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In this guide page, we’ll try to dig deeper into just what makes esports betting stand out from regular sports betting, and provide useful esports betting guide and tips. However, we will assume that you’re already familiar with the basics of both betting strategy and how esports work.

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eSports Betting Guide

eSports betting is a relatively new trend and, to be frank, no one knows quite what to do with it yet. A major part of the problem is that not a lot of punters are esports fan and, conversely, not a lot of esports fans are serious bettors. In many ways, online betting on esports events is still untrodden ground. Check best world crypto bookies rating if you want bet on esports games with cryptocurrencies.

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pay attention to eSports players, not teamsPay Attention to eSports Players, Not Teams

The relevance of this point depends on the game you’re looking at – obviously, it only applies to team-based games. Because of how professional esports teams work and are structured, lineup changes happen with incredible frequency, sometimes several times per year. As such, team strength fluctuates immensely. 

People are asking these questions
🎮 What is eSports betting?

People playing video games and competing with each other. Esports betting allows esports fans make bets on a team of players or on individual players who they think will with a particular tournament or match. Check best esports betting sites 2023

🎮 What is csgo match betting?

CS:GO game has two teams, the terrorist and the counter-terrorists. The game has 15 rounds per half, so 30 rounds across the two halves. The team to win 16 rounds is the winner, and that is when the game ends. More information you can find on CS:GO betting article.

🎮 How many esports games are there?

You can find around 50 different esports games. There is fighting games, first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena, racing, real-time strategy, sports games, third-person shooters and other like pokemon, tetris or hearthstone.

🎮 What are the top esports games?

Most popular esports games are Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, Heartstone. For sports game very popular are FIBA and NBA esports tournaments

What we’re trying to say is, don’t just look at a team’s name and be assured they’ll perform as well as they did on the last tournament. Thankfully, even the biggest esports scenes are not that big yet, so it’s quite easy to familiarize yourself with individual players. 

On the flip side, also be aware that teamwork trumps individual skill most of the time. This might be somewhat paradoxical considering our previous point, but you need to be aware of it nonetheless. Make sure that not only is a team made up of talented esport players but that they are also able to work together efficiently.

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how many esports games are thereTake Note of Different Tournament Formats

The exciting, if a bit unreliable, thing about esports is that it is largely based on tournaments rather than traditional sports leagues. This leaves a lot of room for upsets and unexpected results.

However, there are some mechanics in place to help minimize “flukes” and reward consistently high-quality play. That’s why most tournaments have a losers’ and a winner’s bracket. Additionally, that’s why most of them are played in a “best of x” format. This does have some variance, however.

Generally speaking, if a match is played as a Best of 1, there’s a lot of room for major upsets. As we move on to Best of 3, favourites become much safer bets, all the way up to Best of 5 which is the most rewarding format for consistent quality.

what are the top esports gamesBet Early, Bet Safe

With all this talk of inconsistent team strength, it should be clear by now of what the major problems with eSports betting are. However, you also need to consider that even the best esports online bookmakers run into the same problems when setting their esports odds.

As such, they often adjust their esports odds as more and more people place their bets. As a result, particularly good options will have their odds shortened as time goes on. Placing your bet as early as possible can thus be good for your profits. We’re not saying to rush your decisions, though: you still need to do the proper research before making any wagers.