Davis Cup Betting 2024 Odds, Rules, Predictions

The Davis Cup is commonly known as the World Cup of Tennis as it’s the peak event in men’s tennis. The event occurs each year and involves players representing their nations in a knock-out competition format (for more Davis Cup betting check best tennis betting sites)

Currently, tennis fans and punters are looking at the competition’s 120th anniversary as Dwight Davis founded it in 1900. Dwight Davis was an American politician and tennis player.

Following the announcement of the next Davis Cup World Tour tournament draws, competitive betting odds are available at all top tennis betting websites. Aside from competitive Davis Cup betting odds, tennis sportsbooks also offer a wide range of bonuses, promotions and tournaments, ranging from welcome deals to VIP incentives.


🎾 What are Davis Cup rules?

The Davis Cup format is as follows:

  1. Teams consist of four players.
  2. Matches are best-of-five sets.
  3. Each tie consists of five matches.
  4. Surface and venue: The home team chooses the venue and the surface for the tie. The surface can be either hard court, clay court, grass court, or indoor.
  5. Dead rubber: If a tie is already decided before the fifth match, the fifth match (also known as the dead rubber) may be played as a best-of-three sets match.
  6. Substitutions: Each team can substitute one player before the draw ceremony.
  7. Point system: Each tie is worth one point. The winner of a tie earns one point, and the first team to earn three points wins the Davis Cup.

🎾 Do Davis Cup players get paid?

❌ Davis Cup players do not receive direct payment for participating in the competition. The Davis Cup is a non-professional team competition, and players participate primarily for national pride and the opportunity to represent their country.

🎾 Who is the most recent Davis Cup winner?

Team Canada became Davis Cup champions in 2022.

🎾 What does Davis Cup in tennis mean?

Davis Cup is the premier global team event in men’s tennis. It is organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is contested by teams from different countries. The competition occurs annually and consists of several rounds yearly, with the final round in late November or early December.

🎾 Who are Davis Cup past winners?

The Davis Cup has been played since 1900, with many past winners. This is a list of the most impressive countries in the history of the Davis Cup:

  1. United States – 32 titles
  2. Australia – 28 titles
  3. Great Britain – 10 titles
  4. France – 10 titles
  5. Sweden – 7 titles

Tennis Davis Cup Winners last two years are Canada (2022) and Russia (2021).

🎾 How much do Davis Cup tickets cost?

Davis Cup tickets are available at a minimum price of $111.00, with an average cost of $270.00.

🎾 What are Davis Cup 2023 dates?

The Davis Cup Finals Group Stage is scheduled for September 12-17, 2023; the tournament’s Finals will be held on November 21-26, 2023.

🎾 Where can I watch Davis Cup on TV?

The Davis Cup tennis on TV can be watched by fans worldwide. Check the official Davis Cup page to find out what local channel is broadcasting the action live in your country.

Also, you can always watch Davis Cup live stream free at Video.daviscup.com online.

Whether you’re experienced or new to Davis Cup betting, you’ll find the following sections helpful. They’ll provide you with rich information about the tournament dates, structure and format, the best betting strategy and markets, some predictions and live streaming (read more – tennis streaming sites).

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Tournament Dates, Structure and Format

The Davis Cup tournament starts with qualifying games in February each year to determine which countries will advance to the group level in September. After the qualifying matches, a total of 16 nations compete for the Davis Cup title, including 12 winners from the qualifying stage, two finalists from the previous edition and two wild cards. 

The 16 teams are categorised into four Davis Cup groups, each with four sides. Like most competitions involving groups, the top two teams in every group progress to the knock-out stage that occurs in November.

Teams play matches as best of three games, with one double and two single matches. After the knock-out stage, the remaining teams compete in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final until one of them becomes the champion.

davis cup betting odds rules predictions

The 2023 tournament will take place between 3rd February and 26th November, with the next edition taking place in 2024. The tournament includes World Group I, World Group II and Groups III, IV and V. World Group I and World Group II both have play-offs that feature 12 games played on a home-&-away basis.

You need to develop a good betting strategy to place some successful Davis Cup bets. Your Davis Cup betting strategy should not only include choosing the right tennis sportsbook but also making yourself aware of the teams and players competing. 

After this, you can start equipping yourself with important information surrounding the teams and players. Correct and up-to-date information will enable you to make the best betting decisions. Additional tips to keep in mind include:

  • Check the line-ups before games
  • Analyse the track records of top teams and key players in the Davis Cup tournament
  • Consider every player’s schedule
  • Take into account the playing surface
  • Watch the latest games, especially head-to-heads
davis cup prediction winner in tennis nadal alcaraz

Davis Cup Betting Markets

Before making a Davis Cup prediction, it’s important to know some of the most popular markets available, including match winner, over/under, outright/ante-post, Davis Cup winners, set betting, and much more. Here are additional details about these types of popular David Cup bets.


An over/under bet requires you to wager on the number of sets that’ll be contested in a given game. You need to guess whether the number of sets will be less or more than a certain amount. In this tournament, all games are played to the best of three sets except the qualifying matches, which are played to the best of five.

Davis Cup Winner

This wager is exactly as its name suggests. As a bettor, you’re betting on the team you believe will win the entire competition. Your selection must win the title for your wager to be successful. When placing this type of bet, be sure to consider stronger teams, but sometimes surprises happen. Back a team that’ll remain strong across the tournament, keeping the most successful ones in mind.

Yes/No Market

With this bet, you need to predict whether there’ll be a tie-break or not. You need to look deeply into the fixture, keeping in mind all the participants and any other factor that can result in a tie-break event. 

do davis cup past winners players get paid

The tournament is a tricky one for this market; however, you should consider the service. A greater service makes it difficult for a player to break the serve of the opponent. If that is the case, then a tie-break is more likely. This market is a perfect one if you are placing a live bet.

Match Winner

Match winner is the most straightforward and popular tennis bet. The market provides you with the opportunity to choose which team or player will win a given game. A match-winner market applies to all Davis Cup games, including qualifies, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. The game must have the winner during the normal playing time for your bet to win.

Reach the Final Stage

This type of wager relates to which players or teams will make it past the qualifying level to the final. To place a successful reach the final stage bet, you need to research thoroughly before you can place your bet. Depending on your choice, you’ll find either competitive or lower ATP Davis Cup odds. It’s obvious that a favourite team will have lower odds while the underdog offers attractive odds.

If you want to place the Davis Cup 2023 tournament winner bet, you should consider six countries, which include the USA, Croatia, Spain, France, Argentina and the UK. Based on past records, one of the Davis Cup predictions is that the USA is the favourite to win the next tournament. 

Aside from holding the greatest number of Davis Cup tournament victories, the USA is the most successful country in the history of the competition. It has a total of 32 titles, followed by Australia with 28 and France and Great Britain with ten each. 

Australia has the most consecutive finals, while the Czech Republic and Switzerland have the longest Davis Cup match in history.

There’s a dedicated live-streaming platform for Davis Cup and other tennis tournaments. The platform makes sure that fans from all corners of the world can follow team competitions on different devices. Video.daviscup.com is the main platform that offers Davis Cup live streaming free services for this tournament. 

If Davis Cup betting is one of your favourite things, then no need to worry since you only need to find a top sportsbook that offers the best Davis Cup live stream free services. Always check the list of top Davis Cup live streaming sportsbooks and pick your favourite one. With a sportsbook account, you’ll never miss any Davis Cup live game.

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