Best F1 Betting Sites 2024

The thrill of an F1 race is something that many people love to watch. To make this even more exciting, some people enjoy a bet on the race as well as watching the action, and if you want to join in with that then the good news is that many betting companies offer a great number of F1 betting markets.

Placing a bet on F1 is far better than simply choosing who will win the race, several different markets are available including podium finishes, top 5 & 10 finishes and markets surrounding what will happen during qualifying.

Not only that but when races begin, you can also bet in-play on a race if you wish, which is great for those who are watching the action unfold and want a wager if something major happens in the race.

We evaluate the bookmakers that offer F1 betting and compare the number of markets they offer as well as their odds and if they allow in-play betting. These three are key for any gambler looking to bet on Formula One so be sure to look at our rankings and see where you will find the best service.

How to Choose a F1 Bookmaker

Formula 1 is huge around the world, with races taking place all over the globe and fans cheering on their favourite teams and drivers, no matter where they are from. Formula one bets activity have never been huge, but recently we have seen a real surge in that, and that is mainly due to two things, firstly in play betting and secondly a rise in the number of betting markets available in best F1 betting sites.


🏁 Which bookmaker has the biggest F1 betting markets?

Many bookmakers offer a range of great F1 betting markets. This is a very popular sport to bet on and for that reason, bookmakers have had no choice but to increase their service and offer more betting markets. In our rating Betfair is the best bookmaker for F1 betting.

🏁 Can I place bets on in-play F1 race?

✅ Yes, F1 races are exciting and perfect for in-play betting so bookmakers will offer this to you, enabling you to bet while the race is taking place.

🏁 Which bookmaker offers F1 live stream?

✅ Live streaming is available on many betting sites, so you can place bets on the race and then watch the action. This will allow you to place further in-play bets if you wish while you are watching.

🏁 Is it important when betting F1 to predict the weather?

✅ Yes, the weather can have a huge impact on how a race will end. When betting on a race, this is incredibly important to know and may affect the bets that you place.

🏁 Best F1 betting apps?

There are some great betting apps available to F1 fans, each of them offering key values such as the best F1 betting offers, competitive odds, great F1 betting markets and live streaming.

🏁 How to choose a good formula one bookmaker?

The way that you choose a good F1 bookmaker is the same as how you choose a bookmaker for many sports. Look at their odds, this affects your profit and loss so go with the best you can find and then also look out for the betting markets, so you have as much choice as possible.

🏁 What is most profitable F1 bets?

There is no simple answer to this. The key to any type of betting, including F1 betting, is to keep things realistic and avoid going for the really big wins. Look to build your betting bank up by regular small wins.

🏁 Which bookmakers have special offers for F1 bet?

With so many people looking to bet on F1, many bookmakers offer great F1 free bets for new customers and some even have these available for existing customers.

While the sport itself has been at the forefront of the sporting world for a long time, betting on Formula 1 hasn’t been as popular. That is all changing now, and something to consider when you are choosing your F1 bookmaker (here you can choose best crypto bookmaker). Look out for someone that offers a large range of betting markets, offers in play betting and is generally at the forefront of the new advancements that are being made, both in terms of this sport and in general with betting.

Those who go with a bookmaker that is a little behind when it comes to Formula 1 betting online may find limited markets and no in play betting opportunities, while those going with the standout leading candidates will have exciting betting opportunities and the ability to bet in play. All of this not only adds to the betting experience for you, but it gives you more opportunities to win money, and specialise in certain areas of Formula 1 bets.

Basic F1 Betting Tips

We see a large field starting for the Formula 1 races, but actually, if you look at it, only a handful of drivers have a realistic chance of winning, and anyone else winning would be the kind of big shock that only happens once a season.

Therefore, instead of always trying to find that shock, stick with the fancied drivers, they are far more likely to provide you with a winner. F1 odds will, of course, be lower here, but a good, steady stream of winners is a great way of gaining confidence when betting on F1.

In a split second, an F1 race can change dramatically, and because of that, this sport is fantastic for punters who want to bet in play. Often the best value will not be found ahead of the race, but instead, it will be found during it, and this is an option you should certainly keep open. Keep your eye on the online F1 betting odds during a race, and the likelihood of trouble ahead and try and jump in when you think the value is there.

Look out for big moments like pit stops, weather changes and much more around when you are betting, something which you can use to try and give yourself the edge against best Formula 1 betting sites. These can change odds on F1 massively within a second and if you get on the good side of this, you can all of a sudden be sat with a great bet at a big price. If you want find more F1 betting tips, always check our betting guide page for new articles.

Most Profitable F1 Bets

When it comes to placing bets on the F1, there are many different ways you can approach it. Generally speaking, the earlier you place your bets ahead of the race, the riskier it is, although if you wait until just before a race you are likely to miss the value.

Important days to note are practice on Friday and qualifying on Saturday, these two will have a major impact on F1 bets, especially the latter. If you can aim to bet on Thursday, and use your own F1 knowledge to work out who you think is the likely winner then assuming they go well in practice and qualifying, their F1 betting odds will shorten on those days, meaning you will be on at the bigger price.

formula 1 betting one bet online bets

Of course, the risk here is that they qualify poorly and then you are left with short odds about someone who is now much bigger and has to weave a path through the pack to get to the front. You won’t get this right every time, but if you can bet on a Thursday then you take away the chances of you missing the best price if your driver goes on and performs well as you are hoping he does during practice and qualifying.

F1 Crypto Betting

Crypto Formula 1 bet sites differ from regular sportsbooks in various ways, thanks to the unique features that they offer. These crypto F1 sports betting sites features are:

No Restrictions

F1 crypto betting websites do not have any restrictions. As a customer at these sites, you can be able to transfer any amount of money that you are comfortable with. And the best part is that you can transfer the funds in no time. Also, there aren’t legal restrictions as you can gamble even from a country where sports betting is illegal. 

f1 formula 1 bet bookmakers bookies odds

Fewer Limits

Many regular Formula One bet sites have several limits when it comes to bonuses and promotions, markets and the currency that you can use. But F1 cryptocurrency betting sites do not limit their players, especially in terms of payments, bonuses and promotions. 

You will find very few limits on deposits, withdrawals and the bonus amount that you can cash out. Also, many promotions do not have wagering requirements. That means you can always keep everything that you win.

Faster Payouts

Whether you are funding your account or withdrawing your winnings, using cryptocurrencies guarantees faster transactions. If you are using a method that supports fiat currency, many things can go astray and slow the payout process. When using a cryptocurrency to make a withdrawal request, the average confirmation period for a crypto deposit is between 4 and 6 minutes. 

While most crypto withdrawals aren’t as quick as deposits, they’re still swift compared to traditional banking methods. You will receive your payouts anywhere between 10 minutes and 24 hours in Formula One crypto bookies.

f1 coin formula 1 one crypto cryptocurrency


Formula 1 cryptocurrency betting websites do not require much information when creating new accounts with them. After creating an account that only takes a few minutes, it is easy to complete the first deposit, and still, you don’t have to provide any of your information. And that means no third party can get access to your personal data and know about your losses or gains.


Many Formula 1 crypto sportsbooks are innovative when compared to regular F1 bookies. They not only offer innovative bonuses and promotions but also markets that you will not find elsewhere. At these F1 coin crypto sites, you will get the likes of Twitch Streamers betting and many other unique markets.

Top Mistakes to Avoid when Betting Formula 1

Perhaps the biggest mistake of all that people make when placing bets on the F1 is that they try to do all they can to find a big priced winner. The top three of four drivers may all be short prices, but that is because they are the most likely winners on the day, and those are the drivers you should stick with. If you keep attempting to find a big priced outsider to cause a shock, you are likely to leave yourself frustrated.

best crypto f1 sports betting site sites

If you intend to bet on the day of the race then be sure that you don’t make your decision about who to back until then. There will be vital information available to you at this stage, including grid positions, qualifying times, pit strategies and much more.

You may have lost value by betting Formula 1 at this late stage, don’t also ignore the most important information that is available to you. Instead, look out for the info you need, and use it to help you make an informed judgement before you bet at this late stage.

Special Offers you Need to Find in Formula 1 Betting Sites

There are only a small number special offers available with Formula 1 betting sites, and these usually revolve around the big races. For example, when we have the Monaco Grand Prix, well-known as one of the best on the calendar, some Formula 1 bookmakers will use this as an opportunity to offer enhanced each way terms, usually by paying an extra place out to punters.

If you ever see this in your best F1 betting site, it is a great offer to take advantage of and one that could lead to you backing a winner that would be a loser with other f1 bookmakers. More information about F1 you can find at formula 1 official page.

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