predict how this song will fare.

Prediction: We should wait for the H2H markets and bet Norway will overtake Lithuania or Austria.

United Kingdom – Olly Alexander, 51.00 Odds To Win

Olly Alexander, known for his groundbreaking work in pop music, transitions to a solo career after immense success with Years & Years. With multiple #1 UK albums and 10 Top 40 singles, he’s celebrated with the BRIT Billion Award for his global streaming achievements.

His acclaimed acting in “It’s A Sin” earned nominations at prestigious awards shows. As he represents the UK at Eurovision, his iconic status is solidified with a wax figure at Madame Tussauds London.

Pros: A great radio hit and a good-sounding song.

Cons: It is unclear what the performance will be like. The British representatives often don’t invest much in Eurovision, so we should wait for rehearsals.

Prediction: Great Britain will not be last this year. In the H2H marker, we can bet that they will overtake Lithuania.

Austria – Kaleen, 51.00 Odds To Win

Performance has been Kaleen’s passion since she started dancing in her living room as a child. Her formal ballet training expanded to include various tap, jazz, and Latin dance styles. Her talent earned her over 100 national European and five World championships, beginning at age seven.

Pros: It’s hard to see any pros in this song. Perhaps the only plus is that the singer looks good and will be ready for an interesting performance.

Cons: The song is a complete Eurovision standard, and it takes a lot of nerve to listen to it a second time to keep the rhythm so tight.

Prediction: you can bet that Austria will not be in the Top 10.

Georgia – Nutsa Buzaladze, 101.00 Odds To Win

Nutsa has called Georgia home despite living in Los Angeles and Dubai in recent years. During her time in these cities, she dedicated herself to songwriting, performing, and creating music videos. In 2019, she released her debut album, Nutsa22, featuring a mix of Georgian and English songs.

Among these tracks, “Gelodebi” stood out as a breakout hit, propelling her to fame and leading to a nationwide tour with a live band. Describing herself as a self-motivated and energetic individual, Nutsa is known for her strong work ethic and passion for her craft.

Pros: Rhythmic music performed by a rhythmic performer. It may receive voices from the Balkans and the South.

Cons: Eurovision standard, reminiscent of many previous songs, but not very original.

Prediction: Georgia will finish in the Top 15.

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