League of Legends Worlds 2024 Tournament Guide

The League of Legends Worlds 2023 is the LOL eSports’s crowning event for the year.

With 22 teams from across the world competing for the Summoner’s Cup, the tournament attracts millions of eSports fans and punters interested in League of Legends betting.

Riot Games is the organiser of the 2023 League of Legends World Championship.

Whether you’re an eSports bettor or just an enthusiast looking to discover more about the 2023 League of Legends World Championship tournament, you’ve arrived on the right page.

You’ll find vital information about LOL odds, where to watch LOL Worlds 2023, and information about the game. So sit back and enjoy!


🎮 What is LOL World Championship 2023?

The League of Legends World Championship 2023 is a prestigious esports tournament that gathers top professional teams from various regions to compete for the title of world champion. Spanning multiple phases including Play-In, Swiss, and Knockout, the championship culminates in a thrilling single-elimination bracket to determine the ultimate winner.

🎮 What is LOL Worlds 2023 location?

The 2023 LOL Worlds is set to take place in South Korea’s cities of Seoul and Busan.

🎮 When is League of Legends Worlds 2023?

The LOL 2023 Worlds is scheduled to take place from October 10th to November 19th of 2023.

🎮 Who are previous LOL Worlds winners?

Previous League of Legends Worlds winners include DRX (2022), Edward Gaming (2021), and DAMWON Gaming (2020).

🎮 How much are LOL Worlds tickets?

Ticket prices for League of Legends Worlds 2023 vary from 23$ (Play-In Stage) to 189$ (Knockout Stage: Finals).

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2023 League of Legends World Championship Event Info

The League of Legends World Championship 2023 will mark the introduction of the Swiss Format, replacing the Group phase and a new series of qualifications to determine the last spot between Europe’s and North America’s 4th seed.

LOL Worlds 2023 will travel to Seoul and Busan, South Korea, starting 10th October 2023. The tournament will end on 19th November 2023.

The following table summarises the 2023 League of Legends World Championship event.

2023 League of Legends World Championship Event Information
Series Worlds
Organiser Riot Games
Type Offline
Location Busan and Seoul in South Korea
Venue LOL Park (Play-ins), KBS Stadium (Swiss Stage), Sajik Arena (Quarterfinals and Semifinals) and Gocheok Sky Dome (Grand Finals)
Date Between 10th October and 19th November 2023
Format Play-ins – Swiss – Single Elimination

Who Are the Early Favourites?

DRX, a Korean LOL eSports team, is the early favourite to lift the 2023 LOL championship.

Previously known as Kingzone DragonX, the team consists of some of the best eSports players in the world, including Kim Kwang-hee, Kim Dong-beom, Ju-Han Lee, Yoo Su-Hyeok and Park Seok-hyeon.

Since 2020, the DRX team has won one major trophy (the World Championship 2022) and finished in second place (LCK Summer 2020). 


Other top achievements have been the fifth-place finish in the 2020 World Championship and the 2020 Mid-Season Streamathon.

DRX are the reigning champions and will be coming into this tournament hoping to retain the title, which is possible thanks to its strong team that has already proven to be a top contender.

Who Are the Dark Horses?

Fnatic are the dark horses. They last won the League of Legends Championship in 2011 with a score of 2-1.

They’re the dark horses since they’ve got a strange ability to exceed the expectations of eSports fans and experts and turn in some unbelievable performances. 


With top players like Ivan Martin Diaz, Martin Larsson, Marek Brazda, Andrian Trybus, and Hyeon-Taek Oh, it has a higher chance of pulling a surprise in the 2023 LOL World Championship.

The team’s top achievements since 2020 have been first and second positions in the LCS EU Spring Season Playoffs and LEC 2020 Summer Season, respectively.

2023 League of Legends World Championship Event Format

The Worlds LOL features 22 teams, which compete in the following stages.

Qualification Phase

  • Four from LCK and LPL
  • Three from LCS and LEC
  • Two from VCS and PCS
  • The remaining teams will be one each from Worlds Qualifying Series, LLA, LJL, and CBLOL

Round 1 Play-In Phase

  • Eight teams divided into two groups – each playing a double-elimination bracket
  • The top two teams proceed to compete in the Round 2 Play-In phase
  • The bottom two teams in every group are eliminated from the tournament
  • All games are played in a best-of-three (Bo3)

Round 2 Play-In Phase

  • Four teams from Round 1 Play-In phase
  • The lower bracket winners from each group play against the upper bracket victors of the other group
  • Two victors will proceed to the Swiss stage
  • All games are played in a best-of-five (Bo5)

Swiss Phase

  • Two teams from the Play-In rounds join fourteen others with direct entry from North America, Europe, China and South Korea
  • Sixteen Swiss system format 
  • Teams from different regions paired against each other in Round one
  • Rounds two to five include teams seeded based on their respective win-loss records
  • Teams with three wins proceed to the knockout phase
  • Teams with three losses are eliminated from the competition
  • Advancement and elimination games are played in a best-of-three (Bo3)
  • All other games are played in a best-of-one (Bo1)

Knockout Phase

  • Eight teams compete in one elimination bracket
  • The side selection privilege – teams can pick the side in game one, and the losing team can select the side in the next match
  • Proceeding teams will play the quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finals to determine the Worlds 2023 League of Legends winner.

LOL Odds

The League of Legends Worlds sees the best professional teams of the year fight to become the world champions. For sure, it’s a demanding event that takes almost a month to know the winner.

In the 2022 campaign, DRX from South Korea was crowned the champion. The big question is, who’ll lift the Summoner’s Cup for the Worlds LOL 2023?

Since the inauguration of the tournament, there have been twelve winners. Eleven of these winners have been Asian teams, and the remaining one from Europe.

Fnatic, a European team, won the inaugural competition in 2011, and since then, all the last eleven victors have been from Asia. 

South Korea has dominated the previous twelve tournaments, lifting seven trophies out of twelve. On top of this statistic, the last eleven finals since 2012 have been dominated by Asian teams (twenty out of twenty-two).

The only exceptions are the G2 eSports in 2019 and Fnatic in 2018. Thirteen out of the twenty-two finalists have been South Korean teams.

Where to Watch LOL Worlds 2023

You have three options to watch the 2023 League of Legends World Championship; online streaming, in-person events and regional broadcast.

You can stream all games on the Riot Games Twitch official channel or the LOL eSports YouTube channel. 

Also, some of the leading LOL World Championship sportsbooks offer live streaming services. Another option is to travel to South Korea physically and purchase event tickets to access the venues where different games will occur.


You can purchase these tickets from the Riot Games official website or other legit platforms with licences from the organiser.

If you cannot stream the games or travel to South Korea, you can take advantage of regional broadcast services, including televisions, radios and data broadcasts. Twitch TV is a popular regional broadcaster.

Information about the LOL Game

League of Legends is also popularly known as the League. It’s a multiplayer online battle arena video game.

Riot Games launched the game on 27th October 2009 after the Defence of the Ancients as well as a custom map for Warcraft III inspired developers. 

Since then, players have been playing LOL free of charge. The game is only monetised through a purchasable character customisation. Let’s summarise the League of Legends in the following table.

League of Legends Game Information
Game developer and publisher Riot Games
Directors and producers Andrei Van Room and Jeff Jew, respectively
Platform Microsoft Windows and macOS
Release dates Microsoft Windows (27th October 2009) and macOS (1st March 2013)
Mode Multiplayer
Genre MOBA
Number of players Ten (five on each side)

How to Play the LOL Game

The major tasks you need to accomplish when playing the LOL game are organising strategies and familiarising yourself with each champion. 

Over time LOL gamers will be pulling off new techniques and falling into the norm while, at the same time, the talent gap continues to excel.

In the League of Legends game, two teams, each with five players, fight in player-vs-player combat. Each team occupies and defends its half of the map.

The game allows each of the ten players to take full control of a character, referred to as “the champion”, with different abilities and unique playing styles.

Champions become increasingly powerful, earning gold, collecting experience points and buying items to defeat their opponents. 

In the League of Legends game’s main mode, known as “Summoner’s Rift”, a team needs to push through to the opponent’s side, destroying their “Nexus”, a huge structure found within in order to win. 

In addition to the “Summoner’s Rift”, League of Legends features two more permanent game modes; “All Random, All Mid” on a Howling Abyss map and the “Team Fight Tactics”, an auto released in 2019.

Temporary modes include Ultra Rapid Fire, released in 2014 on April Fools Day and All and Nexus Blitz.

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