Best US Sport Betting Sites 2019


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  • Huge welcome bonus
  • Great for football and basketball lovers
  • High odds
  • Lots of alternative betting selections
  • Fast cashouts


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  • Very high odds for Scandinavian markets
  • Best bonuses for Scandinavian players
  • Great Scandinavian leagues coverage
  • High limits at winnings
  • Great live betting section

The big US sports leagues, the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB all offer fantastic betting opportunities for punters, and it is no surprise to see them so popular. With big-name players, regular daily games taking place and long seasons that offer plenty of time to bet, it is easy to see why people are getting involved and enjoying betting on US sports.

How to choose a US sports bookmaker

When looking for a USA bookmaker to take your bets on US sports, the first thing to find is a bookmaker who covers them all. While this is correct for the majority of bookmakers, not everyone will cover every US sport, so make sure you go with one that covers everything.

Secondly, look at the betting markets that are on offer for you to place bets on. While you may not need them all right now, it is important that you don’t limit yourself in the future. Your betting may be taking shape in a certain way right now, but you may feel a change is required in the future and that doesn’t always have to mean finding a new US bookmaker.

When comparing the odds on offer, look at a few different USA bookmakers before choosing between them. If you intend to bet on different US sports and in different markets then don’t expect to get the best odds every time you place a bet. However, you should be able to check out what is on offer and make a guess based on what you have seen as to where you will get competitive odds every time you bet, and the best odds on some occasions. Check our list if you want know 2019 the best betting companies for other sports.

Best sports betting website for US sports betting?

Pinnacle is one the largest sports betting sites in the world, and is best known for their industry leading odds, highest betting limits, and fastest payouts. This is not marketing hype but rather is the truth. If you compare odds for any US sports match on the 3-way Home/Draw/Visitor market nine times out ten you’ll find Pinnacle has better odds for at least one selection than you’ll find anywhere else on the net. I won’t harp on it in this review, but where Pinnacle really excels is American sports including football, baseball and basketball. Their margins are the lowest in the industry and their wagering limits are massive. For NFL football the maximum bet is $30,000 and punters can place unlimited max bets, so long as the line has moved or 4-hours has passed. If you are looking to bet with cryptocurrency check out our best crypto bookies page.

Basic US sports betting tips

While they may be called different names, each of the four big US sports has three main betting markets that you can use to your advantage. These are all used in different ways, but offer three different opportunities to place a bet that is easy to understand for newcomers. By having the same market for all four sports, this means you can learn about one market and use it across all four, which is a big advantage.

The three markets are the money line, points line and handicap line. The money line is basically who will win the game, by any means, so this includes the possibility of overtime. The points line is based on how many points are scored, and with the NHL this is known as the goal line. The handicap line is a fictional line created by the bookmakers that give one team an advantage and one team a deficit to overcome, and a great line to use if you have a strong view and you think a team will win easy. This is known as the run line in baseball.

With four sports and three simple betting lines, you can quickly put together a strategy to use, and you will have good knowledge right from the off. In our page betting guide. you can find more US sports betting tips and strategies.

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Most profitable US sports bets

The big advantage that US sports have is the number of games that take place, and how regular the games are. You don’t need to mix the sports if you don’t want to, you can keep them separate and still have plenty of games to choose from throughout the season.

This is why the sports are all brilliant for accumulator betting. On any night you will find multiple NHL games taking place alongside multiple NBA games. When it comes to Sunday, that is all about NFL accumulators, with pretty much every game bar a couple taking place on Sunday’s.

With this schedule, people go with accumulators and this offers you the chance to win a good profit in just one day. Don’t be tempted to go too adventurous with your selections, just choose a handful of teams and try to give yourself the chance to win on a regular basis, rather than landing one big win over a long period.

The key to accumulator betting is discipline, keep that and with the schedule of games on offer, you have the chance to land a winning bet pretty much every day of the year thanks to the betusa sports calendar.

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Top Mistakes to Avoid When US Sports Betting

The US Sports all have something in common with the exception of the NFL, and that is the seasons are very long. When looking at NHL, NBA and MLB betting opportunities, it is vital that you dive deeper behind the league tables. For example, if you are on game 60 of the season and a team is near the top of the league, they could have been very good at the start of the season and be fading down the table towards the end.

The best stat to have with you when looking at US sports is certainly the last 10 games stat. This, alongside the league table, should give you an idea of how good the teams are, as well as if they are showing that class right now, or if they are having a bad patch.

The league table doesn’t lie, but it can give you false hope about a team if you don’t look further into them.

betusaSpecial US sport offers you need to find with your bookmaker

There are many one-off offers that appear for the different US sports, but with the NFL being the biggest betting sport, you are more likely to see offers for this than the others. Things like enhanced odds on first touchdown scorers or money back offers is players score are common to see throughout the regular season, and even bigger on games in the playoffs, with the Super Bowl being the biggest.

If you are looking for offers on other sports then your best bet is likely to be accumulator bonus and insurance offers which are available. These can give you additional winnings or give you your money back after a near miss, and certainly worth looking into if you are placing regular accumulators.