The International 2021 is Here: How To Bet on DOTA 2

The world of esports is one of the hottest spheres, coming in the last part of 2021. Multiplayer online battle arenas, such as DOTA 2, now have a particularly tremendous growth in esports betting.

Nowadays, DOTA 2 is considered more than a common game. Originally created as an add-on for the Warcraft III, the ecosystem of the game now provides people with earning opportunities on a daily basis. 


🎮 How many Dota 2 heroes?

Dota 2 currently has 121 heroes which belong to a different playstyle group that you will need to adapt to after picking a character.

🎮 Is betting on Dota 2 Legal?

✅ Yes, betting on Dota 2 is absolutely legal, here you can find best esports betting sites 2024.

🎮 Where to bet on Dota 2 international tournament?

We recommend betting on 1xbit platform, because here from 17th September till 17th October all Dota 2 lovers have been battling for 1 BTC prize fund.

🎮 How to win in Dota?

If you want to win a Dota game you should understand basic principles, always prioritize objectives, understand your role in the game and fights and understand your matchmaking bracket.

🎮 How to bet Dota 2 items?

You have a small chance to get Dota 2 items after every matchmaking game and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose a game, all drops in Dota 2 are based on the time you played this game.

Its most exciting Dota 2 tournaments are sponsored by Deutsche Post AG’s DHL unit, Vodafone Group Plc, and even Mercedes-Benz. And now, when one of such events, multimillion-dollars International 10 by Valve, is on the way, many bettors are eager to make profit of it. If you would also take advantage of the crypto betting options, pay attention to a few steps to boost your chances of winning. Follow this guide and you will know hot to bet on Dota 2.

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Have a Closer Look At International Dota 2 Game

Nothing beats experience, and Dota 2 is not an exception. Before placing bets, watch all the events and Dota 2 live stream matches to understand deeply how players move and why they do specific things on the battlefield.

You could use the personal experience as well – invest some hours in playing the game to get involved into its specifics.

where how to bet on dota 2

Dota 2 Statistics Tell Part Of The Story

Dota 2 statistics are the main component most bettors look into before considering placing a particular bet on Dota 2. The stats can sometimes show repeatable tendencies, and you can use this information to pick the right bets. 

Visit the official website of the tournament to check teams’ results and make your prognosis. Some betting companies sites show stats alongside with odds. 

Don’t Base Dota 2 Strategy Around Opinions

Some people speak their minds trying to persuade others in favor of their chosen teams, but it won’t affect the results of the game anyway.

Always try to check on what someone’s opinion could be based while creating your own Dota 2 strategy. Finding facts and cold statistic among the words is a key. 

how many dota 2 bet heroes tournaments

Do your research

Not only the game needs to be researched, but a bookmaker too. Dota 2 betting experience could differ significantly: fiat betting is simple, but crypto promises a higher revenue with advanced security system. 

In addition to placing bets on esports, some bookies set up extra bonuses such as a welcoming bonus, daily boosters and promo codes. By doing a research, you can not only avoid troubles, but find the suite exactly for your needs. 

Hunt The Best Dota 2 Odds And Promotions

Even if you are already profitable from crypto betting, you can maximize your profits by hunting the high Dota 2 odds and special esporting promotions. The International: Battle for the Aegis on 1xBit would be the best departure point! 

From 17th September till 17th October all Dota 2 lovers have been battling for 1 BTC prize fund on 1xBit – crypto prizes, free bets and bonus points. 

how to bet dota 2 items

You can still join the thrilling battle and claim your part of the prize: place bets on any live or pre-match esports events and collect Dota 2 International tournament keys. Each bet will bring keys – the bigger bets you place, the more keys you have. Therefore, the better your chances of winnings are!

If you look for the best Dota 2 esports odds and opportunities, there might not be a better place than 1xBit. You can engage in an elevated Dota bet experience after you claim the generous up to 7 BTC welcome bonus after the first 4 deposits made.

Dota 2 is an undeniable phenomenon of its time because of uniting and inspiring force. So, join the stream and have fun!

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