Best Tennis Streaming Sites

Tennis is one of the leading sports in the world. Millions of fans from across the globe love to watch tennis competitions and games and search for the best tennis streaming sites. This high popularity of tennis can be observed mainly in European countries and US states.

Though the tennis sports craze is a little bit less as compared to other types such as cricket, basketball and football, still people love to watch tennis live online free or for a small fee games on their smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and televisions whenever a match is proceeding. Of course, people also love online tennis betting.

The Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open championships are among the most popular tournaments that are organised each year in different countries. Top players from all corners of the world take part in these competitions, making them popular among the fans of this sport.

That is one of the main reasons why without any hesitation, millions of fans subscribe to those television channels and sign-up with top-rated apps and sites where live tennis matches are being offered.


🎾 Where to watch tennis online?

You can watch tennis stream at betting companies and on TV. There are also live streams on paid apps. On this page, you will find a list of the best tennis streaming sites.

🎾 Can I watch tennis free at bookmakers?

Yes. Betting companies allow you to watch tennis for free. Some companies only allow you to open a gambling account; others require you to have some money in your account; others only allow you to watch tennis live stream online if you place at least a minimum bet.

🎾 Do TV show free streams live tennis?

Yes. Like free tennis streaming websites, you can watch tennis matches on online TV or on a standard TV set. The most popular tennis TV channels are Direct TV and Eurosports.

🎾 What is the best tennis streaming app?

There are three of the most popular apps to watch tennis match: Fubo TV, Hulu and ATP World Tour. These apps run on the Android or iOS operating system.

🎾 Where can I watch Wimbledon online?

On this page you will find a list of the best online tennis broadcasters. You will also find Wimbledon streaming on the bookmakers, TV channels and apps mentioned.

If you love tennis and want to know some of the best free tennis streaming sites, free or paid apps and television channels where you can watch live events, then no need to worry. This article provides the best platforms and channels that can allow you to watch all the games that you want. So let’s have a quick look at all of these channels, tennis online stream sites and apps.

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Best Tennis Streaming Sites

Currently, various online sports betting sites offer live streaming services on different sports and events. While there are sites that offer the best streaming services on sports like football, horse racing and basketball, among others, some are only dedicated to covering tennis events and games. These betting and best tennis streaming sites are:


888Starz provides a massive gambling platform for its customers. It covers a wide range of sports as well as casino games that players can place bets on. Fans of the tennis sport will find the 888Starz Sportsbook a perfect match as it offers lots of live betting markets as well as top-notch streaming services.

One major thing that makes 888Starz the best tennis betting site is that it offers the latest occurrence and statistics of the matches that punters can use to make informed decisions and place winning bets. In addition to that, it offers great wagering options and markets for all of its in-play events, including both special and regular markets.

To complement in-play betting, 888Starz also offers lots of opportunities to watch all major tennis events and games. This means that you can catch all of the tennis actions and stay up-to-date with your wagers.


The Unibet Sportsbook leads the way when it comes to live betting and streaming, with more than 165,000 events covered each year. Among these events, you will find live streaming options on selected events, including Grand Slam tennis, ATP/WTA tours, Challenger tours and ITF.

Unibet offers live streaming services through Unibet TV as well as its betting website. To stay up-to-date, you should always check the Unibet TV official website for the latest tennis tournaments and fixtures. Across the tennis season, you can be able to access the mar as well as the latest special wagers with lots of statistics available to help you place winning bets. is home to many popular sports from all parts of the globe. One popular sport that this platform covers massively is tennis. It does not matter whether you want to place some live bets or watch live tennis events; you will always find this platform the best destination.

It covers all major tennis events and competitions, including the Australian Open (here you will find Australian Open betting tips), the US Open, Wimbledon, French Open, ATP tour and tennis at Olympics, among others. When you combine the live betting and live tennis streaming services that this bookmaker offers, you will be able to enjoy the best tennis betting experience.

Best free tennis streaming sites and app

Watch Tennis on TV

Aside from betting websites, you can also watch tennis events on television channels in the comfort of your home. The main television channels that will allow you to watch live tennis events are:


If you’re residing in any country across Europe, then Eurosports is the best tennis streaming channel. This tennis live free streaming channel offers a massive array of tennis events. It also has a streaming website that features a great user-friendly interface. While on the Eurosports website, you can click on the Live Stream button and access some free to watch games. In addition to tennis games, you can also watch other popular sports like soccer, basketball, cricket and skiing, to name just a few of them.

Direct TV

This free tennis stream channel is the best due to numerous reasons. Direct TV, through its dedicated website, allows users to stream live tennis games on their favourite devices, ranging from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops. Also, additional channels are available on Direct TV, including Fox Sports, HGTV, NBC and ABC. 

Watch tennis live online free tennis stream

The user-friendly interface of Direct TV is an absolute beauty with highly attractive graphics. All these great features, plus the premium content available on the platform, makes it the best choice as a tennis live streaming site.

Tennis on Paid Apps

You can also download some tennis streaming paid apps and install them on your device that operates on the Android or iOS operating system. Fubo TV, Hulu and ATP world Tour are the most popular paid apps that offer top-notch tennis live streaming services. Here are more details:

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is one of the leading paid apps, thanks to the numerous benefits that it offers. Users are able to stream tennis games in HD screen quality, even if their data connections are not stable. There is also a 30-hour recording feature that users can take advantage of. They can use this feature to record live events and watch them later when they are free.


Hulu is also another fantastic option when it comes to watching tennis games. The platform allows all of its customers to watch live TV sports events exclusively on its app at affordable prices. The user-friendly interface is another feature that makes the Hulu app a popular television choice among tennis fans. Hulu also offers access to popular movies, documentaries and TV series.

ATP World Tour

The ATP World Tour is a fantastic tennis streaming app that you can install on your mobile device. As a user, you can easily cast your mobile devices on any screen size, including iPad, Apple TV, and Desktop computer. The GUI of the ATP World Tour is also fantastic. On top of that, you can stream both on-demand and live games from more than 64 different ATP tournaments.

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