UFC Schedule Betting Guide 2024

Looking back at the previous season, it is fair to say that the world of UFC witnessed and enjoyed a crazy old year. From Jon Jones’s return to Sean Strickland’s incredible championship journey, there has been no shortage of talking points, drama, and action.

The same is expected from the 2024 season as UFC fans look forward to more gut-wrenching octagon actions, title fights, and unrelenting combat sport shows. 

Are you a seasoned or new UFC fan and bettor? Do not worry anymore! This detailed UFC schedule betting guide has all the ins and outs you need to know, ranging from the major events to bet on and the favourites to win to highly rewarding markets.

Since its burst onto the MMA scene in the 1990s, the sport has quickly gained popularity, cementing its place among punters. So, let’s dive deeper to unearth more and be able to take your UFC betting experience to the next level.

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UFC Schedule Explained

Are you a new UFC fan and bettor? You must be eager to know the difference between fight night and numbered events. Let’s find out more about these two UFC events.

UFC Fight Night

Ultimate Fighting Championship fight night events fill the void between the numbered events. Almost every Saturday of the year has a scheduled fight night. A fight night event occurs when there isn’t a numbered event. There will be a fight night event scheduled on a weeknight from time to time.

UFC Numbered Events

Titled UFC 200, 260, 301, and so on, these are the marque Ultimate Fighting Championship events available to purchase through pay-per-view.

Big names in the UFC world usually headline these cards. They are must-see viewing and betting UFC events for the fans and punters. Historically, one or several numbered events take place every month.


🥊 What is the difference between UFC Fight Night and numbered events?

UFC Fight Night events fill gaps between numbered events, occurring almost every Saturday, while numbered events are marquee UFC events available for purchase through pay-per-view, typically featuring big names in the UFC world.

🥊 What are some major UFC fights to bet on?

Major UFC fights to bet on include Austen Lane vs Jhonata Diniz, Michal Figlak vs Austin Hubbard, Mauricio Ruffy vs Jamie Mullarkey, Rodrigo Nascimento vs Derrick Lewis, Joe Solecki vs Grant Dawson, and Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler.

🥊 What is the best market for the Austen Lane vs Jhonata Diniz fight?

The best market for the Austen Lane vs Jhonata Diniz fight is the “to-go-the-distance” market, with average odds of 2.05, considering the fighters’ previous matches.

🥊 Who is the favorite to win the Michal Figlak vs Austin Hubbard fight?

Michael Figlak is the favorite to win the fight against Austin Hubbard, with odds ranging from 1.59 to 1.71, depending on the sportsbook.

🥊 What is the expected outcome for the Mauricio Ruffy vs Jamie Mullarkey fight?

The expected outcome for the Mauricio Ruffy vs Jamie Mullarkey fight is a win for Mauricio Ruffy, with odds between 1.64 and 1.70, depending on the chosen sportsbook.

UFC Schedule Betting Guide: Major Fights

UFC isn’t short of major fights to place bets on. These fights usually include thrilling actions, making sportsbooks offer some highly rewarding markets.

In this section, you will find major and highly anticipated UFC actions that have already been confirmed. You’ll find the early odds of each favourite competitor as well as the best market that can offer some decent rewards.

Austen Lane vs Jhonata Diniz: UFC Fight Night Heavyweight Bout (25th April 2024)

A major UFC fight you’ll not want to miss as a fan and bettor is that of Austen Lane vs Jhonata Diniz.

Austen Lane will host Jhonata Diniz, with many leading UFC bookies offering odds of between 1.38 and 1.50 for the favourite, who happens to be Jhonata Diniz. The best market for this action is to-go-the-distance, which comes with an average odd of 2.05. 

Based on these fighters’ previous games, most of their last five fights have gone to the distance, making the to-go-the-distance outcome the best rewarding market. Jhonata Diniz has won three of his previous fixtures. This form makes him the favourite against Austen Lane, who has only won one.

Michal Figlak vs Austin Hubbard: UFC Fight Night Lightweight Bout (27th April 2024)

Austin Hubbard will host Michael Figlak in a UFC fight night event, which is sure to entertain all MMA fans and punters. Various top-rated UFC sportsbooks have already released their odds on Austin Hubbard and Michal Figlak’s fight. 

According to experts and top-rated bookies, Michael Figlak is the favourite to win the fight. Depending on your sportsbook of choice, the fight winner should give you some decent odds, between 1.59 and 1.71.

For this match, the outright winner market can be an ideal option. In previous five games, Michael Figlak has won two, while Austin has struggled in every fixture, producing just a few moments of smile on his fans’ faces.

Mauricio Ruffy vs Jamie Mullarkey: UFC Fight Night Lightweight Bout (4th May 2024)

On 4th May 2024, Mauricio Ruffy will host Jamie Mullarkey, one of the highly anticipated fights on the UFC calendar. Early odds indicate that Mauricio Ruffy is the favourite to win the match, at odds of between 1.64 and 1.70, depending on your UFC betting site of choice.

While the fight-winner market has some great odds, the method of victory is sure to provide you with massive winnings. According to statistics of the previous fights, where Mauricio and Jamie were involved, judges made the decision about the winner. Most best bookies have odds between 4.5 and 5.0 on this market. 

Rodrigo Nascimento vs Derrick Lewis: UFC Fight Night Heavyweight Bout (11th May 2024)

On 11th May 2024, Derrick Lewis will host Rodrigo Nascimento. This will be an entertaining fight, full of thrilling moments, especially for punters.

Derrick Lewis is the favourite to win at odds of between 1.64 and 1.70. If you want to boost your odds, you should go for the method-of-victory market that has odds between 5.0 and 5.5.


Derrick Lewis method of win in the previous five fights are L KO/TKO, L KO/TKO, L Sub, W KO/TKO, and L Decision, respectively. When it comes to Rodrigo Nascimento, the method of winning in the previous five games are L KO/TKO, W KO/TKO, W Split Dec, W Split Dec, and W Decision.

Joe Solecki vs Grant Dawson: UFC 302 Middleweight Bout (1st June 2024)

Lightweights Grant Dawson and Joe Solecki are expected to clash on 1st June 2024 at UFC 302. Grant Dowson is the favourite to win this early June fight. Many leading sportsbooks are offering odds of between 1.80 and 1.95 for Grant, who has accumulated 12 unbeaten games out of 13.

While Dawson is competing for the first time since Bobby Green’s surprising win in October last year, he had enjoyed a 12-fight unbeaten streak. Dawson is expected to continue with his form on 1st June.

The most rewarding market in this fixture is round betting. Based on his previous form, Grant Dawson has won in the 1st or 2nd round. He usually gets the job done early enough, apart from the surprising loss to Bobby Green.

Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler: UFC 303 Welterweight Bout (29th June 2024)

Conor McGregor hasn’t fought since July 2021 after suffering a broken leg at UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier. Conor had won titles in five previous UFC weight classes but has struggled in recent bouts, losing all three. Michael Chandler is the obvious favourite to win the fight at odds of 1.9 and 2.05. 


Chandler has been eagerly waiting for this fight since he coached McGregor last year on the UFC. The former Bellator lightweight champion has won two of his previous five UFC fixtures since debuting in 2021 with a promotion.

Due to his recent form, Michael Chandler is predicted to win either in the 1st or 2nd round. That means a round betting market is the most rewarding one. On most betting platforms, this market has odds of between 3.98 and 4.50.

With major events on the UFC calendar, odds, favourites to win, and highly rewarding markets you can pick in each event, you can now place an informed wager.

The UFC still adds fights to the line-up, and many have been scheduled. Always stay updated on UFC fixtures to increase your list of events to bet on and make data-driven betting decisions.

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