Australian Open Betting Tips

The Australian Open tournament is the first major tennis competition of the 2023 season. In this article you will find useful Australian Open betting tips. If you want find best bookmaker Australian Open betting, check our best tennis bookmakers 2024 rating.

Australian Open


Australian Open

Both fans of the sport and punters are sure to enjoy this tournament as top players battle it out to lift the trophy.

Since 1988, the Australian Open has been taking place on a hard court and provides thrilling action, ideal for tennis enthusiasts and bettors. 


🎾 When will the Australian Open 2023 be held?

The Australian Open 2023 is scheduled to take place from January 16th to 29th, 2023.

🎾 Where is the Australian Open?

The Australian Open is an annual tennis tournament that takes place in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne Park hosts the Australian Open every year since 1988. It is the first Grand Slam tournament to be held each season.

🎾 Who are the best tennis players at the Australian Open?

Some of the AUS Open favourites to ever grace the courts at Melbourne Park include Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova. Djokovic is the most successful player ever at the event.

🎾 Can I place live bets on the Australian Open?

✅ Yes, you can place live bets on the Australian Open. To place live bets, you will need to find a sportsbook that offers Australian Open live betting. When placing live Australian Open bet, you can watch the match and adjust your wager accordingly as the action unfolds. Live betting on Australian Open tennis adds an extra element of excitement to watching tennis matches.

🎾 Where can I watch the Australian Open live stream?

The best way to watch the Australian Open live stream is through the official Australian Open website. Fans can purchase a subscription to gain access to live streaming of all matches throughout the tournament. Alternatively, there are other outlets such as ESPN and Tennis Channel that may offer streaming coverage of certain matches or highlights packages.

Live streaming is also available from Australian tennis betting companies. Some of them only require you to register, while others require you to place at least a minimum bet.

🎾 How to bet on Australian Open with crypto?

If you want to bet on AUS Open with cryptocurrencies, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a cryptocurrency exchange that supports your chosen currency – you will need to register and deposit funds.
  2. Once you have an account, find a crypto sports betting bookmaker who offers wagering on the Australian Open (AO betting).
  3. Select the bet Australian Open you want to make – there are many types of bets available, from outright winner bets and match betting to set betting, game betting and more.
  4. Enter the amount of money you want to wager and confirm the bet.
  5. When the tournament is over, you’ll be able to withdraw your winnings in cryptocurrency from the bookmaker directly or convert them back into fiat currency at an exchange.

Aside from fast-paced matches that are worth any spectator’s time, Australian Open also offers many events and markets to place bets on.

If you want to place bets on tennis, the Australian Open is what you need. Read on to discover some Australian Open tennis betting tips that can help you increase your chances of winning. Also try tennis live betting strategy.

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Schedule, Dates and Format

The Australian Open tournament will kick off from 16th January to 29th January. It features different categories of competitions, including women’s and men’s singles, women’s, men’s and mixed doubles, junior’s championships, mixed doubles and legends, exhibition and wheelchair events.

australian open bookies aus open favourites

In terms of format, the Australian Open will feature tee times that alternate between the women and men across the courses. Women and men will play in their respective championships. A 36-hole cut of the best 60 and a second cut of the top 30 will be available for the different championships.


  • 16th to 7th January: Men’s and women’s first round
  • 18th to 19th January: Men’s and women’s second round
  • 20th to 21st January: Men’s and women’s third round
  • 22nd to 23rd January: Men’s and women’s fourth round
  • 24th to 25th January: Men’s and women’s quarter-finals
  • 26th January: Women’s semi-finals x2
  • 27th January: Men’s Semi-finals 1 and 2
  • 28th January: Women’s singles final
  • 29th January: Men’s singles final
AUS Australia open tennis ao betting

Men’s 2023 Australia Open Betting Prediction

Who will lift the 2023 Australian Open title? Will Novak Djokovic lift his tenth trophy? Or will Rafael Nadal defend the title?

Judging by the current Australian Open odds from the leading Australian Open bookmakers, Danii Medvedev, the runner-up of the previous Australian Grand Slam editions, is in the game as well as Carlos Alcaraz, the number-one ranked ATP player in the world. Can one of these top players end the dominance of Djokovic Nadal at Melbourne Park?

Novak Djokovic: 2023 Australian Open Favourite

Novak Djokovic has an excellent record when it comes to the Australian Open. With a 91.10% win, many betting Australian Open tennis experts believe that he’ll emerge the winner. He is a nine-time winner of the tournament, with his last victory in 2021. 

Novak didn’t have the opportunity to defend his title in the previous tournament after being prevented from entering Australia due to being unvaccinated. Rafael Nadal, his main competitor, took advantage and won the title.

Who’ll Ruin Novak Djokovic’s Plans? Daniil Medvedev or Carlos Alcaraz?

Carlos Alcaraz finished the 2022 edition as a top player. As a result, he’s the main challenger for the title. Many Australian Open bookies have provided the same Australian Open betting odds for Daniil and Carlos, despite Daniil coming off a strange tennis season.

Carlos’s record in this tournament isn’t great, but the teenager still has a lot of time to improve and win trophies. The 19-year-old started his sudden rise in 2020, performing excellently in 2022 at the US Open tournament.

australian open betting odds

On the other hand, Daniil has had some great moments at this tournament. He has finished second in the previous editions of the Australian Open. In the two editions, he came close to lifting the title.

Prediction of Women’s 2023 Betting for Australian Open

With just a few days remaining, the discussion is all about the favourites to win the Women’s 2023 Australian Open title in Melbourne.

Experts don’t just pick any players from the list because of their history. They consider different aspects, including the players’ latest form and readiness. With that in mind, here’re some predictions for you.

Iga Swiatek

Iga is the top player in the world in terms of women’s tennis game. She has performed excellently in the previous tennis tournaments over the last few months.

aus australian open tennis betting tips

She’s the world’s number one with total points of 11.085. Her main competitor is second with only 5,055. The most recent trophy is the 2022 US Open Grand Slam.

Coco Gauff

While Coco is number seven in the WTA rankings, she was among the best five players in 2022. She reached her first final at the French Open tournament in 2022.

The quarter-final followed this final game at the US Open. Based on her performance, Coco has the potential to perform well across the 2023 season.

3 Main Australian Open Betting Tips

The Surface

The Australian Open is played on a hard court surface, and it is one of two grand slam events to be played on this kind of surface, with the US Open being the other.

australian open bookmakers live betting

With two grand slams played on this kind of surface, and many other events, you will have a lot of form to look at on the surface. This should help you work out which players do well on the surface and who struggles.

The hard court surface is medium to fast in its speed, which is more like a grass court than a clay court, which is often slow. Players can put a lot of spin on the ball because of the high bounce but also look out for big servers, who can have an advantage with the court speed adding to their service power.

There is no such thing as a hard court specialist so you don’t need to look out for those players. However, the fast game will favour some more than others.

If you are going to use a strategy to narrow down players, perhaps the best thing to do is to avoid those who thrive on the slow clay courts as this is the complete opposite. Read the article about tennis betting strategy.

bookmaker australian open tennis betting tips

Fitness and Fatigue

When you are normally looking at a tennis tournament you should always look out for which players have played a lot recently and could be fatigued, while also looking out for players who have not played and may have fitness issues.

This tournament is slightly different to most events, and this isn’t something you should be looking for.

Being at the start of the season, every single player will be targeting this event. Everyone will want to be 100% for it, and the only ones who won’t be at their best are those that are carrying serious injuries from the season before, but you will know about those.

There will also be no fatigue for you to consider, something else that should make finding the winner a little easier. When we get to the middle of the summer you have to watch out for fatigued players who are playing too much, especially those who are older but in this tournament you don’t.

Whether it is beginning fit enough, or not being fatigued, you won’t have any problems here. The players are all professionals and with this event being right at the start of the season they will all have their own routine that they trust to get them 100% spot on for this two-week event.

bet on aus australian open

Trust the Favourites

When you look back at the previous winners of this event, especially the men’s event, you will notice that the big names are always involved. Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Stan Wawrinka have won every single year between them since 2006 up until last season.

Those four are all top players, and the two players who like to play with spin and finesse, Federer and Djokovic, have won more titles than anyone else in recent years.

The reason for this is that there are fewer variables in a tournament like this. Almost everyone can adapt their game to this surface, and as we have already mentioned above, there are no fitness and fatigue issues for you to consider when you are making those picks.

Those things should all led to fewer shocks in the tournament, and more games going the way of the favourite.

betting on australian open tennis

While it is a simple strategy to talk about, it has been proven time and time again that sticking with the favourites in this tournament is the best way to go. The favourites are simply the best-ranked players, and with few variables to stop them, this has always been a good tournament for them to compete in.

The women’s game is always more open than the men’s, but the same principle applies to them. We haven’t seen a group of women dominate the game as we have in the men’s event, but seven of the last ten female champions have been ranked in the top ten when they won the tournament.

Other Australian Open Tennis Tips

If you want to make reliable Australian Open predictions in 2023, you need to have some AUS Open betting tips in mind. Some of the Australian Open tips that pro bettors use include the following:

  • Take into consideration the ATP race
  • Observe the history of the Australian Open tournament
  • Look at the head-to-head history of the players in the match
  • Analyse the form of the players in any Australian Open game before making the final decision
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