Tennis Handicap Betting

Tennis handicap betting is one of the interesting and most popular markets that punters love. In the sections below, you will find useful information about tennis handicap, including how you can take advantage of this market to increase your betting profits from betting companies.

tennis handicap betting explained

To kick-start this, it would be important to inform you that handicap betting is similar to tennis betting spread, which is a terminology that punters and sportsbooks from the USA use. On the other hand, players and bookmakers from Europe use handicap betting terminology.

Currently, there are many markets to place bets on when it comes to betting on tennis. However, to be profitable, you need to take lots of risks.


🎾 How does tennis handicap betting work?

Tennis handicap betting is to balance two tennis players chances of winning in tennis betting process. This handicap betting gives an advantage to one player in an tennis match and a disadvantage to the other.

🎾 How to handicap tennis matches successfully?

If you want make profitable bets handicapping tennis matches, you need watch a lot of live tennis, accept bad beats which sometime will come, never use tennis rankings as main argument to bet and most important part – you need to know the players, their favorite surface, habits, physical conditions.

🎾 What is set handicap in tennis?

Set handicap in tennis is used on a certain player to win a game when handicap is applied. For example if you take -1,5 handicap for player A, you win your bet if final tennis match score will be 2:0.

🎾 What is game handicap in tennis?

Game handicap in tennis betting is the results of a games in tennis match, calculated by adding all games won per player and then applying to the handicap. If player A beats player B by 6-4 6-4. Player A would have won 12 games to 10. A bet with a game handicap -1,5 on a player A would win as 12-1.5 = 10.5 is more than 10.

🎾 What is set handicap 1.5 in tennis?

If you bet on player A set handicap +1.5, its means that you will win your bet if player A wins one or two sets in the match. You will lose your bet if player B will have to complete a straight set victory – 2:0

In order to avoid taking risks, you can place bets on your favourite player with some good odds. And this is where tennis handicap betting comes in. With handicap tennis betting, you will not bet on the tennis game result.

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What is Handicap in Tennis?

In tennis handicap betting, a player is provided with a distinct advantage while the competitor is given a handicap or a disadvantage to balance their chances of winning in the wagering process.

Similar to most sports, one player or team is a favourite to win while the other is an underdog. And this also applies in tennis. To mitigate this impression, tennis betting handicap focuses more on the form and performance of the two players or teams than the result of the game.

What is a Handicap Tennis Betting Lines?

Handicap tennis betting lines bet is based on the number of games that every player wins and not the number of the outcomes or sets. This’s important to know when placing wagers so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for and you understand what to cheer on. 

This makes it a bit different to other types of tennis bets, which all depend on the outcome of a game, the correct score in sets and other similar things. Your player does not need to win for you to walk away with a profit on the handicap line. This is something important that you need to remember when making your selections.

stefi graf stadium

Here is a perfect example of a tennis handicap line bet and what needs to happen in order for you to win. The men’s three-set matches with a handicap line of 4.5. In this case, for a favourite to win, he needs to win by a minimum of five games. And the outsider secures a head start of 4.5, meaning he needs to lose or win by a maximum of four games.

If the favourite wins the game 6-4, 6-4, 6-4, and you have backed him on the handicap line; you’ll win. In total, the winning margin is six games, which is more than the five that was required. If the favourite wins the match 2-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4, he will lose the match on the handicap line. 

The margin here is only two games, meaning it’s the outsider that has won since he has just lost by two matches, and he was able to lose by four, winning on the handicap line. This example shows that you can win the match but lose the handicap, indicating that the overall outcome has no impact on whether your wager is a winner or loser.

how does tennis handicap betting work

If the favourite loses the match 6-0, 4-6, 6-1, 4-6, 4-6, despite losing the competition, he will win on the handicap line. 24-19 is the game total for this, which means that the player has won by five games, and he needed to win by a minimum of five. This’s certainly the most complicated result of them all, but it clearly indicates that when you place a wager on the handicap line since it uses the total number of matches won, the final result doesn’t matter at all. 

There will be cases where it’s impossible for a player to lose the match but win the handicap because of the number of matches that he needs to win by, especially when the handicap line grows. However, this only takes place when the handicap line is a massive one. 

Tennis Handicap System Betting

For tennis games, sportsbooks offer lots of handicap variations, including set and game handicaps as well as total games. Each of these tennis betting systems is based on the factor of how dominant a player will be over the other but at different moments of a single match.

It is also important to know that there are two major types of tennis players; those who are stronger on servers like John Isner and on grinders. 

The first type (those who are stronger on servers) earn more points serving themselves, while the players of the second type (those that are stronger on grinders) manage to succeed when their competitors serve.

In simple words, these are two different tennis handicap betting system, attacking and defensive. Statistical information has it that grinders have the best performance when playing on a slow surface, while servers succeed when the game is played on a fast surface.

Tennis Set Handicap Explained

Set handicap tennis betting means placing a wager on a certain player to win a game when a given handicap is applied. Seasoned bettors already know that handicapping is a process of subtracting some points from the favourites’ or adding some points to the underdogs’ final scores.

handicap betting system

That is the main reason why positive handicaps are placed on the weaker teams, while the negative ones are applied on the favourites. 

Negative handicaps are used by skilful punters to place bets on better odds and reckon on getting greater benefits. At the same time, positive handicaps are used by players to achieve higher winning probabilities. It isn’t reasonable to wager such bets at a guess since corresponding research will massively improve your gambling results. If you want get great benefits for your tennis betting, check cryptocurrency sports betting sites.

Game Handicap Tennis Explained

Game handicap tennis betting markets come in handy when backing the favourites. However, there are a few cautions. You should avoid trying to cover massive game handicaps since one bad set can give you a losing bet. 

But you can use this as an advantage and pick the other side of the handicap and place a bet on the underdog. In ATP or WTA tennis game handicap betting, you should target big servers who are difficult to break down when they’re the underdogs.

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