Best Rugby Betting Sites 2024

Rugby is a game loved by millions around the world and the one unique feature about rugby is that there are many different varieties of the game. Some love rugby league while others prefer rugby union and we also have smaller versions of the game too with rugby sevens and rugby 10s played in many countries.

A rugby betting service has to cover all of these to ensure that everyone can bet on what they want. This is the first thing we look for when evaluating the rugby betting sites we offer. Then we take a look at the betting markets they all have on offer and see who offers the most, which unique and interesting ones are available and much more.

Our final comparison is based on the quality of service and value for money. This covers the available betting odds, and how they compare to the opposition, while it also looks at the betting offers for rugby that can be found and used by players. We bring all of this together, so our rugby betting ratings are based on all types of rugby, they show where the best odds are and where you can find rugby betting offers.

Best rugby sports betting site

There is a cold hard truth that needs to be recognised when entering sports betting. Bookmakers are out to make money. They aren’t there to do you any favours, they are there for you to try and beat because they aren’t just going to give money out left right and centre. So entering sports betting you want to find a good bookmaker, preferably one of the best bookmakers around because this will enhance your own experience of online betting and it all starts with market value. Here are some pointers to look for in how to choose a good bookmaker. If you like to bet with cryptocurrencies check out our best crypto bookies page.

How to find the best rugby bookmaker

When you are placing your bets, you should be looking to find a great rugby bookmaker to place them with. There are two vital things you need to find from your bookmaker, the first is one that puts the odds up early and the second is one who offers competitive odds.

If you can find a bookmaker that offers both of these then you should be able to place a bet when you want and also place one knowing that the odds you are taking are some of the best available. When you are doing rugby betting handicap bets, it is especially important to look for the odds that are available as these should be as close to evens as possible on a two way market. The only thing stopping them from being evens is the bookmaker margin and if your bookmaker has low odds then that means they have a big margin, something you don’t want.

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What are the main rugby formats?

Rugby is a hugely popular sport, played all across the world by many people. There is one thing that sets rugby apart from many other sports though and that is something that divides rugby fans. This is the different types of rugby that we have, there is no such thing as the main type or the standard type of rugby, instead we have many different formats of the game. If you want to place a bet on rugby then the first thing to do is understand the different formats, and select which one you would like to bet on if you only want to bet on one.

There are four main rugby formats that are played. These are, rugby union, rugby league, rugby sevens and rugby tens. Here we will take a look through these four and learn a little about them. There are other formats of rugby, but these are not as popular as the main four.

Rugby union

Rugby union is one of the two common types of rugby and is a game played all over the world. In union, each team has 15 players on the field and during the game a team can make seven substitutions to their line up. These are often used in full as teams look to bring on fresh legs to replace tired ones at the end of a game.

Scoring in rugby union is five points for a try, three points for a penalty or drop goal and two points for a conversion after a try. This is one of the main differences between rugby league and union, and another is how the game uses tackles.

In union, when a player is tackled, any player can go in and pick the ball up from either team providing they are on their own feet and picking the ball up from an onside position. There is no maximum number of tackles like in rugby league, play continues and if the ball goes out of play then a line out will be used to restart play. Scrums are used to put the ball back in play after stoppages, with the team who had the ball or those being awarded the ball given the put in. If you want find best rugby union odds, you need to have all best bookmakers in your online rugby betting companies list, so we made rating of best online sports betting sites in 2024.

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Rugby league

Rugby league teams only have 13 players on the field, a couple less than rugby union. This game is played at a much quicker pace and because of that, teams are allowed 10 substitutions during the game.

The way that tackles are used in rugby league is very different from rugby union. Teams have a set amount of tackles to get down the field and if a player is tackled they must roll the ball behind them for another player to take and start the attacking move again. If a team doesn’t score in the allotted tackles then the ball is turned over to the opposing team for them to attack.

Should the ball go out of play, the opposing team will be given the scrum and these usually result in them winning the ball, so they can start an attack. Scrums are also used when play is restarted but a scrum in rugby league has just six players in, not eight like in union.

When it comes to scoring, a try in league is worth four points, while a conversion after a try is worth another point as is a drop goal. A goal kick is worth two points, and all of these are slightly different to union so it is important to know what game you are betting on, especially if you are betting on things like handicap lines and total points betting.

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Rugby sevens and tens

Rugby sevens is a lot more popular than rugby tens but both are smaller, shortened versions of the game. They are both versions of rugby union, which is important to note and use the union rules as above, with the exception of the number of players on the field, which is seven in sevens and ten in tens as each name suggests.

These versions of the sport appeal to those who are looking for a short, quick rugby fix as the games are shorter in length. They are also generally played at a faster pace due to this, and usually have good end to end scoring chances, which makes the games incredibly fun for spectators to watch.

Rugby sevens has an advantage over tens because it is this version of the game that is played at the Olympics. When we have a good Olympic tournament you will often see sevens rise in popularity, with a lot of people becoming interested in playing, watching or betting on sevens because of the Olympics. This impact does have a knock-on effect on the other types of rugby and interest as a whole goes up, but this is the time when sevens can really make its mark, once every four years.

Rugby is an Olympic sport and at the next Olympics in Tokyo 2020, we will again see a rugby Tokyo competition. A total of 24 teams will take to the field in Japan, 12 for the mens competition and 12 for the womens.

The version of rugby played at the rugby Olympics 2020 is rugby sevens and once every four years, this is when that version of the game really gets put into the spotlight. Casual rugby fans would much prefer the longer format of the game but rugby sevens is an ideal Olympic sport due to the fast nature of how it is played. The end to end style allows those who are not big rugby fans to enjoy it as well, and we often see a lot of new people getting into the sport on the back of an exciting Olympic tournament.

Rugby Handicap Betting

One of the most popular ways to bet on rugby is to use the handicap betting rugby lines. These offer you the chance to back any team you like at a reasonable price, which is why so many people use them. Instead of taking the short odds about a team that are favourites, you can use the handicap to back them at a much bigger price, although of course they have to not only win but also cover the handicap.

When you are betting on the handicap line, you can do it in two different ways. The first is to use a two way line, with no draw included and the second is a three way line which includes the draw.

A two way line will use a number that ends with .5, this is to ensure there cannot be a draw, so for example a line may be +/-5.5.

A three way line will use a full number, so this would be +/-5.0, and should the game end level on the handicap then the draw would be the result.

The handicap line is designed to bring the two teams closer together, and even when you are doing rugby bets on a game that features a really strong favourite and one that should be really one-sided, the handicap line lets you place a bet on it. Some rugby union handicap betting lines are small, but others can be as big as 50+ points if there is a really big gulf in quality between the two teams. These are often the toughest games to bet on, will the favourites ease off when they go ahead or will they push hard and win on the handicap to make a statement to the other teams in the tournament or league?

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Handicap Betting Strategy – Backing the Draw

If you want an interest at a big price in a rugby game then one strategy to use is to back the handicap draw. You don’t need to do too much research here as backing the draw is going with someone else’s opinion, which is the bookmakers.

When the bookmaker created a handicap line, they do it to create something as even as possible. If they make the handicap line 5.0, that is because they genuinely think the margin will be five points. Backing the draw is backing the result to land right on the handicap line, so you are siding with the opinion of your bookmaker on this occasion, an expert in the field who will have studied the game more than you have done.

Those looking for an interest bet at a big price would do a lot worse than backing the handicap draw.

Where to watch rugby online for free

Another reason for choosing the best rugby bookmaker is that the best ones offer a very good rugby streaming service and this will include rugby games. This means that you will be allowed to place your bets on the website and then head to the live streaming section where you will be able to watch the game and also bet in play. This adds to the excitement of the game, allowing you to cheer on the bet you have placed.

In Unibet bookmaker rugby live betting platform you can find rugby live stream. If you want live rugby on tv, you need to have “SkySports” channel and cable television to watch rugby live stream. If you want to know best Uk bookies, check out our best bookmakers in UK 2024 page.

Rugby World Cup Betting

The next rugby world cup is the rugby union world cup which takes place in the Autumn of 2019. Running from September until November, this edition of the world’s greatest rugby tournament will be held in Japan, taking it to Asia for the very first time. This is the 9th rugby union world cup, and with progression from tournament to tournament, big things are expected later this year.

The rugby world cup 2023 has already been given to France, moving rugby 2023 tournament back to a more traditional rugby nation. By playing in Europe, teams that are based on that continent will have a big advantage over their southern hemisphere rivals and they will be looking to make that count. The world cup is something that is looked at a long way in advance and talks are already taking place around the 2027 rugby world cup, with those interested in hosting the event expected to make their bids soon.

rugby league handicap betting rugby

Rugby league also has a world cup that is played once every four years, although this tournament is one that is still growing. The strength in depth is not there as much in rugby league, making for some very uncompetitive games in the group stages. However, when we get to the finals, teams like England, Australia and New Zealand come to the fore and they have given us some great games in the past.

The southern hemisphere teams have dominated things for the past few years, but in 2021 the tournament will be held in England, giving them the chance to try and cause an upset. We still have a long time to wait until this event, but with the success of the last one, big things are expected in 2021.

By playing at a world cup and competing against the best teams, it is hoped that the poorer teams will eventually be able to improve through the experience they gain and compete one day. All sports suffered from this in the early stages, and compared to world cup rugby union, rugby league is still very young. More news you can find in official rugby websites. If you want find not only rugby betting tips, but other sports, check it betting guide page.


🏉 Where to bet on Rugby?

Rugby is one of the most popular sports around the world and for this reason, every bookmaker will accept on both club and international rugby which is great for fans.

🏉 Where to watch Rugby matches live?

There are many rugby leagues and competitions that have big TV deals around the world. However, you can also stream these games with your bookmaker, allowing you to bet and watch the action.

🏉 Can I watch Rugby live stream in the bookmaker site?

Yes, if your bookmaker offers a streaming service then you will be able to find many rugby games available for you to watch on here. 

🏉 What is the difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

Rugby league is played by 13 players on a smaller pitch than union, which is played by 15 players. There are many rule differences too, including a limit on the number of attacking plays you can have in rugby league.

🏉 What is the best bookmaker for Rugby bets?

The best rugby bookmaker will offer you a range of betting markets, competitive odds, live streaming and of course some great betting offers for you to use.

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