RLCS Worlds 2022-2023 Tournament Guide

The RLCS Worlds 2022-2023 will feature the best teams from around the world competing for the championship title in Rocket League, an e-sports game, like football but with rocket-powered cars.

For those interested in the competitive scene, there are various esports betting sites where fans can wager on their favorite teams and players during the tournament.

Each team can have up to 3 players who use rocket-powered vehicles to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal and score points (goals).

The game can be played in individual or 2-3 player team modes. Subsequent updates to the game have allowed changes to the basic rules and the addition of new game modes, including those based on hockey or basketball.

RLCS 2022-2023 is the twelfth season of Rocket League. This season continues the inaugural annual cycle of the 2021-2022 RLCS with regional expansion and international Major tournaments.


🎮 What is RLCS?

The RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) is a competitive esports league for Rocket League, where teams from different regions compete in a round-robin format followed by regional championships and a World Championship to determine the ultimate winner. It attracts top players worldwide, offering significant prize pools and recognition in the esports community.

🎮 Where is RLCS World Championship 2022-2023 being held?

The upcoming Rocket League World Championship 2023 has been scheduled to be held at the PSD Bank Dome in Düsseldorf, Germany.

🎮 Who are RLCS Championship 2022-2023 Favorites?

The RLCS Championship 2022-2023 favorites are the French trio of Team Vitality, Team BDS, and Karmine Corp.

🎮 How many seasons of RLCS are there?

It is the twelfth season of Rocket League, RLCS 2022-2023. It is part of the annual cycle that started with the 2021-2022 RLCS and includes regional expansion and international Major tournaments.

🎮 What is the prizepool of World Championship Rocket League 2022-2023?

The prizepool of Worlds RLCS 2022-2023 is 2,100,000 USD.

Autumn, winter, spring – these seasons feature 3 regional tournaments leading up to the Rocket League’s Major Tournament.

In all of these regional tournaments, each team collects points, the amount of which determines whether the team goes straight to the group stage of the Rocket League Worlds, or gets a ticket to the wildcard stage of the RLCS Worlds 2022-2023, and who is left out of the tournament in the end.

With the thrill of RLCS 2022-2023 at its peak, enthusiasts can participate in esports betting with Bitcoin through various platforms. The tournament has a prize pool of USD 2,100,000.

1st Place600,000 USD
2nd Place400,000 USD
3rd/4th Places200,000 USD each

The RLCS World Championship 2022-2023 will take place in Düsseldorf, Germany at the PSD Bank Dome.

Table of content

Format of the RLCS 2022-23 World Championships

Rocket League World Championship Schedule is as follows. The Wildcard round will take place from 3-6 August and feature 16 teams. This leg will be played in a Swiss format, with 8 teams advancing to the group stage. All matches will be played to 4 maps won. The RLCS 2022-23 World Championship will be held in a 3 v 3 format.

Team (Region)Global RankingPlayer (Country)
Moist Esports (Europe)8Joyo (England), Juicy (France), Kash (England).
Oxygen Esports (Europe)9archie (England), eekso (England), Joreuz (Netherlands).
Gamers First (Europe)17AtomiK (Spain), DORITO (Spain), oaly. (The Netherlands).
Complexity Gaming (North America)5Reysbull (Chile), ajg (Argentina), crr (Spain).
Spacestation Gaming (North America)10Arsenal (USA), Lj. (USA), hockser (USA).
G2 Esports (North America)13JKnaps (Canada), Chicago (USA), Atomic (USA).
Pioneers (Oceania)21Scrub” (Australia), bananahead (Australia), hntr (Australia).
PWR (Oceania)23Amphis (Australia), Torsos (Australia), Fever (Australia).
KRU Esports (South America)20drufinho (Brazil), droppz (Brazil), brad (Brazil).
Team Secret (South America)14Sad (Brazil), nxghtt (Brazil), kv1 (Brazil)
Team Falcons (MENA)19Ahmad (Saudi Arabia), oKhaliD (Saudi Arabia), trk511 (Saudi Arabia).
Twisted Minds (MENA)N/ASenzo (Saudi Arabia), Smw (Saudi Arabia), Venom (Saudi Arabia).
Elevate (Asia)38Virtuoso (Ireland), ReaLize (Japan), Kamii (Australia).
Gaimin Gladiators (Asia)42Maxeew (Ireland), OSM (Iceland), sigms (USA).
Limitless (SSA)N/A2Die4 (South Africa), Snowyy (South Africa), Darth. (South Africa).
Valiant (Africa)N/AWerty (South Africa), Wiiilooo (France), Sweaty (South Africa).

The group stage will take place from 8-12 August and will involve 16 teams divided into 2 groups of 8 teams. This round will be a double chance round, where the losing team will have another chance to make up ground in the losers’ grid. Also, all matches will be played to a maximum of 4 maps won.

Team (Region)Global RankingPlayer (Country)
Karmine Corp (Europe)1itachi (Morocco), vatira. (France), ExoTiiK (France).
Team Liquid (Europe)7AcroniK (Portugal), Oski (Poland), Atow. (Belgium)
Team Vitality (Europe)2Alpha54 (France), Radosin (France), Zen (France).
Team BDS (Europe)6M0nkey m00n (France), Seikoo (France), rise. (England).
Gen.G Mobil1 Racing (North America)3ApparentlyJack (England), Chronic (USA), noly (England).
FaZe Clan (North America)4Firstkiller (USA), Sypical (USA), mist (USA).
Ninjas in Pyjamas (South America)37Aztromick (Brazil), Bemmz (Brazil), Motta (Brazil).
Rule One (MENA)39Kiileerrz (Saudi Arabia), Rw9 (Saudi Arabia), M7sn (Saudi Arabia).

The play-offs will take place on 13 August and will consist of 8 teams grouped into 4 pairs, with the losing team being eliminated immediately and the winners advancing to the Final Four. In the Final Four, also in the semi-finals, the losing team is eliminated immediately.

Tournament Favorites

The RLCS Championship 2022-2023 favourites are the French trio of Team Vitality, Team BDS, and Karmine Corp.

Team Vitality

Team Vitality were the champions of the last major Rocket League tournament, the RLCS 2022-23 – Spring Split Major, where the MVP of the tournament was the championship player, a Frenchman, zen, who was just 16 years old.


The French team has been dominating the Rocket League scene in recent months, winning the last 5 tournaments they’ve participated in, so they’re the clear favourites for the World Championships.

Team BDS

Team BDS also had a great showing at the Rocket League World Championship 2022-2023 – Spring Split Major, where they made it all the way to the finals, beating only their French counterparts, Team Vitality.

In general, Team BDS has been finishing in the top 3 in all the tournaments they have participated in in recent months, so it’s not for nothing that this team is considered to be one of the main favourites for the World Championship.

Karmine Corp

Karmine Corp completes the French giants’ top three. At the RLCS 2022-23 – Spring Split Major, they finished in the semi-finals, where they lost to the future champions, Team Vitality.

Team Karmine Corp has long been in the elite ranks of Rocket League play and should go far in the World Championship.

The European region is currently dominating the Rocket League professional scene and as we can see, especially the French teams are experiencing a real golden age and there are very good chances that one of the 3 teams mentioned above will lift the World Championship trophy.


Rule One

We can also single out the Rule One team from Saudi Arabia, which is currently reigning supreme in the MENA region.

They finished in a respectable 4th place in the RLCS Spring Major 2022, behind only the aforementioned French trio. Rule One’s Rw9 took home the Best Defender trophy at the tournament, so Saudi Arabia has top level talent.

In the North American region, there are 2 teams that are ahead and could surprise at the World Cup:

Gen.G Mobil1 Racing

Gen.G Mobil1 Racing is currently at the top of NA. It is a collaboration between US e-sports organisation Gen.G Esports and synthetic motor oil brand Mobil 1.

The team regularly finishes on the podium or even wins tournaments at the lower levels, but has so far been unable to find an antidote against the French top three in the elite tournaments.

FaZe Clan

In 2nd position is the pride of North American e-sports – FaZe Clan. The NA giant only joined the Rocket League scene in 2021, but it didn’t take long for such a bright e-sports brand to find its way into the game’s elite ranks.

We hope that you found our RLCS Worlds 2022-2023 Tournament Guide useful!

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