Euroleague Predictions – Final Four

The Euroleague Final Four will occur from 24 to 26 May to determine the season’s champions. Real Madrid, the best team in Europe all season, will try to defend its title in Germany. 

The first semi-final will be last year’s final – Real vs Olympiacos. There’s a good chance this is where the winner of the Final Four will be decided. 



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Real Madrid – Olympiacos Piraeus

While Olympiacos was the favourite in last year’s final, this year, Real is the clear favourite for the match and the final four. The main reason for this is Facundo Campazzo.

Last year, Real Madrid played without a point guard, which caused many problems for the team’s attack. This year, the Argentine is the team’s real floor general, with 6.5 assists and 11.3 points per game during the regular season.

Real Madrid – Olympiacos Piraeus: Real Madrid -5 @ 1.90

Olympiacos Piraeus lost Sasha Vezenkov and Kostas Sloukas in the summer. Although the team play is one of the best in Europe, the Final Four requires individually strong players. 

Olympiacos’ strength is in the front line, with Nikola Milutinov bouncing back against FC Barcelona, Moustapha Fall having a great season, and Moses Wright joining the team. However, Real has much to answer for – Walter Tavares, Vincent Poirier. Guerschon Yabusele and Gabriel Deck can also add strength.


In the series against FC Barcelona, we saw how difficult it is for Olympiacos to attack if they have a good defense and their defenders don’t hit anything. Thomas Walkup, Nigel Williams-Goss, Shaquielle McKissic, and Isaiah Canaan are defenders who can shoot, but it’s hard to expect anything stable from them. 

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Panathinaikos Athens – Fenerbahce Istanbul

Panathinaikos showed one of the best defenses in the league during the regular season. Although we hardly saw it in the series against Maccabi, the gears were turned up a notch in Game 5, in the fourth period. 

Maccabi scored just 31 points in the second half, and defence was one of the main keys to victory.

Euroleague tips and predictions: Panathinaikos – Fenerbahce: Total Under 159.5 @ 1.90

Fenerbahce tried to win the series’ first game against AS Monaco by scoring more points. Still, Sarunas Jasikevicius promoted the defence in the fourth and fifth games.

The fourth match ended 62:65 and the fifth 80:79, but after extra time. In Game 5, AS Monaco scored 70 points in regulation time, 25 of them in the second period and just 15 in the other three.

In the Fenerbahce – AS Monaco series, we saw great defence from Nick Calathes, who should cover Panathinaikos’ most dangerous player, Kendrick Nunn. It will be the first Final Four for the American, so it will be interesting to see how he can cope with the psychology. 


K. Nunn, Kostas Sloukas, and Mathias Lessort anchor Panathinaikos’ offense. Fenerbahce will no doubt prepare special defensive schemes for this match. 

Given the importance of the game, at least one of the quarters should be very non-resulting, around 30 points, which would immediately increase the odds of a successful aggregate “under” bet.

Euroleague Final Prediction

Real Madrid has finally reached the season stage where they can show their full potential. There has been just one loss in the first round of the Euroleague. In the second round, the players started to rest and look forward to the playoffs. 

European basketball picks: Real Madrid – Euroleague Champions @ 2.25

The Euroleague has never been won by the team that finished first in the regular season. However, the first-place team has not yet won a quarter-final series 3-0. 

The Madrid club managed to do just that. Also, no away team has ever won the fifth game – Fenerbahce and Olympiacos have done it this year. It is the year when history is rewritten.


Real have their weapons against both Fenerbahce and Panathinaikos. You could say that the Madrid club has no weaknesses. There are both talented and highly experienced players in all positions. Although the Euroleague Final 4 format is hard to predict, 2024 seems to belong to Real Madrid. 

Euroleague Playoffs Predictions

Here are the experts’ insights into the final 4 pairs of opponents and Euroleague basketball picks:

Real Madrid – Vitoria Baskonia

Before the playoffs started, there was a lot of talk about the pairing of Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes Istanbul, but Istanbul lost to Virtus, who then went on to lose to Baskonia. The Real-Baskonia pairing seems to have the least intrigue, and the main reason for this is the problems of the Vitoria club. 

Baskonia is not playing its best basketball at the moment, and Chima Moneke suffered an injury in the playoffs against Maccabi. Without this player, the front line is particularly weakened, and Real Madrid has many players who can punish.

Guerschon Yabusele, Gabriel Deck, Mario Hezonja, and Gian Musa would like to get into the penalty area. Not to forget Walter Tavares. Baskonia can only put Maik Kotsar, Matthew Costello, Thaddeus Sedekerski, Daniel Diez, and Nikolaos Rogkavopoulos against these players. 

There will be huge problems in defense, and you can add to that Markus Howard, who is constantly on the defensive. During the regular season, Baskonia can pick up wins with their offense, but defense becomes the most important thing when it comes to the big games. 

Although Real Madrid’s form has been dipping recently, they are a team with a lot of experience, and the series against Baskonia will be the perfect warm-up for the Final Four. The disparity between the draws is obvious, so we recommend you pay attention to the bet that Real Madrid will win the series 3-0.

This bet currently offers Euroleague basketball odds as high as 2.40, which is certainly good value. A bet on Real to win the series with a -1.5 advantage has odds of 1.45. Vitoria Baskonia does not inspire any confidence in this series—even on a good day, Real Madrid has the talent to win the points race. 

Athens Panathinaikos – Tel Aviv Maccabi

This might seem like one of the most exciting quarter-final pairings, but Panathinaikos has a huge home court advantage. For the Tel Aviv club to advance to the Final Four, they will somehow need to win in Athens, which will be extremely difficult.

Panathinaikos has only lost three times at home all season, and the playoffs will be even better. 

Maccabi is playing excellent basketball right now, beating Baskonia 113-85 in the playoffs, but Panathinaikos is a slightly different team style, and it won’t be that easy.

Athens has a lot of talent on offense, including Kendrick Nunn, Kostas Sloukas, Marius Grigonis, and Kostas Mitouglou. But most importantly, they have good defensive players who play a key role in this level of play – Jerian Grant, Juancho Hernangomez, and Mathias Lessort. 

Last year, Maccabi won in Monaco and took home the home advantage, but somewhat unexpectedly, they lost in Tel Aviv – again, in a decisive game in Monaco, where the home team won.

Winning the fifth game of a series in the EuroLeague on the road is complex, and Panathinaikos has a significant advantage here.

It can be recalled that Maccabi is playing in Belgrade this season without a home crowd, which is another plus for Panathinaikos – even if they lose at home, Euroleague bet predictions are that they could win the home court advantage in Belgrade. 

Panathinaikos will advance to the next round with Euroleague betting odds of 1.32, which is not very high. For Athens to win the series with a -1.5 advantage, the odds are 1.95, and this bet is already worthy of attention.

There is a good chance that the series will move to Belgrade with a 2-0 record, in which case Panathinaikos would only need to win one of the two games. 

AS Monaco – Fenerbahce Istanbul

There is a good chance that this will be a series with a fifth match. AS Monaco usually plays five games in the Euroleague quarter-finals. That was the case in the series against Olympiacos and last year against Maccabi.

FC Barcelona, coached by Šarūnas Jasikevičius, has also often had problems in the playoffs, and the series has gone down to a fifth game. 

Fenerbahce has the best home record in the EuroLeague this season, along with FC Barcelona, with 15 wins and just 2 losses. The team showed great form before the playoffs, only to lose the game for a higher place in the standings after extra time away to Olympiacos.


Fenerbahce won 86:74 at home against AS Monaco and lost 69:76 away, although they had an eight-point advantage after two periods, 44:36. 

AS Monaco has been playing together for years and has everything it needs to fight for a place in the Final Four and the title of champions. They have high-level players in all positions, with talent in both attack and defense.

The odds for a five-game series are currently 2.40. It is neither very high nor low, but values can be found. On the other hand, the teams will have a home advantage in this series, so it is possible to bet on each game rather than on the whole series.

If Fenerbahce brings home one win, the series will likely close in Istanbul. If Fenerbahce comes home with a 0:2 record, it would not be surprising if we see a fifth game in the series.

FC Barcelona – Olympiacos Piraeus

This is the Euroleague quarter-final series, and according to Euroleague betting predictions, the team without home court advantage has the highest chance of reaching the Final Four. Yes, FC Barcelona is very good at home—15/2—but they are the least confident team in the first four.

The team has many players from last year, but even though the wins are there for the taking, the game doesn’t seem to be made for the playoffs. There is a heavy emphasis on offense, a coach with little experience, and an uncertain Ricky Rubio, who seems to have thrown the whole game off balance.

Olympiacos Piraeus is in impressive form going into the playoffs, having lost just twice in 25 games – against Anadolu Efes and Panathinaikos.

The team is almost the same as last year, except for Kostas Sloukas and Sasha Vezenkov. However, this season has shown that Olympiacos is playing as one fist, and the players’ names are not that important. 

Olympiacos’ coaching staff is much more experienced, and it would not be surprising if they managed to outsmart FC Barcelona.

We should also see Nikola Milutinov recovering from his injury in this series – Barca would immediately lose their advantage in the front line. It’s tough to win in Piraeus in the playoffs, so it’s safe to assume that Olympiacos will take both victories at home. Can you win at least once in Barcelona in three attempts? Definitely yes. 

The odds of Olympiacos going to the Euroleague Final 4 are currently set at 2.15, and there is undoubtedly enough value in it. Otherwise, you can try to catch the Greeks in Barcelona – the odds for an Olympiacos win will be more than 2.00 for the whole match. 

FAQ About Euroleague Final Four

🏀 How does Euroleague basketball work?

Euroleague basketball is a premier European club basketball competition featuring top teams from various countries, with a regular season followed by playins, playoffs, and a Final Four tournament to determine the champion.

🏀 Where to watch Euroleague basketball?

You can watch Euroleague basketball on its official site,, as well as on local broadcasts in different countries.

🏀 What is the Euroleague Final Four?

The EuroLeague Final Four is the culminating stage of the EuroLeague basketball competition, featuring the top four teams from the tournament competing in a single-elimination format to determine the champion.

🏀 How many Euroleague teams are there?

There are 18 teams in Euroleague.

🏀 Who are considered favorites to win the Euroleague 2023-2024?

As per Euroleague basketball predictions, Euroleague favorites 2024 are Real Madrid.

🏀 What are some key Euroleague betting tips?

Euroleague tips: understand the teams’ schedules and travel, and identify which teams may be at a disadvantage due to fatigue. Also, look for games where one team has more to play for than the other.

🏀 What are basketball Euroleague predictions 2024?

Euroleague prediction:
Real Madrid favored due to Baskonia’s struggles.

Panathinaikos strong at home.

Olympiacos favored for cohesive play.

Euroleague Betting

The Euroleague basketball competition is the premier basketball league in Europe. It is widely regarded by many as being the second-best basketball league in the world, behind the NBA, and offers European basketball fans the chance to watch something a little closer to home.

Euroleague Betting Companies

Euroleague betting is prevalent in Europe, so we want to draw your attention to the best betting sites. When you already know Euroleague basketball prediction and are choosing a company, you need to pay attention to the odds and other aspects that ensure a high-level betting experience.

We have highlighted three of the best basketball betting companies for Euroleague, which you can look closely at.


888starz allows players to bet not only on the main outcomes but also on players’ statistics. There is a wide range of Asian Handicap or total over/under bets. The mobile app is a big plus for 888starz, but you can also place bets without additional downloads.

You can top up your account here not only with classic payment methods but also with cryptocurrencies. With a minimum deposit of just €1, players won’t have any problems.


Withdrawals to e-wallets are made instantly. Undoubtedly, bets can also be placed here in the live betting category.


A betting company that has been operating since 2019, it focuses on cryptocurrencies – offering special bonuses and fast and secure transfers. Many other payment methods are available, so you should be OK with payments at Paripesa.

Regarding the betting offer, Paripesa has a large selection for Euroleague matches. You can bet on players’ stats, handicaps, over/under totals, and many other options.


Paripesa also has a mobile app, which gives players an even better opportunity to place their bets anywhere, anytime. Of course, if you don’t want to download anything, you can place your bets by simply logging into your account using your mobile phone browser.

William Hill

William Hill was founded almost 100 years ago, in 1934. Of course, it started to operate online much later, but there is no need to doubt the company’s safety and integrity.


What is immediately noticeable is that William Hill has solid odds on offer for the Euroleague. Although the betting offer is smaller than other well-known companies, placing bets on players’ statistics and all the main outcomes is also possible.

William Hill has a mobile app that makes placing bets even more convenient. Android and iOS users can download and access the Euroleague offer anytime, anywhere.

Of course, you can also place bets without any downloads simply by logging into your account using your computer or mobile phone browser.

Euroleague Format

The Euroleague men basketball tourney now works as a full league format, so there are many games taking place, which makes this a great league to bet on. 18 teams go head to head, and they play each other once at home and away, giving us 34 rounds of action to enjoy.

euroleague men winner bet player points live

At the end of the season, the top eight clubs all make the playoffs and Euroleague playoff format is simple, they will play a five-game series against each other, with the league standings used to decide seedings and home-court advantage. The higher seed plays three of the five games at home, while the lower seed will get two.

The four winners then head to the final four weekend. This is held at one venue, and there are four games played over the weekend.

This begins with two semi-finals on the first day followed by a third-place game and then the final on the second day. It is a huge celebration of European basketball, and fans from all over the continent flock to watch the games take place this weekend.

Real Madrid is the most successful Euroleague club in the competition’s history, including when it was played as a cup competition. They have a total of 10 winners’ trophies and have also finished runners-up on eight occasions. So, their Euroleague final four predictions are positive.

Euroleague Betting Help

With the Euroleague being seen as the best basketball league in Europe, every bookmaker will have betting available on the upcoming games. You will also be able to pick out and bet on a team you fancy to win the overall competition too.

Thanks to so many Euroleague bookies being available and taking bets on this competition, betting is easy. If you already have a bookmaker you can head there and place your bets, or if you are new to betting then you can sign up with a  bookmaker that has a general, above average and respected service on offer.

With the league being popular, and bookmakers all looking to try and beat out the competition, this has raised the service on offer. This means the Euroleague odds are generally very competitive, there are plenty of betting markets to choose from and the games are available to bet on well in advance of them being played.

Euroleague Live Streaming & Live Betting

One big benefit for Euroleague fans from the bookmakers is their live service. This comes in two ways, the first is a Euroleague stream service that allows you to watch Euroleague live games on their website.

For most Euroleague bookmakers, all you need to watch Euroleague online free is a funded account, if you have this then you can log on and head to the live section where you will see Euroleague basketball live stream of a game start when the game tips off. In some bookmakers you can watch Euroleague basketball live stream free.

Alongside being able to watch Euroleague Basketball streams action, you can also bet live in play, rather than betting before the game, if you would prefer to do that.

You will find a range of betting markets to use, some of these are the same as those you see before a game, while others are created especially for in-play betting, offering a different angle.

These often involve splitting the game into sections, so for example, at the end of the first quarter you can place a bet on who will win the second quarter, or you can bet on who will win the second half while the half time break is on.

If you are brand new to betting then these markets may be best left until later down the line, but if you are an experienced gambler and looking for something new, in-play Euroleague betting could be for you.

If you want watch high quality Euroleague streaming, you can open Euroleague TV live account – for 13,49 euros/per month you will have availability Euroleague watch online and see all games which will stream Euroleague.

Euroleague Basketball Betting Tips

Perhaps the biggest tip to give for the Euroleague is to understand where each team is from and what they have been doing before the game and also what they are doing after.

For many teams, the Euroleague involves a lot of travel, and a tight schedule with games before and after, either in their own domestic leagues or elsewhere in this competition.

If you can identify this and work out which teams are at a big disadvantage, you should be able to find games where you can use this to your advantage, and back the fresher team for success.

As ever with competitions, also make sure you look out for occasions when one game has a lot to play for, but the other team doesn’t.

For example, towards the end of the season, you may find a game where one team needs to win to remain on course for the playoffs, while the other team has been eliminated and is only playing for pride.

If that team has a domestic trophy to contend for, they could rest some key players in the international Euroleague.

With Euroleague predictions and these two Euroleague basketball tips on your side, understanding and betting on Euroleague should be a lot easier for you.

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