Best Cricket Betting Sites 2024

When searching for the best cricket betting sites we look at their overall cricket service. This includes the many different formats we have such as test matches, one-day games, T20 and T10 as well as the many domestic leagues that are covered around the world. 

We look at how many cricket betting markets each bookmaker offers, and what their in-play service is like. Cricket is a fantastic sport to bet in-play, if you bet on cricket regularly then you will more than likely bet in play, so looking at this part of the section is vital when comparing the bookmakers on offer.

To help assess the betting sites and see who offers the best choice for punters we combine their betting markets with the odds they offer. Not only should you be able to bet in many different ways, but getting a good deal is also vital and that means having good odds and cricket betting offers that you can use. 

The complete cricket bookmaker should offer you all of this, and our reviews will focus on these key areas of their service to ensure you find the perfect partner for placing your cricket bets.

Cricket is one of the biggest sports in the world, with games played all over covering many different formats. From test cricket, which runs across five days to the new T10 format that has just 10 overs per team, making it a game that is over in just a couple of hours.

Cricket has become very diverse and that is why those who bet on the sport are looking to specialise in a certain area, rather than just be a cricket gambler and bet on all formats of the game. Cricket betting strategy is now a very important thing to think about when you are looking to bet on cricket matches.


🏏 What are the betting rules for Cricket?

There are two main cricket betting rules to know. If a market doesn’t have the option for a draw, if the game is drawn then you will get your money back. If a game does have the draw available to bet on, the outcome for betting purposes is the same as how the game ends.

🏏 How long does a Cricket match last?

This depends on the format of the game. The shortest is the new T10 games, they are 10 overs long while the longest is a five-day test match, which sees up to 90 overs per day for five days.

🏏 How to choose the best Cricket bookmaker?

The best cricket bookmaker will offer a large range of betting event, with games from all over the world covered. They will also offer great betting markets, competitive odds and cricket betting offers for you to use.

🏏 Where Cricket is most popular?

Cricket is popular in many countries around the world, but especially in India, England, Australia and South Africa. This is where some of the biggest events take place, and where the most talented cricket players are from.

🏏 How long Cricket season takes?

Domestic cricket seasons last for different amounts of time, and they also take place around the year. For example, the IPL is in April and May, T20 Blast in England is June to August and the Big Bash in Australia is November and December.

🏏 It is safe to bet Cricket with Bitcoin?

Many bookmakers are accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, so you can bet with these companies to bet safely with Bitcoin.

🏏 Which is the best Cricket site?

The best cricket site is one that offers you a great platform. This is personal because we all bet on different cricket competitions and teams. Look for a bookmaker that offers great betting markets for the leagues you like and of course some competitive odds to use.

🏏 Which bookmaker offers the best Cricket odds?

Many bookmakers offer competitive odds, no one bookmaker constantly offers the best. The best approach is to look around when you are betting and pick where you want to bet for each wager.

The one advantage to punters with all of the new formats and leagues coming out is that there are many more betting opportunities. We still have domestic leagues throughout the summer, and a full calendar of test cricket to enjoy, but on top of that, we have monthly T20 events all over the world, from big leagues like the IPL and BBL to smaller new leagues like the Caribbean T20 league.

Whether you bet on every format of cricket, or just on one, the big news for cricket fans is they now have a choice, and that means punters have a choice as to when and what they want to bet on. Best cricket betting sites will offer markets on all major cricket events, but the top sites will also offer some great bonuses and promotions to keep you coming back.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting App?

When you are looking for a good cricket bookies online there are three things to consider. Check our list if you want know the best betting companies and not only best Cricket bookmakers.

Number of betting opportunities

This covers two things, firstly the number of games and tournaments that the bookmakers cover and secondly the number of individual betting markets that are available on each game. A combination of both of these things will give you a bookmaker that offers you a wide range of choices when you are betting on the sport, giving you a chance to bet on exactly what you want.

Something to consider when you are looking at bookmakers is even if you don’t need the full range of tournaments and games covered, it is always important to go with a bookmaker who does cover them. Then if a new tournament begins that you do want to bet on then you are likely to be with a bookmaker that will cover it from the start, saving you finding another bookmaker later down the line.

online cricket match betting apps sites list

Live streaming

One thing that adds a whole new level of excitement and entertainment to your cricket betting is being able to watch the live stream and cheer your team on. Many online cricket betting sites offer a live streaming cricket service and many of those will include cricket in that. Test matches are not popular for this, but the new T20 leagues are, and they offer you a chance to watch a game that only takes a few hours.

Live cricket games can last anywhere from just a couple of hours up to five days depending on the format. Streaming is more popular for the shorter games, and these are the ones to look out for if you are looking to find a good streaming service from your bookmaker.

Cricket betting offers

There are not too many online cricket betting tips and offers out there which is disappointing, but the very best bookmakers are those that offer these to their customers. You are not likely to see too many, but things like enhanced odds on top scorers and wicket takers as well as money back offers are available with selected bookmakers. These new customer betting offers are there to make your betting more profitable, so be sure to look out for them and use them when you are placing your bets.

best bookmakers for cricket betting app

Cricket Betting Markets

There are many different ways to bet on cricket, which is one of the reasons why it appeals so much to punters. In each format of the game, you can either bet on the outright win or bet on individual games and this is whether you are looking at a new T20 league, a domestic competition or a test series. All have outright betting that is based around the full result, while you will be able to also bet on individual games if you wish to.

Alongside this, you will also find a number of additional cricket match betting markets that can be fun to bet on, and these include things like who will take the most wickets or who will score the most runs in a game. You can also bet on the number of runs in an innings by a team, and this is a popular option for those who want to place a bet but not on the outcome of the game.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket has managed to capture the imagination of millions of individuals across the world for betting on different events, with the likes of India, Australia, Bangladesh and Pakistan taking the most interest.

The popularity and growth of cricket across these countries has been fuelled by the fun and real money betting opportunities that it offers. From test cricket games to the IPL matches, all major betting sites for cricket have everything that bettors need to make their online gambling experience a profitable one. 

bet on cricket bookies online bookie apps

Currently, online cricket betting apps are more rewarding than ever. Punters no longer need to cheer on their favourite teams only, but they can increase their bankrolls significantly. Whether it is cricket spread wagering or betting exchange, where you can be able to back and lay against other players, there’re numerous ways to make your online sports betting cricket experience a top-notch one.

Cricket Betting Sites in India

To many Indians, the game of cricket is a fond memory. It doesn’t matter whether it’s taking leaves from work to watch and follow cricket world cup or playing friendly cricket games, this sport is indeed one thing that brings the whole state together. So it is hardly surprising that in terms of betting on sports, many Indians jump to their favourite, cricket.

However, to have a top-notch online betting experience, you need to find one of the top cricket betting sites in India. Before you can pick from the recommended cricket betting sites list, you need to know if sports bet cricket is legal in this country.

The good news is that it is legal. If you do it the right way, bet on cricket can be legal and safe for you. But how do you know the right way of placing bets on cricket online in India? You should keep these steps in mind if you want to ensure you’re betting legally and safely.

  • Only place bets on international cricket betting platforms
  • Only sign up with cricket betting websites that use Indian Rupees
  • Only bet on recommended and reliable cricket gambling platforms

Since cricket is popular in India, any online betting platform provides many opportunities to make predictions on different games. Each sportsbook does everything possible to ensure it attracts as many punters as possible.

sports betting app bet sites for cricket

As a result of this, the competition is high, and it only goes to the benefit of punters. The odds are always growing while lots of personalised promotions with generous terms and conditions are available. 

Despite being dominated by offshore betting sites cricket, this sport gambling market is developed, and each gambler from India can find a suitable betting site. After creating an account, you will find lots of cricket markets and offers that you can pick from. Each market has its own odds that your best cricket betting app will base on when paying a successful bet.

Cricket Betting Sites in Australia

Australia is among the countries where cricket is popular. It’s as popular as other sports like basketball and soccer. Because of this, sportsbooks operating in this country actively offer cricket betting markets and allow their players to place bets on all major and minor events.

Cricket betting online in Australia is a popular activity since the country doesn’t provide a ban on betting platforms. The only restriction is advertising casino and poker games. Australia betting is allowed by law, as long as you are gambling at a well-licensed and regulated bookmaker. However, gambling sites aren’t allowed to offer in-game betting markets.

Aside from the popularity of cricket, another main thing that makes the gambling industry attractive is that there’s no tax on any winnings. You’ll get the full amount from every successful prediction you make, and you will be able to withdraw all of your winnings through electronic wallets or bank cards.

The only drawback is that cricket bookie apps that operate in Australia aren’t allowed to offer promotions. And this makes it challenging for them to create a competitive market. However, Australian sites can market themselves freely. If you are from Australia, make sure that you have opened an account with one of the sites that experts recommend.

Cricket Betting Sites in Pakistan

Apart from India and Australia, cricket betting is also popular in Pakistan. In this country, the sport attracts betting enthusiasts not only by the variability of predictions but also by its spectacle. People from Pakistan who are fond of cricket and are able to analyse the state of different teams and games can convert their hobbies into an extra source of income.

Betting on cricket is popular in Pakistan because the country passed a law that supports offshore betting. The law prevents local casinos from offering gambling activities but permits sites that have licenses from international organisations to operate freely in the country.

As long as you sign up with an online cricket bet sites that operates under a license from Britain, Gibraltar, Curacao and Malta, there is nothing wrong with that. It is advisable to use the services of sites that experts recommend.

live streaming william hill cricket betting app

As cricket becomes more and more popular in Pakistan, many sites join the market to provide punters with a wide range of betting options to choose from. All popular sites offer hundreds of games, and each one of them features numerous outcomes to place bets on.

As a user, you can make group bets and single bets as well as express bets where the betting odds are multiplied. To enjoy your online cricket betting adventure, be sure to visit the list of recommended sites in Pakistan and make your selection.

Cricket Betting Sites in Bangladesh

Cricket is popular in Bangladesh thanks to the regular cricket tournament BPL that takes place in the country. Because of BPL’s popularity, many sportsbooks offer the opportunity to bet on this discipline. If you’re interested and want to convert your hobby into an additional way to earn money, then ensure you’re placing bets at recommended online cricket match betting sites in Bangladesh. Experts have selected only the best betting venues for cricket.

Even though the law of Bangladesh prevents all activities of physical betting venues, placing bets on best bookmakers for cricket and other sports online is still possible and popular. However, the betting venues must operate under the laws and licenses of international organisations.

Before you can start the account creation process at any popular betting app for cricket in Bangladesh, ensure all important features are available and you can be able to withdraw your winnings. Check online reviews provided by previous users and make a decision whether or not to join.

You should apply this rule to all top cricket betting sites whether you are from India, Australia, Pakistan or Bangladesh. And above all, choose a site from a list that experts recommend. With such a site, you are 100% safe and sure to enjoy your gambling journey.

Free Cricket Betting Tips to be a Profitable Cricket Punter

The key to success with cricket betting is to be patient and to pick out your betting opportunities. There is a lot of cricket tips and cricket taking place right now and those who are unsuccessful are usually the people who are betting on many games, covering all formats.

cricket betting sites in india australia pakistan

T20 cricket is very different from test match cricket, and they pose different challenges for players and punters. Instead of trying to do it all, focus on just one part and bet on that. For example, bet only on domestic T20 cricket, covering the games that are played in the many different T20 competitions we now have, and ignore first class and one day cricket from a betting point of view.

There is enough cricket taking place for you to be able to pick and choose what to watch and what to bet on. Use this to your advantage and specialise in a certain area that you can become an expert on and win money on.

Cricket is one of the sports where less is most definitely more. There are a number of new T20 leagues that have appeared and this has given us a huge cricket fixture list to bet on. You don’t need to, pick something, become an expert on that particular league or format and then stick to what you know best. If you want to be a successful cricket punter then you cannot afford to be following multiple formats as it is impossible to have enough knowledge about them all to win.

Cricket Betting with Bitcoin

Cricket is a sport that is enjoyed across the world. There are leagues in the UK, India, and South Africa to name a few, and each one presents hundreds of unique betting opportunities for those that want to take advantage of them. If you are one of those people, you should consider starting right now with Bitcoin betting.

top bitcoin crypto cricket match betting sites

Cricket betting with Bitcoin presents a unique chance to get into betting with a relatively new way to do it. Bitcoin cricket betting is secure, and the transfer speeds that you can enjoy are extremely fast and well above those with regular betting sites. Enjoy total anonymity while you place winning bets with BTC on some of the most exciting cricket matches across the world.

There are loads of markets available within the broader cricket market, and once you get started you will find out for yourself that there are nearly unlimited possibilities when it comes to cricket Bitcoin betting. 

Being able to bet with Bitcoin has changed the way betting sites work, and there are some huge bonuses to take advantage of crypto cricket betting sites. Get your betting career off to a great start with Bitcoin betting, and enjoy some of the most rewarding cricket odds on the market right now.

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