Betting on Twitch Streamers

Twitch betting is the current sensation to hit the sports wagering industry. This provides you with the opportunity to place bets on Twitch Streamers and earn real money. If you are looking to know what Twitch how it works and betting is, how it works, reasons why you should bet on Twitch Streamers and the best eSports betting games, then this article is a perfect match for you.

Currently, only a few eSports betting websites allow you to gambling on Twitch Streamers. But you will find some key reasons why this form of betting is only going to expand in terms of popularity in the near future. Keep reading to find out more.

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What is Twitch Betting?

Twitch betting simply means placing a wager on the gameplay for someone who is streaming at the Twitch site. This type of betting can also work for other streaming sites such as Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming.


🎮 How Twitch betting works?

Twitch betting works when you make bets on Twitch streamers playing eSports games. But not every bookmaker has this type of market, so you need to look for a special eSports bookmakers.

🎮 Can you gamble on Twitch?

✅ Yes, you can play casino games on Twitch stream. There are already more than 150 channels and top streamers playing slots regularly receive 100,000 views.

🎮 What is Twitch points betting?

Twitch points betting when stream viewers can make predictions for betting one or two options which are provided by streamers. Normally it will be yes or no questions and if viewers predict correctly they will earn channel bonus points.

🎮 What is profitable Twitch bet system?

If you want to make profitable bets on Twitch streamers, you need to watch a lot of streams. At the beginning it is very important to choose only one eSports game which you will follow and make bets. What game should be which you understand well, maybe played too. This strategy will help to make more profitable bets.

🎮 How much Twitch streamers make?

From every subscription $4,99, streamer gets 50% – $2.50. So from these subscription fees successful streamers can make $3000-$5000 per month. Top streamers earned way more, for example Ninja and PewDiePie streamers in 2021 made more than $20 millions from Twitch.

Many eSports wagers work by enabling you to place a bet on sportsbook’s odds for the result of a game at a gaming competition. But if you wager on Twitch Streamers, your betting site of choice will utilise artificial intelligence to monitor and analyse the gameplay before coming up with odds that you can bet Twitch on.

streamer betting twitch bet system

Your betting company will always provide you with simple odds that enable you to forecast if the player wins or loses the match. The odds are usually set based on how the AI monitors the gameplay. One unique thing about Twitch betting system is that the odds refresh continuously.

Presently, bet Twitch markets is only available for a small number of eSports. That means some websites enable you to try streamer betting titles such as Fortnite, LoL, Call of Duty and Starcraft, to name just a few.

Why Should You Bet on Twitch Streamers?

Many players love to watch top streamers in action as it is highly entertaining, and you can collect some helpful gameplay tips. If you decide to place wagers on Twitch Streamers, there is always an opportunity to make some decent amounts of cash. This is especially so because there are many choices in terms of Twitch wagers option.

While Twitch sports betting is still a relatively new betting market, sportsbooks occasionally offer some good odds from this type of gambling streamers. This is because there is much more variance in terms of how the odds are calculated compared to wagering in huge eSports competitions.

can you gamble on twitch wagers

Betting on eSports competitions is great fun. But there comes a time when the tournaments are over, and there’s nothing more to bet on. But as players stream their gameplay 24 hours and seven days a week.

It means that you will always find something to bet on when you are wagering on Twitch Streamers. Most leading streamer wagering platforms provide fresh betting odds every 90 seconds, ensuring that you have no shortage of options to choose from.

Best Games for Betting on Streamers

While there are many games for betting on Streamers, there’re those that punters love most compared to others. These esports games are the best as they offer a wide range of betting markets that you can choose from when placing your bets. Be sure to go through them to discover more, including the best picks and why each one of them offers unique gameplay.

Fortnite Betting

Due to its high playability, Fortnite has gained lots of fame among players, streamers, punters and betting sites. Additional things that make it popular are a wide range of betting markets and streamers being able to take many hours of gameplay. In Fortnite, the wagers are always about the number of people that the streamer will manage to kill. 

how much twitch points betting streamers make

Also, winning the round and dying in the attempt are popular bet types that you will come across. At present, there are thousands of streamers doing Fortnite, but for wagering, the best picks are Gotaga, WBG Ranger and High Distortion.

League of Legends Betting

Abbreviated as LoL, League of Legends is a classic in the streaming world. It is one of the leaders of the streaming era, and it is also among the most played games by hundreds of players. In League of Legends, when you place a wager on Twitch Streamers, you’ll be sure to get something similar to other betting markets, such as the champion to use, the number of skills and if the streamer will manage to win. SKT Faker, Aphromoo and VoyBoy are the most popular streamers for the LOL betting game.

Dota2 Betting

Almost a twin brother of League of Legends, Dota2 betting markets do not vary so much. Dota2 has gained massive fame over the years, with streamers taking it as a flagship online game. This has made Dota2 one of the popular games in terms of wagering. Dendi, Stray228 and BeyondTheSummit are some of the outstanding streamers. Here you can find best Dota 2 betting sites 2024 .

call of duty dota2 fortnite starcraft betting

Call of Duty Betting

In recent months, Call of Duty has been among the most popular games. An attractive scene and a breath of fresh air have been common in many games, and now they have provided lots of betting possibilities. This game indeed offers something unique that is provided by different wagers such as last player standing, killing spree and headshots. Some of the outstanding names that you can bet on Streamers at Call of Duty are Nadeshot, Dr Disrespect and TeePee.

Starcraft Betting

Starcraft is also one of the best games when it comes to Twitch Streamers betting. It is a game with a unique strategy, and this has made hundreds of streamers fall in love with it. Until this moment, it’s still played and is quite attractive.

 Also, its betting markets are as attractive as the game itself, allowing wagering on; which race will the streamer use, the number of rounds that the streamer will win during the gameplay and if the streamer will win. TekeTv, ESL_SC2 and RotterdamM08 are the most important streamers in the Starcraft game.

Betting Twitch Conclusion

In any form of betting, the odds are generally your best friends. When you betting Twitch Streamers, the problem arises when gambling websites have problems formulating the odds. The main reason for this is that, unlike experienced players, the streamers do not have clear figures nor the same motivation. 

Concerning the limits, they are usually lower compared to the traditional ones because of the issues that can arise, including the likes of cheating, fraud and little vigilance, to mention some of them. However, this doesn’t mean that the Twitch bets profits aren’t appealing to every individual.

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