Best Volleyball Betting Sites 2019

How to choose a volleyball bookmaker

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Volleyball as a sport has a varied reputation around the world. In some countries, the sport is very big, with national leagues and top-quality players who play on the international stage, while in others it is a very minor sport with little recognition. This is the same when it comes to betting on the sport, some bookmakers take it very seriously and offer many betting markets across many games, while others almost ignore everything other than the really big events. This is why it is vital that you spend time looking at the bookmakers on offer when you are choosing which to use for your volleyball bets.

Another thing to consider when you are choosing your bookmaker is the live streaming options that are available. The top volleyball bookmakers will offer a live streaming service on their website, allowing you to watch the games live and cheer on your team. The best volleyball bookmakers will offer this, and this is certainly something to look out for. If you want to know best betting companies list which accepts cryptocurrencies, check our best crypto bookies 2019 page.

Best volleyball sports betting website in the world

Unibet, formally called Unibet International Ltd (part of Unibet Group PLC) was founded in 1997 and came online shortly after in 1998. This book serves a large portion of Euro area players, especially in Scandinavia. The book has grown beyond simple phone wagers to a full-fledged, modern website that features a lot of green and white styling that is sure to catch your eye. Unibet is a solid book that will certainly make good on your account balance if you choose to redeem it. They offer fair lines with standard odds, mobile and live betting, live and email customer support, a simple to navigate and safe website, and several different ways to play, even if you’re using a different currency or language than the usual bettors. The site has a nice search feature which helps you find exactly the bet you want, and the website is very fast moving and quick. If you want to know best bookies for other sport check out our best online sports betting sites for 2019 rating.

Volleyball betting markets

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While some bookmakers will only cover the basic betting markets for volleyball games, the best bookmakers will give you a range of markets to choose from. This includes much more than the standard win market and can include things like betting on the correct score, or the score after each set if you wish to break the game down into smaller segments.

This way of betting, where you bet on smaller parts of the game is becoming more and more popular and volleyball lends itself to betting on that. Whether you are looking at who will take the lead first, a score at a certain section of the game or a winning margin, there are many ways which you can do this.

When you are looking for your new volleyball bookmaker, always look out for choice like this. You may not need and use every betting market available to you but by choosing a bookmaker that has great coverage, you know that if you want to change how you bet you can do without changing bookmaker.

Basic Volleyball Betting Tips

If you are a newcomer to volleyball betting strategy then you are probably looking for an easy way in and something you can use at the start to make yourself profitable. If this is the case then something to really focus on should be home court advantage.

We often see home advantage in many sports, so this is nothing new for punters, but in volleyball, it is often worth following. In countries where the sport has a large following such as Brazil and Poland, the crowds are right on top of the players and are known to be very loud. This creates a very tough and hostile environment for the opposition to play in, which gives the home team an advantage.

While this is good to use for domestic games, when a team is playing someone from another country, who hasn’t had much experience of playing in such an atmosphere then the advantage can be even greater.

We are often told as fans that we can have an impact on the outcome of a game, and if you believe that then you should be with the home teams that play in the kinds of atmosphere we see in volleyball. The fans make it tough for the opposition, and if you find a team playing on the road who isn’t used to playing in that kind of environment then the home team have a big advantage over them. On betting guide page you can find other sports betting guides and picks.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Volleyball Betting

There are a couple of different things to consider when you are placing your volleyball bets, these are common volleyball mistakes that punters made and to be the best you can, make sure you avoid these two key points.


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When players are playing volleyball games for their domestic teams they will play on a regular basis, but the league is spread out so that players have time to rest ahead of their next game, with matches usually taking place over a weekend, with the week in between to rest. However, that is not the case when players go to tournaments, especially big international tournaments where they represent their countries.

It is in these tournaments where players are stretched to the limit in terms of fatigue, and this can be the deciding factor in these tournaments. When betting on these, especially in the latter stages, make sure you factor in the fatigue element, don’t forget about this.

In these tournaments, you will find teams playing close to every day, with just a few rest days thrown in the middle. When this happens, look out for teams who have had a lot of tough games and avoid them. Those who have had easy paths through, and who look to have gone through the early rounds without much of a test are the teams you need to be focussing on.

The Type of Arena

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Non-volleyball players may not realise the importance of an arena and how the setup works with volleyball. This is a vitally important factor for a player and a big reason why people make the mistake of betting very early in tournaments.

For example, if a group of players have been playing in a domestic league with small arenas for the season and they then go to a big competition like the Olympics or the World Championships, they will then have to move into big arenas. The lighting in these areas is different, as is the feel of the court as the fans are far away and this can take some getting used to. If you are looking for teams to back, try and hold onto your cash until you have seen how the team performs in the arena where the tournament is taking place.

Even the top teams will take a game or two to settle into their new environment, which can have a big impact on the outcome of a game.