FIFA eSports Betting Guide

The eSports industry continues to grow in popularity and in particular, eSports betting is certainly on the rise. There are many games inside the eSports bubble as a whole, and one of those is FIFA.

This has an advantage because being a football game, it has the power to attract football fans and gamblers, it is also one of the biggest video game titles in the world.

From a betting point of view, things continue to grow at a rapid rate, we have FIFA eSports leagues and competitions on a regular basis that players can watch and make FIFA esports bet on, and more are expected in the future. Check best crypto bookies for your Bitcoin esports bets.

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What is FIFA eSports?

FIFA eSports is essentially people playing games of FIFA against each other. It is not the biggest eSports game at the moment, with others ahead and more established, but it certainly could be in the future because of ties to football.

fifa esports betting online tournament bet leagues

In terms of players at home, FIFA is one of the biggest video gaming titles we have ever seen. On top of that, when you look at this from a betting perspective, it is more likely that sports gamblers will be on FIFA rather than a first-person shooter, as they are more familiar with football than this.

How to Bet on FIFA eSports?

FIFA eSports betting is available right now, and the assumption is that this is going to really increase in the future, which would be great to see. Just like many other eSports titles, markets at the minute are very good, but there is room for improvement.

If you are a regular football gambler then you will be familiar with a lot of the esports FIFA betting markets that are on offer here, as they are some of the most popular markets for football games.

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Here is a look at some of the biggest you can use on FIFA eSports.

  • Match betting is betting on who will win the match, there is nothing else to consider here. It doesn’t matter what the score is, how easy the game was or anything else, this is as simple as it gets for eSports, all you are betting on is which player wins the game.
  • Total Goals is a market that many people use when betting on regular football games, so this is one to look for if you are a football gambler. Here, the winner doesn’t matter, all you are doing is betting on goals in the game. The line is set and you either go for over or under the line on your FIFA bet.
  • Handicap Betting is a way to bet on favourites and increase the odds on your bet. This is where one player has a fictional deficit to overcome in the game, so for example, they are set at -1.5 for betting purposes. This means the player needs to win by two clear goals to win on the handicap line.
  • Outright Betting is also available on the tournaments and leagues that we have. This means you can bet on the overall winner of the tournament or league, rather than betting on the individual games that take place. This allows you to place just one bet and have an overall interest in things, which will certainly appeal to someone.

One of the reasons why it seems inevitable that FIFA eSports is going to be huge in the future is that we are already seeing some big FIFA gaming leagues formed and these are being very well received.

how to join fifa esports team emls

Perhaps the biggest of them all in the future will be the FIFA eSports World Cup. This is going to bring some of the biggest players in the world together competing on the national stage. We all know the appeal of a regular World Cup, eSports will be looking to tie their version into this and make it into the biggest eSports competition in the world.

In terms of leagues in specific countries, FIFA ePremier League has taken off in the UK and this is certainly one to keep an eye on. The Premier League is known as one of the biggest football leagues in the world, FIFA is hugely popular in the UK so this makes complete sense and  ePremier league FIFA is expected to growth over the coming years.

Another league to mention here is eMLS. While the MLS is not known as one of the big leagues in the world, and football is not a huge sport in the USA, it is a place where gaming and eSports are huge, and for this reason, growth can certainly be expected.

This is a league that has expanded on the field, with more teams coming into play and the eMLS is following that. With gaming so big in the USA, the eMLS is certainly one to watch.

fifa esports world cup epremier league

Where to Watch FIFA eSports Games Online?

If you are interested in watching live eSports games of FIFA online tournament then the good news is that streaming of these games is available. With betting on eSports thriving at the moment, we are seeing the best bookmakers add more and more eSports to their streaming services, and FIFA is one of those.

So, if you want to watch online FIFA eSports battle live stream then look out for bookmakers that have the biggest eSports service on their site and excellent streaming options. 888Sport are one of the biggest eSports bookmakers, known for their excellent coverage of eSports battle FIFA stream and betting markets, they also offer HD streaming so they are the perfect bookmaker for those wanting to watch FIFA eSports live.

Another bookmaker to mention is Unibet, who also are known for their excellent HD streams on their website. With eSports covered across many different titles, you can log onto their site and watch FIFA games live, betting on your chosen teams and cheering them on to victory.

eSports continues to rise in popularity and this is certainly the case as a betting product. FIFA is part of that, and being based on football, it has an advantage because football is the biggest betting sport in the world.

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🎮 How much do FIFA eSports players make?

Average FIFA eSport professional player make in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 per month.

🎮 How does FIFA eSports work?

FIFA eSports work when people playing FIFA football games against each other.

🎮 How to Bet on FIFA eSports?

If you already betting football in real world, so it will be not big deal to bet FIFA eSports games. Most popular lines to bet is match betting, total goals, handicap betting and outright betting.

🎮 How to join FIFA eSports team?

First thing you need to be good at FIFA game, when you can start your Twitch channel or Youtube and show how you can play. You can challenge other players in the forums and if you skill level will be great maybe some day you will join FIFA eSport team.

🎮 Where to watch FIFA eSports?

A lot of FIFA eSport games streams are in Twich or Youtube channels. If you want make eSports bets, when you can watch games in bookmaker live betting section. Here you can find all the best eSports bookmakers.

🎮 Who is the best FIFA eSports player in the world?

Best FIFA eSport player in the world is Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt.

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