Hearthstone Betting Tips

Since its launch in 2014, Hearthstone has been one of the most popular electronic sports titles across the gaming world. Hearthstone betting is also popular in eSports betting markets.

It is a free-to-play collectable card game that offers four different types of cards which include hero cards, minion cards, spell cards and weapon cards. Each of these cards is unique as it can execute a different task. 

The best thing about Hearthstone is that it’s actually based on items and characters from the World of Warcraft. As a popular electronic sports title, Hearthstone has managed to attract many gamblers towards it. Many bettors have earned massive profits through their games and competitions. 


🎮 Is Hearthstone an esport?

The game has been recognized as an esport by Blizzard, with various professional leagues and tournaments organized around it. However, some have questioned whether the game is truly an esport, due to its lack of a consistent spectator mode and concerns about the game’s balance. Nevertheless, Hearthstone remains a popular and well-supported game with a large player base.

🎮 Can you legally bet on Hearthstone?

✅ Yes, you can legally bet on Hearthstone.

🎮 What are the most popular betting markets for Hearthstone?

There are a few different types of betting markets for Hearthstone. The most popular ones are usually related to tournaments, such as which team will win a particular event, or which player will place first in a tournament. Other common markets include bets on match-ups between specific players, and how many games will be played in a series. There are also a few more unique markets, such as bets on which card will be played first in a particular game, or whether a specific player will win or lose a match with a certain deck.

🎮 Can I bet on Hearthstone with cryptocurrency?

✅ Yes, you can bet on Hearthstone with cryptocurrency. There are a few different ways to do this, and the process is relatively simple. The first step is to find a reputable online sportsbook that accepts cryptocurrency deposits. Once you have found a sportsbook, you will need to create an account and deposit funds into your account.

🎮 What are the most popular eSports games to bet on?

There are a few different games that are popular in the eSports betting world. Some of the most common ones include – League of LegendsDOTA 2, Counter Strike, Global Offensive, Overwatch, Hearthstone. These are just a few of the most popular games that people bet on.

If you want to learn more about this eSports game, then this guide has got everything that you need to know. It will take you through Hearthstone betting markets, tips, Hearthstone major tournaments, players and teams. So keep reading to discover more.

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Hearthstone Betting Markets

Hearthstone is a game that was designed and created with eSports in mind. In 2014, Blizzard themselves hosted the first world championship tournament at Blizzcon. As such, it has experienced tremendous popularity in the online betting markets and electronic sports scene. 

Currently, you can find hundreds of Hearthstone betting sites offering different types of bets for the Hearthstone game.

Due to Hearthstone being a stable eSports game with lots of value tournaments, online betting companies are not hesitant to offer Hearthstone bets. The most common types of bets that you can also try out are:

hearthstone betting sites and odds

Match Winner

The match-winner is the most straightforward bet on Hearthstone that you can place as an eSports bettor. This bet requires you to wager on which of the competing players you think will win the game.

Match winner bet works based on Moneyline odds. The odds are provided by the sportsbooks and paid out accordingly.

Futures Market

If you place a wager on the outcome of a Hearthstone competition and bet on a certain team to win at the end of the tournament, you will be betting on the futures market. A future market is a particular wager, where you can be:

  • On which world region do the winning competitors represent
  • Or a particular player winning the finals
  • Or more open with bets on the competitors in the finals
hearthstone betting tips

Turn Bets

These are bets where you guess the number of turns that will be played in a match or the entire tournament. For you to place a successful turn bet, you must have significant knowledge, as you will need to get a feel for how the players utilise their decks and the turns that they require to overcome their opponents.

Turn wagers will, in most cases, be under/over bets rather than wagering on a given number of turns.

Special Bets

These bets are extremely specific, and it’s generally understood that they make the game more exciting to watch. The special wagers can include:

  • Which competitor will complete a given in-game task first
  • Which cards are more likely to be activated in a game

While these are higher risk wagers, they can offer huge payouts as a result. A proven bet Hearthstone tip that can help you increase the chances of winning a special bet is to back players that use druid decks or those that take on certain hero roles.

Hearthstone Betting Tips

When you are placing bets, the main goal isn’t just to have fun but to increase your bankroll. To achieve this, you need to have several specific tips that you are going to follow, whether everything is easy or getting tougher and tougher. 

Having some useful tips is always helpful as it will help you understand that you can either lose or win your money, but be in a position to focus on your Hearthstone gambling activities and enjoy your betting journey. The Hearthstone betting tips that pro players also use are:

  • Understand the Hearthstone tournament format
  • Learn the game to a decent level
  • Stick to a betting budget
  • Check all Hearthstone odds and only pick sportsbooks that offer competitive ones
  • Decode the game by researching and watching other pros play on Hearthstone tournament live streams
  • Find the wager types that you are good at
  • Take advantage of generous bonuses and promotions that sportsbooks offer on this eSports game, including the welcome bonus and ongoing promotions.
  • Always be selective with your wagers
  • Do not try to be an expert on everything
  • Do not always believe any information blindly; you should be able to make your own decisions.
hearthstone major tournaments

Hearthstone eSports Tournaments

Hearthstone online tournaments are in most cases categorised by international, regional and local events for players to compete in. With the rise in the popularity of this game, the electronic sports niche has exploded, and major tournaments provide massive prizes and a wide range of markets. 

The Master’s Tour, the Hearthstone World Championship and the Grandmasters are the biggest tournaments taking place yearly for the title of the electronic sport. Below you will find more details about these tournaments.

Hearthstone Grandmasters: As the apex of the Hearthstone eSports, the Grandmasters tournament is divided into three regions which are Europe, North America and APAC. The event invites the top 48 players from the Hearthstone World Championship competition to compete.

Sixteen pros will be invited from every region to compete in two eight-week seasons. The top two players from two Gold Series Champions and two from each region compete for a £500,000 prize.

Hearthstone Grandmasters

Masters Tours: The Hearthstone Tours is another huge tournament where players have the opportunity to take part in a share of a £250,000 prize pool. Top players in this tournament qualify for the Hearthstone Grandmasters.

Hearthstone World Championship: Each year, the Hearthstone World Championship concludes the Grandmasters event. The top eight players from the Hearthstone Grandmasters proceed to two groups of four players, and they take part in a dual-tournament format.

Hearthstone Players and Teams Which You Should Know

The Hearthstone’s inherent randomness and turbulent meta mean that it is impossible to pinpoint top players at any given time. Here are some of the top Hearthstone players, their respective teams, nation and tournament winnings that you need to know.


  • Team: Cloud9
  • Tournament Winnings: £200,000+
  • Nation: Ukraine
how to bet on hearthstone


  • Team: Team Liquid
  • Tournament Winnings: £49,000+
  • Nation: Finland


  • Team: Omnislash
  • Tournament Winnings: £230,000+
  • Nation: USA
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