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Offline and online gambling in Japan has an exciting and rich history. In the early days, sports fans gathered in huge numbers to watch sporting events, tests of strength or speed, and fights, and wagered goods or money on the results. Card games played using decks were the most popular gambling events in Japan.

The guidelines were a bit different from what modern sports betting punters follow when they place their wagers at reputable online Japan betting sites that accept Japanese players. Currently, sports betting is very limited in Japan compared to other countries in Asia. Punters can only be able to place bets on a few sports and only in a handful of formats.

On top of that, online sports wagering is limited, further limiting available choices for Japanese players. Punters in this country can only place bets online on the speedway, speedboat, cycling, and horse racing events. However, there is a plan to expand this limited selection to include basketball betting, soccer, and baseball.

Regardless of the restrictive legal climate, numerous online sportsbooks offer sports betting services to Japanese bettors. The main reason is that the Japanese Government doesn’t have the ability to prevent its citizens from accessing offshore sportsbooks.

For sports lovers who want to wager their yen on sports bets beyond the legally accepted sporting events, offshore bookmakers are currently their go-to option. Keep reading to discover more about sports betting in Japan and Japan betting sites before signing up with a sportsbook that accepts Japanese players.

Online sports betting Japan is lawful but in specific and limited circumstances. It is lawful to place wagers on some forms of racing known as public sports, which include powerboat racing, bicycle racing, motorcycle racing, and horse racing. Additionally, a 1998 law allowed Japanese punters to wager on J-League soccer games, but again in limited forms.


🇯🇵 Which bookmakers has best japan horse racing odds?

There are many bookmakers that offer japan horse racing odds, but not all of them are created equal. Some bookmakers may have better odds than others, so it is important to do your research before placing a bet. Some of the top bookmakers that offer japan horse racing odds include Unibet and WilliamHill. Both of these bookmakers have a good reputation for offering fair odds and providing a great betting experience.

🇯🇵 Is online gambling legal in japan?

✅ Yes, online gambling is currently legal in Japan. There have been some recent changes to the laws surrounding gambling in the country, but these have mostly been aimed at regulating and licensing the industry rather than making it illegal. There are a number of casinos and other gambling venues operating legally in Japan, and many more Japanese residents gamble online without any problems.

🇯🇵 What are the most popular sports you can bet on in Japan?

The most popular sports you can bet on in Japan are horse racing, Japan baseball betting, and football. There are also a few other sports that people bet on, but these three are the most popular. If you’re looking to place a bet on a sport, then you should definitely check out the options that are available in Japan.

🇯🇵 Which bookmakers has best japanese baseball odds?

The three most popular bookmakers in Japan are Stake, Pinnacle, and Fortunejack. All three offer excellent japanese baseball odds.

🇯🇵 Are Japanese Yen an acceptable currency on online betting sites?

✅ The simple answer is yes, Japanese Yen are an acceptable currency on online betting sites. In fact, many online betting sites cater to Japanese bettors and offer them the option to bet in Japanese Yen. However, it is important to note that not all online betting sites accept Japanese Yen.

Football pools, popularly known as the toto, provide punters with the opportunity to predict the result of 13 football games. If you manage to predict all 13 games right, your wager can turn into millions or even more. 

A small toto is also available for Japanese bettors who want to predict a maximum of five football games. Bettors can buy their toto tickets online, at terminals and convenience stores. Anything like a full-service online sportsbook isn’t available in Japan since the law doesn’t permit that.

As of 2022, the Government of Japan hasn’t taken any steps to control the sector or introduce online Japan gambling laws. Also, it has decided not to push sports bettors who visit offshore betting companies. Japan currently has a lawful grey area, where you’re not technically permitted to place bets online, but you also won’t face any punishments if you do.

Since there’re no regulated and licensed Japanese online betting websites, punters from this country have no alternative but to sign up with offshore operators. There’re many foreign operators regulated and licensed by respected authorities in the world. 

sports you can bet on in japan

Specifically, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority are some of the most popular regulatory institutions online. When you visit Japan betting sites that hold licenses from these institutions, you can be sure that you’ll have a fair and safe online betting Japan experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Japan Betting Sites

Online sports betting sites in Japan offer various benefits. However, they also come with a few disadvantages that originate from the fact that they aren’t licensed and regulated in the country. 


Free Bonuses

Online betting sites that operate in Japan come with free bonuses and promotions that punters can exploit to win real cash. For example, many sportsbooks offer no-deposit deals for new players. 

And on top of that, new punters are provided with free bets when they make the first deposit. With free bets, they can win huge amounts of money as long as they fulfil all the requirements.

Rich Culture

Punters who want to have a rich Japanese culture while at the same time winning real cash in sports betting should sign up with Japanese betting sites. Aside from allowing players to use their local currency, they also offer a wide range of Japanese sports.

is online gambling legal in japan


While there’s nothing wrong with placing bets on offshore betting platforms that accept Japanese players, you need to know there’re a few significant drawbacks to doing that, which include:

  • Lack of protection from rogue operators.
  • Gambling account funding restrictions, especially when using Japanese banking institutions that don’t send money to gambling companies abroad.
  • In most cases, customer care support is subpar, and many offshore betting sites don’t have a phone number.

Top online sports betting in Japan will let you place bets on just about any sporting event taking part anywhere in the world. However, there’re some sports which are more popular than others among Japanese players. These sports range from those only found in Japan to those that are popular in other parts of the world as well. They include:

Football: You’ll find betting markets on both the Japanese domestic league, J-League and other popular competitions like the World Cup and Champions League.

Horse Racing: From Ban’ei and jump racing to track racing, Japan has an active racing sector. On top betting platforms, you’ll find bets on all leading Japanese horse races, such as the Japan Cup and famous competitions from the world, like the Breeders’ Cup and American Triple Crown races.

japanese betting sites and baseball odds

Cycling: Japan has a unique cycling sport, popularly known as Keirin. This form of cycling has been a massive betting attraction since its establishment in the 1940s.

This sport has even gained international approval, and currently, it is one of the major competitions in the Summer Olympics. Top betting sites in Japan offer competitive odds on this popular sport, both at country and international levels.

Payment Methods for Japan Bettors

The truth is that any Japanese punter will have limited options in terms of payment methods. The main reason is that most banking institutions in Japan actively block all transactions related to Japan sports betting and gambling in general. If you try making a deposit using a bank transfer, credit card or debit card, chances are, it’ll fail. 

The good news is that all trusted sportsbooks that offer their services to Japanese players have a wide range of electronic wallets, including Neteller (check the list of betting sites that accept Neteller), Skrill and PayPal. Another popular payment option is Bitcoin or other types of digital currencies.

japan gambling laws

If you find a betting site that accepts digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, you can gamble anonymously while, at the same, enjoying top-notch security. 


Japan is an advanced nation with partial betting laws. As indicated in this guide, the country doesn’t allow all gambling forms but just some. However, that hasn’t stopped foreign betting companies from providing Japanese players with state-of-the-art gambling services.

The country is home to some trusted and reputable online gambling platforms that Japanese players can sign up with and place bets on all of their favourite sports. 

Aside from a wide range of both local and international sports, Japanese players can also access some generous bonuses and promotions, which range from welcome deals for new customers to VIP rewards for existing players. Be sure to pick a reputable and recommended Japanese betting website to enjoy these services.

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