Best US Sports Betting Sites 2024

Many people group the big US sports leagues so we do the same when we are evaluating the betting service on offer.

We cover leagues such as the NFL (read more about NFL betting strategy), NBA, NHL and MLB when we are looking at what is on offer for US sports fans, we don’t leave any sport behind!

That is not all, we know some of you like to go in-depth and place bets on college events, so the NCAA leagues that cover a wide range of sports are also on our radar.

We look at where you will find these leagues, what betting markets are available and of course, what odds are on offer and which US sport betting sites the best odds.

From American football to ice hockey, baseball and basketball, we compare and contrast every aspect of the US sports betting service on offer. Finding a great deal is always our aim, so we put together our findings and create rankings based on them for you to follow.

So, with your sporting knowledge and our work to see where the best USA sports betting sites deals can be found, you should be set for a great season of betting on the events that take place in the USA.

The big US sports leagues, the NFL, NBA (read NBA betting guide), NHL and MLB all offer fantastic betting opportunities in the best US sports betting sites, and it is no surprise to see them so popular.

With big-name players, regular daily games taking place and long seasons that offer plenty of time to bet, it is easy to see why people are getting involved and enjoying betting on US sports in the USA sports betting websites.

How to Choose the Best US Sports Betting Sites

When looking for a USA bookmaker to take your bets on US sports, the first thing to find is a bookmaker who covers them all. While this is correct for the majority of American sports betting sites, not everyone will cover every US sport, so make sure you go with one that covers everything.


💸 What are the most popular American sports betting markets?

Football, basketball, hockey, baseball and golf are the most popular American sports betting markets. Bettors can make a variety of wagers on these sports, including point-spread and moneyline bets, as well as futures and prop bets.

Other American sports that can be bet on include college football, college basketball, NASCAR, MMA, boxing and soccer. Each of these sports offers a variety of betting lines including point-spread and moneyline wagers, as well as futures and props.

💸 What is an accumulator bet?

An accumulator is a bet comprised of multiple choices (also known as legs) each of which must be rolled in for the wager to be successful. The chance of winning is higher due to the fact that the return (and stake that is returned) from the first leg is an stake in the next leg, and the return (and stake returned) of the next leg is the stake of the third leg , and the cycle continues.

💸 What is the easiest US sport to bet on?

One of the easiest US sports to bet on is football. Football has a wide variety of props, point spreads and moneyline bets that all offer great ways to make money. Additionally, sportsbooks typically provide a large selection of football betting lines for both college and professional games making it easy to find value in the market.

💸 What is the best way to bet on NHL games?

The best way to bet on NHL games is to do your research and have a thorough understanding of the teams, players, and statistics involved. It is important to note any key injuries or changes in the team’s lineup.

Additionally, having an understanding of betting lines and how to use them to your advantage can be extremely beneficial. Knowing the moneyline, puck line, and the over/under can provide insight into the possible outcomes of a game.

💸 How to bet on NFL games with crypto?

Betting on NFL games with crypto is incredibly easy, and there are a few ways to go about it:

  • One way is to find an online sportsbook that accepts crypto as a payment method and sign up for an account. Most reputable online sportsbooks will accept some form of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. Once you’ve registered for an account and deposited your funds in the cryptocurrency of your choice, you are ready to start betting on NFL games!
  • Also, there are also some dedicated cryptocurrency sportsbooks that only accept cryptocurrencies and offer tailored betting options for NFL games. These sites usually offer more competitive lines and better bonuses than traditional online sportsbooks, so they can be a great option if you’re looking to maximize your profits from betting on NFL games with crypto.

Secondly, look at the betting markets that are on offer for you to place bets on. While you may not need them all right now, it is important that you don’t limit yourself in the future.

Your betting may be taking shape in a certain way right now, but you may feel a change is required in the future and that doesn’t always have to mean finding a new US bookmaker.

When comparing the odds on offer, look at a few different USA bookmakers before choosing between them. If you intend to bet on different US sports and in different markets then don’t expect to get the best odds every time you place a bet.

best NHL NFL bitcoin betting site

However, you should be able to check out what is on offer and make a guess based on what you have seen as to where you will get competitive odds every time you bet, and the best odds on some occasions. Check our list if you want know the best betting companies for other sports.

Sports Betting in the USA

The USA sports betting sector is one of the most discussed topics as more states continue legalizing this gambling type.

It has been more than five years since the U.S. Supreme Court turned down the federal ban on US sport gambling, providing states with the opportunity to allow it if they see fit.

So what’s the sports betting state in the USA? What states have legalized it? How are they doing? What states aren’t ready to legalize it? And what states are about to jump on the bandwagon? 

This guide will help you know states that have legalized sports betting USA, those that are almost legalizing it, and those still miles away.

More than 30 states have already legalized some kind of sport betting in USA, and a few are still debating whether to do it or not. To find solutions to those questions above, keep reading.

Legalized Sports Betting States

Nevada was the first state to legalize any legal sports betting in USA. Since then, more and more states have been following its routes. Here is the list of additional states where sports betting is legal.


Arizona legalized sports betting in April 2021. The state currently permits a maximum of 20 sports betting providers.


Arkansas allowed the first sportsbook to be established in July 2021. Wagering on in-state collegiate and professional teams is allowed.


Colorado legalized sports betting in May 2021, making it the 19th state on the list. It supports multiple sports betting providers and casinos.


Connecticut allowed legal sports betting in September 2021. All forms of betting are allowed.


Legal sports betting in Delaware was allowed in 2018. However, there aren’t in-state online betting platforms.


Betting on college and pro sports became lawful in Indiana in September 2019. The state allows both in-person and mobile betting at different locations.


Iowa allows punters to bet on both college and pro sports. It allowed sports wagering in 2019.


Kansas launched sports betting in July 2022. It supports all forms of gambling.


Mobile sports betting was established in January 2022. And wagering was legalized in October 2021.


Maryland accepted sports betting in 2020 after the elections. The first online bookie was established in November 2022.


Michigan sports betting was established in January 2023. It’s the latest addition.


Mississippi enacted a sports betting law in 2017 that legalized sports betting. In 2018, the first sportsbook was established.


Montana allowed sports betting in March 2020. The state lottery regulates all forms of gambling.


Sports betting in Nebraska was accepted in May 2021. Betting on in-state collegiate events and player prop wagers is not allowed.

New Hampshire

The state joined the list of states that accept sports betting in January 2020. It accepts only one sportsbook, DraftKings, which serves bettors in the state.

New Jersey

New Jersey legalized sports betting just after the Supreme Court decision in June 2018. Punters in the state can wager on any type of event.

New York

New York allowed online gambling in 2013. But punters had to wait until 2019 to place their first bets.

North Carolina

Sports betting was legalized in North Carolina in July 2021. The first betting site was established in March 2022.


Ohio accepted sports betting in December 2021. However, it was established officially in January 2023.


While Oklahoma legalized sports betting in 2022, the state hasn’t officially launched the activity.


Oregon had some progress toward sports betting even before the Supreme Court ruling. Punters started to bet in August 2019.


Six months after the ruling, Pennsylvania legalized a casino and sportsbook in 2018.

Rhode Island

Rhode is another state that accepted sports betting in 2018, six months after the Supreme Court decision.

South Dakota

South Dakota approved online sports betting in 2020 after the election. The state started accepting the first betting platform in September 2021.


Tennessee approved its sports wagering in 2019. It started allowing online and mobile betting in November 2021.


Both online and in-person sports wagering are accepted. Virginia launched wagering on sports in 2021.


Online/mobile betting has not been allowed since early 2020, when Washington accepted wagering. Other forms of gambling are permitted.

Washington D.C.

In Washington, DC, the 2018 Sports Betting Lottery Amendment Act became effective in May 2019. Wagering on collegiate events, including prop wagers not accepted.

West Virginia

West Virginia was among the top five states to legalize sports wagering in August 2021. Online and in-person betting are accepted.


Legal sports gambling went live in Wyoming in September 2021.

Do Not Allow Sports Betting States

If your state isn’t mentioned above, either it has almost legalized, or no legalization has been proposed. But as the USA betting sites continue to evolve, more states will start figuring out their route toward legalization. 

Here is a list of states that haven’t fully legalized sport betting USA: Alabama, Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, New Mexico, Texas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Vermont.

Rules and Regulations for Bookmakers in USA

The rules and regulations governing legal betting sites in USA vary completely from one state to another. Some states accept mobile and online sports betting sites USA, while others confine sports wagering to physical locations or casinos.

Some states even restrict certain types of bets, like prohibiting bets on collegiate and professional teams. Others restrict the number of betting platforms, while others just legalise sports betting and leave everything else to punters.

Potential Risks with Offshore Online Betting Sites USA

While offshore online sports betting sites offer a perfect option for punters whose states don’t accept gambling, they come with some potential risks. Offshore betting sites in the USA aren’t subject to the same rules, regulations, and oversight as local bookies. 

This involves the risks of illegal activities such as fraud and scams. Always watch out for platforms that sound too good to be true. If you want to place bets on an offshore sportsbook, check to ensure it is reliable and trustworthy.

Always check the recommended list of offshore sports betting sites if you want to find a reliable, trustworthy, and fair bookie.

Basic US Sports Betting Tips

While they may be called different names, each of the four big US sports has three main betting markets that you can use in the best US betting sites. These are all used in different ways, but offer three different opportunities to place a bet that is easy to understand for newcomers.

By having the same market for all four sports, this means you can learn about one market and use it across all four, which is a big advantage. The three markets are the money line, points line and handicap line.

The money line is basically who will win the game, by any means, so this includes the possibility of overtime. The points line is based on how many points are scored, and with the NHL this is known as the goal line.

The handicap line is a fictional line created by the American sports betting companies that give one team an advantage and one team a deficit to overcome, and a great line to use if you have a strong view and you think a team will win easy.

This is known as the run line in baseball. With four sports and three simple betting lines, you can quickly put together a strategy to use, and you will have good knowledge right from the off.  In our page betting guide. You can find more US sports betting tips and strategies.

Most Profitable US Sports Bets

The big advantage that US sports have is the number of games that take place, and how regular the games are. You don’t need to mix the sports if you don’t want to, you can keep them separate and still have plenty of games to choose from throughout the season.

This is why the sports are all brilliant for accumulator betting. On any night you will find multiple NHL games taking place alongside multiple NBA games.

When it comes to Sunday, that is all about NFL accumulators, with pretty much every game bar a couple taking place on Sunday’s.

best bet in usa sports betting sites

With this schedule, people go with accumulators and this offers you the chance to win a good profit in just one day.

Don’t be tempted to go too adventurous with your selections, just choose a handful of teams and try to give yourself the chance to win on a regular basis, rather than landing one big win over a long period.

The key to NFL or NHL accumulator betting is discipline, keep that and with the schedule of games on offer, you have the chance to land a winning bet pretty much every day of the year thanks to the bet USA sports calendar.

Best NFL Betting Sites

Finding the best NFL betting website or NFL betting app should not be time-consuming or difficult. You just need to find a reliable and highly rated best US sports betting site with competitive odds and the best offers. 

With so many sites available to pick from, it can take hours to compare different options. And on top of that, you need to know what to consider. The two most reliable and best NFL betting sites that you can sign up with are:


Cloudbet is an online gambling platform that offers sports betting and casino games. Founded in November 2013, Cloudbet is one of the leading cryptocurrency sportsbooks in the online gambling industry. 

Aside from cryptocurrencies, Cloudbet also offers other payment options, including electronic wallets, cards, and fund transfers. Cloudbet operates smoothly on a range of devices, and in line with this, iOS, Windows, and Android devices are supported.

In terms of sports, Cloudbet is one of the best online NFL betting sites as it offers numerous markets, competitive odds, and plenty of generous bonuses and promotions related to the NFL.

The sportsbook has a great selection of NFL tournaments and games that you can pick from. If you want to take a break from bet on NFL, you’ll find other popular sports to bet on, including motorsports, boxing, basketball, rugby, and snooker, to mention just some of them. Read Cloudbet review.

american sports betting companies

Cloudbet Advantages

✔️ Instant deposits and first payouts

✔️ Accepts both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies

✔️ Massive betting limits for huge games

Cloudbet Disadvantages

⭕ Betting odds aren’t very competitive

⭕ Sportsbook bonuses and promotions are released in increments

⭕ No Android and iOS mobile applications was established in 2016. The sportsbook is known for fast payment services, fair betting, and a fun gambling experience. Bettors enjoy a massive array of live events, markets, and competitive odds. Generous promotions that attract both new and existing customers are available.

This online gambling platform is the best online NFL betting site. It features a dedicated NFL betting online section with thousands of offers and markets across the year.

Aside from NFL games, offers numerous choices of other sports to bet on. Experts define it as a front-row bench experience for all popular sports leagues.

The gambling platform continuously innovates its bookmaker and casino products such that they meet the needs and requirements of both serious and casual punters. Bonuses and promotions are always changing, providing customers with top-notch deals and offers to pick from. Overall, the bookmaker is dedicated to offering an unparalleled online betting experience. Read review.

best us sports betting sites Advantages

✔️ Fiat currency and cryptocurrency-friendly

✔️ Regular bonuses and promotions for sportsbook and casino customers

✔️ A dedicated mobile application Disadvantages

⭕ No loyalty/VIP program

⭕ 24/7 customer support isn’t available

⭕ Limited payment options

NFL Betting with Bitcoin

Betting with Bitcoin is becoming one of the most popular ways to win big on some of the most popular cryptocurrency betting websites. One of the best sports to bet on is the NFL.

With 256 games taking place throughout a season, you can enjoy plenty of opportunities to win some money with NFL betting with Bitcoin. All it takes is some know-how, and you can start winning big with Bitcoin NFL betting.

usa sports nfl betting online websites

There are lots of Bitcoin betting sites to choose from, and you can take advantage of the easy way to use it and the rapid deposits and withdrawals.

When you set up your account, you can get started right away and place bets on all of your favourite NFL teams.

With so many games to choose from and a full season of exciting matches, NFL Bitcoin betting is an excellent way to win some money.

You can get started so quickly, and winning money with Bitcoin betting could not be easier. Check out the rest of our website to find out more about winning big with NFL Bitcoin betting.

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites

Where to place a successful bet on Super Bowl is a query that thousands of punters ask themselves. Luckily, many sites provide numerous Super Bowl markets, competitive odds, and generous offers that bettors can use on the sport.

If you are looking for best Super Bowl betting sites, that is no big problem. The following sites are all you need:

The Matchbets bookmaker is a leading sports betting platform that aims to offer the best gaming experience to players from around the world. After opening an account with Matchbets, players have access to popular Super Bowl events, markets, and high betting odds.

On top of that, popular sports like golf, rugby, cricket, college football, and soccer, among others, are available for selection. On this platform, players also get the chance to bet against other bettors as this bookmaker features a matched-betting exchange.

The owners of understand that mobile compatibility is an important feature of any successful sportsbook. As a result of this, the bookmaker offers an impressive mobile gaming experience.

The website is accessible not only across all mobile platforms but offers the best Android and iOS apps. Similar to many other digital bookmakers, accepts different types of deposit and withdrawal options, which include e-Wallets, cards, and Bitcoin.

matchbets Advantages

✔️ Crypto and fiat currency options accepted

✔️ Easy rules for match betting

✔️ A cash-out feature is available Disadvantages

⭕ Lacks live streaming and betting

⭕ A small range of bonuses and promotions for existing customers

⭕ No phone customer support


1xBit is one of the top sportsbooks and online casinos in the market. Owned by 1x Corp N.V, the gambling platform started operating in 2016.

While having a good reputation in the digital currency gambling world, all payments, including deposits and withdrawals are executed through cryptocurrencies.

The 1xbit sportsbook offers over 50 sports, including super bowl and eSports. It offers over 1,000 pre-game events each day, providing punters with numerous options to bet on.

Furthermore, bettors will come across special features such as betting exchange, bet slip sale, and multi-live. Also, the sportsbook is home to different bonuses and promotions.

1xbit also offers live streaming services, allowing you to watch all of your favourite events from any league and place some live bets. Using the 1xbit platform is easy and straightforward, from creating an account and depositing to claiming bonus funds and withdrawing your winnings.

On top of that, mobile options are available, making it convenient for each bettor to have access from their favourite mobile devices. Read 1xbit review.

1xbit best us sports betting site

1xbit Advantages

✔️ A multi-live feature is available

✔️ Huge selection of super bowl events and markets

✔️ Cash-out as wager slip sale

1xbit Disadvantages

⭕ Certifications and licenses not shown clearly

⭕ Customer support help could need a boost

⭕ The website seems cluttered

Best Ice Hockey Betting Sites

Explosive ice hockey does not only get pulses racing; it is also one of the most exciting and in-depth games to place wagers on. Ice hockey is also among the fastest-growing sports across the world, and the NHL is getting more and more competitive, making fast-and-hard predictions tough.

That is why the best ice hockey betting platforms offer not only competitive odds but also flexible markets. With that in mind, here are two of the best ice hockey betting sites.


Unibet makes sure that all of its customers are able to enjoy their gambling experience. The site is elegant, bettor-friendly, and packed full of unique and helpful features.

On the other hand, the mobile application blends smoothly with different devices. Unibet offers an appealing welcome bonus and some lucrative deals for existing customers.

Almost instant deposits and quick withdrawals are some of the features that push Unibet a step further from most of its peers. One of the biggest betting markets that makes Unibet attractive is ice hockey.

The sportsbook offers as many ice hockey markets as possible, and there are plenty of other options for those who want to try something new. 

Ice hockey enthusiasts will get the chance to wager on matches from KHL, International Tournaments, and Champions Hockey Leagues, among others.

As a customer of Unibet, you’ll have the chance to place live USA sports bets, which is a massive advantage that provides you with the opportunity for better wagers. Read Unibet review.


Unibet Advantages

✔️ More impressive sports betting bonuses and promotions

✔️ Superb ice hockey betting platform

✔️ No strings sportsbook new player offer

Unibet Disadvantages

⭕ Ongoing sportsbook offers are uninspiring

⭕ Lack of minor sports events

⭕ Statistics for individual matches do not always load


888Starz is an online sports betting website and casino games, provider. This betting website started operating in 2020, and since then, it has gained massive popularity as a crypto gambling platform.

888Starz is known for its impressive bookmaker section that allows sports enthusiasts to bet on ice hockey as well as other types of sports such as tennis, football, and basketball.

What makes 888Starz more attractive over other betting platforms is its mix of crypto mining and gaming facilities. 888Starz operates smoothly on all types of devices ranging from desktop and mobile devices.

The website is well-optimized for mobile use, meaning it is available for devices that run on Android and iOS operating systems. Read 888Starz review,


888Starz Advantages

✔️ An attractive welcome bonus

✔️ Competitive ice hockey betting odds

✔️ Over 25 crypto options available to use

888Starz Disadvantages

⭕ No dedicated mobile app is available

⭕ The design of the website is a bit confusing in terms of navigation

⭕ 888 tokens aren’t given for sports betting

Best NHL Betting Sites

Finding the best NHL betting site does not need to be a challenging task. With the right information, you can quickly pick a highly-rated and reliable NHL betting websites with competitive prices.

If you’re looking for the best NHL betting sites, then you should be sure to sign up with one of these two betting platforms.


Fortunejack started operating in 2014, and currently, it supports sports betting, casino games, and live dealer games. Operating under the ownership of Nexus Group Enterprises Casinos, the sportsbook offers incredible odds across each sporting event and tournament, including the NHL.

On top of that, exciting features which are tailored specifically to all bettors are available to take advantage of.

Aside from the lucrative welcome package that is available in the form of a Bitcoin deal and bet on NHL, existing users have many ongoing promotions to claim.

It does not matter whether you want to use your bonus on pre-match, in-play, virtual sports, or futures; this crypto sportsbook has all the options that you need as a punter.

The banking options that you prefer are also available, with eight different coin options. Currently, hundreds of events to bet on are taking place at Fortunejack, so you can visit the site and sign up to start your online betting journey. Read Fortunejack review.


Fortunejack Advantages

✔️ Over 35,000 monthly pre-match events

✔️ A long history of safe and trusted operation

✔️ Direct cryptocurrency transactions

Fortunejack Disadvantages

⭕ Lacks mobile applications

⭕ Not accessible in some countries

⭕ Unfriendly bonus terms and conditions for some deals

William Hill

William Hill offers a user-friendly gaming experience that makes online sports betting accessible for all types of punters. The bookmaker offers a wide selection of NHL potential bets, including in-play betting and useful bonuses to optimize the user experience.

William Hill has had a solid reputation for more than 80 years. In almost all parts of the universe, the title is nearly synonymous with betting itself.

Today, the company continues to grow as it enhances its digital offerings and stretches to new legal markets, especially in the USA. This worldwide bookmaker caters to the preferences and needs of different gamblers in terms of payment options and the markets they can wager on.

There’re many advantages to signing up with an established brand like William Hill. Some of them are reliable customer services, convenient banking, and excellent sportsbook offerings.

The William Hill wagering menu includes more than 30 sports ranging from NHL and soccer to niche markets like sumo wrestling. You can access all of these markets and the generous promotions available on any device, thanks to its easy-to-use mobile app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Read William Hill review.

william hill

William Hill Advantages

✔️ Extra incentives for app/mobile users

✔️ More than 80 years of worldwide expertise in the gambling market

✔️ Top-rated customer support

William Hill Disadvantages

⭕ Limited bonus offerings

⭕ Live betting isn’t available on mobile

⭕ Different casino and sportsbook apps

Top Mistakes to Avoid When US Sports Betting

The US Sports all have something in common with the exception of the NFL, and that is the seasons are very long. When looking at NHL, NBA and MLB betting opportunities, it is vital that you dive deeper behind the league tables.

For example, if you are on game 60 of the season and a team is near the top of the league, they could have been very good at the start of the season and be fading down the table towards the end.

bitcoin nfl betting in nfl betting app

The best stat to have with you when looking at US sports is certainly the last 10 games stat. This, alongside the league table, should give you an idea of how good the teams are, as well as if they are showing that class right now, or if they are having a bad patch.

The league table doesn’t lie, but it can give you false hope about a team if you don’t look further into them.

Special US Sport Offers you Need to Find with Your Bookmaker

There are many one-off offers that appear for the different US sports, but with the NFL being the biggest betting sport, you are more likely to see offers for this than the others in the top US sports betting sites.

Things like enhanced odds on first touchdown scorers or money back offers is players score are common to see throughout the regular season, and even bigger on games in the playoffs, with the Super Bowl being the biggest.

nfl accumulator bet in us bookmaker

If you are looking for offers on other sports then your best bet is likely to be accumulator bonus and insurance offers which are available. These can give you additional winnings or give you your money back after a near miss, and certainly worth looking into if you are placing regular accumulators (for example, NHL accumulator bet or NFL accumulator bet).

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