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CS:GO stands for Counter Strike: Global Offensive and it is one of the biggest eSports platforms currently available. The game is a multiplayer first-person shooter which lends itself to the mass multiplayer market, which is vital for a game if it wants to successfully break into the eSports market, and that is exactly what this one has done. If you are interesting to find best csgo betting websites, check out our best esport betting sites 2019 rating. If you prefer betting with cryptocurrency check best crypto bookies page.

Basically, the game has two teams, the terrorist and the counter-terrorists. The game has 15 rounds per half, so 30 rounds across the two halves. The team to win 16 rounds is the winner, and that is when the game ends. To win a round, you have to eliminate every member of the opposing team or complete the objective. The terrorists have the objective of planting an explosive and detonating it before the time runs out, while the counter-terrorists have to prevent this, either by stopping it from being planted originally or defusing it after.

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The mass multiplayer and team format is exactly what you need for an eSports game, and you would easily think that the game was specifically designed with eSports in mind, but that isn’t the case. The game is played by millions of people all over the world online, and it is used for some of the biggest eSports events that are held.

CS:GO Betting Markets

If you are a new player looking to bet on CSGO betting then there are three main betting markets you need to know about. The first and the easiest to get into is csgo match betting. This market is as simple as it gets, you are basically picking the winner of the game overall. When betting here it doesn’t matter about the score, method of victory or anything else, just simply who wins. If you are looking for the simplest way to get into cs;go betting then this is certainly it.

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The second market is a way to split the game down into individual segments if that is what you wish to do. Here you can bet on an individual round which takes place on a specific match, and this is just a small part of the game. This is the kind of betting market that a lot of people are turning to, as it offers them a quick way to get involved, which means betting and winning in a short period of time and not waiting for the full game to finish.

The final way to bet is if you are looking to add value to your pick if you think they are capable of not only winning but winning easily. This is by using the handicap line on your bet, which if you are betting on the favourite, increases the odds because they have a fictional deficit to make up. The handicap line is used on a lot of different sports, and those who bet on them will be familiar with how it works. You can use it to bet on underdogs, but the main use is to bet on a favourite that you think will win with ease, so you add the handicap element into the bet to give you a bigger payout.

There are other markets available, but to get you started with csgo bet, these are the three you should be concentrating on.

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Betting on eSports

Not all bookmakers will accept bets on eSports. This is a growing market that continues to get better, so it is vital to compare what is on offer with the different bookmakers before you decide who to bet with.

Look out for bookmakers who are at the forefront of the growth in this sector, as if you do that then you know the bookmaker will be constantly looking to improve and offer you a better service. You should also look out for the number of betting opportunities, both in terms of the number of tournaments covered and the amount of betting markets per match.

Some bookmakers who do cover eSports will only cover the very big events that take place throughout the year, while others will go more in depth. You may not need the smaller events right now, and you may not watch or bet on them, but by covering them it is a sign that the bookmaker takes eSports betting very seriously, which makes them a good choice for you.

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How to Make Profit on CS:GO Betting

The key to profit with cs bet is to get to know the teams involved intimately, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This information is something you can use on one specific betting markets and that is the map winner market. Here you are not betting on a full game, you are betting on one map and one battle, which really cuts down the game into a small piece.

If you know the teams and their strengths and weaknesses then you will be able to work out which maps suit them the best, and which ones do not suit the opposition. By combining a strong map for your team with one that you think the opposition will struggle on gives you an advantage that you can use when betting.

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Everyone is still learning about eSports in general, and the more information you have, the more chance you have of getting one over on your bookmaker. Unlike other sports, cs:go betting sites do not have a full team to share knowledge as they would with football, their eSports team will be small, maybe even just one or two people, giving you the chance to outthink them.

If you become an eSports expert then there is every chance that you will know more about eSports and specifically CS: GO than your bookmaker. When you hold the upper hand with information then it is simply a case of waiting for them to put their prices up and picking the holes in their knowledge.

There is a real chance for eSports players to show off their knowledge by outsmarting their bookmaker right now, so if you are very knowledgeable then now is the time to take advantage.

If you want find more information about betting tips and strategies on esports, visit our esports betting guide page and make csgo profit with cs bets.

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