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    Esports Betting with Bitcoin

    With the world currently amid an unprecedented pandemic situation, most sports have come to a complete halt. There are very few events taking place, and most of the biggest tournaments have been either cancelled or postponed.

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    This means there is a significantly smaller number of betting opportunities for those that want to make some money from betting online companies

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    E-sports vs Real Sports in Today’s Pandemic Situation

    There with the advent of esports in recent years and their increased popularity, there are still some options for bettors that want to get involved with some of the online sports. Esports are sports that are usually played on mobile devices or consoles. These can range from standard video game tournaments to racing competitions and much more.


    🎮 What is best cryptocurrency esports betting site?

    If you are looking crypto based esports betting site, so best option is Thunderpick. But this bookmaker only accept payment by cryptocurrencies, so if you want esports crypto site which accept debit and credit cards deposits, second option will be 888starz bookie.

    🎮 Is esports betting cryptocurrency anonymous?

    ✅ Yes, esports betting with cryptocurrency can be anonymous. If you want make esports crypto bets anonymous, we recommend these bookmakers – Thunderpick, Stake, FortuneJack.

    🎮 Where to bet on esports bitcoin crypto?

    Best esports crypto sites which accepts Bitcoin is – 888Starz, 22bet, Cloudbet.

    🎮 Is blockchain esports betting is safe?

    Blockhain esports betting is very safe, these bookmakers which using blockchain crypto payments are licensed and regulated and their services offer safest way for you to bet.

    🎮 Which sites accepts litecoin esports betting coin?

    Best litecoin esports betting sites are Thunderpick and 888Starz, more websites you can find on Litecoin sports betting list.

    🎮 What is esports coin?

    Esports coin token is a crypto which works on Ethereum platform. EST coin has supply of 1 billion with 0 in circulation (last price was 0.0008 USD).

    🎮 Can you buy esport coin?

    ✅ Yes, you can buy esport coin at Rocket League video game. These Esports tokens are not tradable, you can only use as a currency in Rocket league game and purchase Esports shop items.

    Esports are only dependent on players being available to play in them, and they don’t need to travel anywhere or be in the same location. This means esports can take place at any time, and any place. This is ideal in a pandemic situation as people are trapped at home. So, should you consider betting on esports?

    They represent a great opportunity to continue betting when traditional sports might not return to the markets for a long time. Although the standard of play can fluctuate, this is no different to the standard in some other sports which can also be very unpredictable. There is such a huge selection of esports out there to bet on, so it makes sense to take advantage of the growing market.

    E-sports betting with Bitcoin bookmaker vs classic bookmaker

    Esports betting can be done through regular or classic bookmakers, but you can also enjoy esports betting crypto at Bitcoin bookmakers. Here you can find all Crypto sports betting bookmakers list. These esports betting Bitcoin bookmakers are ones who offer customers the ability to bet using Bitcoin, which comes with plenty of advantages.

    If you want to keep your betting to yourself, esports Bitcoin betting is one of the best ways to do it. Bitcoin betting esport comes with anonymity, so you won’t need to share any of your personal information or provide the Bitcoin bookmaker with any proof of identification.

    btc esports bitcoin crypto betting esport gambling

    Not only are Bitcoin bookmakers a good way to bet anonymously, but they are also ideal for the range of sports and esports on which you can bet. The number of events available is constantly growing, as is the number of esport cryptocurrency websites out there that allow you to make esports with Bitcoin.

    As more and more people come to see the advantages of using Bitcoin esports bet websites, it is going to become easier to use it. You will be able to find bookmakers that accept Bitcoin esport betting very easily, and there are some other benefits of BTC esports betting. One of these benefits is the massive bonus that you can grab from best esports bitcoin betting sites. 

    bitcoin and esports bet calendar betting sites

    We have a few esports Bitcoin bookmakers that offer great bonuses, while also being good choices for other reasons for beginners that want to get into esports betting with Bitcoin. The first option we recommend is 888Starz. They offer very good odds on esports and the fact that they accept Bitcoin sets them apart from their traditional betting site counterparts.

    1xbit is another esports Bitcoin betting site that offers esports cryptocurrency betting, and they offer a massive welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC. This is much more valuable than most bonuses offered by classic esports bookmakers.  CloudBet is one of the biggest betting sites in the cryptocurrency betting market, and they also offer a decent welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC. 

    Summer tournaments 2021 for e-sports bettors

    There are always new esports events being added to sports betting sites that accept Bitcoin, just as there are loads of new regular sporting events becoming available. However, there are several esport crypto sites that you should be on the lookout for, as they present some amazing ways to get started with Bitcoin and esports blockchain betting.

    bitcoin esport litecoin esports coin betting crypto

    Esports come in all different shapes and sizes, and some are better options for esports Bitcoin gambling than others. Check out some of the tournaments that we outline below, and you will surely be able to find one that suits your betting style.

    Call of Duty is one of the most popular gaming franchises on the planet, and there is also an excellent Call of Duty esports league. This runs throughout the year, and mid-June is when the 11th week is due to start. This represents a great tournament on which to place some winning esports bets.

    There is also an Overwatch league, about to go into its 11th week as well. You can place some excellent esports Bitcoin bets on these matches as well, and you can win some money from a truly exciting esports event.

    esports cryptocurrency betting traditional sports esport bitcoin

    There is also the BLAST Premier Spring Series finals in the middle of June, and this is a unique tournament to make some excellent Bitcoin esports betting. Keep up to date with the day-by-day events in Moscow to see if you can win big.

    The esports calendar is constantly changing, with new games bringing with them new opportunities to place some winning esports bets. With the current pandemic situation, some of these events may be postponed themselves, and so it is a good idea to keep yourself up to date with the latest developments.


    Crypto esports betting makes it easy to continue winning money while sporting seasons are put on hold or cancelled altogether. With a lot of that going on in the world right now, Bitcoin betting esports is becoming more and more popular. 

    A great way to get into esports crypto betting is by using Bitcoin esports betting sites. They are a new way to win big, and you can enjoy the benefits of anonymity and lack of personal information being required. Use Bitcoin betting on esports events to win big this summer with a lot of great welcome bonuses from some of the biggest names in crypto betting esports.

    If you want more articles about esports, visit esports betting guide.

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