Best Betting Sites in Australia 2024

Sports betting in Australia has always been popular, but recently we have certainly seen a rise. Not only are we seeing more people get involved and place wagers, but we are also seeing an increase in the number of bookmakers offering their services in the country.  Some of these are new companies, hoping to take a share of the Australian market by offering something different to what we currently have on the market, such as big offers, better odds and new features.  Others are traditional .. Show more

Online Sports Betting in Australia

Australia boasts the most diverse and vibrant gambling scene on earth. Whether you enjoy playing casino games or placing bets in best betting sites in Australia, there’s something for every player. Recent figures show that over 80% of Australian adults take part in some kind of gambling (read this – crypto gambling sites), with sports betting being the most popular. The rate indicates that gambling is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the country.


💸 Is sports betting legal in Australia?

✅ Yes, sports betting is legal in Australia. There are a lot of licensed bookmakers, licensing laws vary from state to state.

💸 What is biggest betting companies in Australia?

Biggest betting companies which operating in Australia is Unibet and Betfair.

💸 What is best sports betting apps Australia?

Best sports betting apps in Australia are 888starz and Unibet.

💸 Best betting app Australia for AFL betting?

If you are making bets on Australian Football League, best odds can offer Unibet app.

💸 Is matched betting legal in Australia?

✅ Matched betting is absolutely legal in Australia and its perfect opportunity to make money. You can use sign up offer or free bet for matched betting.

💸 Best sports betting sites Australia which accepts crypto?

Best sports betting sites in Australia for crypto betting is 888starz, 1xbit, Betflip.

💸 What are the new online bookmakers Australia?

Newest online bookmaker which accept Australian players is Casobet.

💸 Where to find all list of online betting sites Australia?

On the top of this page you can find a list of online betting sites in Australia. If you are interested in crypto betting, here you can find best cryptocurrency sports betting sites 2024

There are some strict rules and regulations that both punters and best online betting sites Australia must follow to ensure everything is legal, fair and safe. Among the rules and regulations, the legal gambling age is the most important. In Australia, all punters must be 18 years and above. 

Every state in the country is responsible for its gambling legislature, with some regulations varying from one state to another. But the legal age in online sports betting in Australia is fixed nationwide. Any new Australian bookmakers that allows underage gambling in Australia can suffer severe penalties, including the removal of a licence.

best online sports betting sites in australia

Gambling Winning Tax in Australia 

In Australia, punters’ winnings aren’t taxed. There’re three main reasons for that, which include the following:

  • The government taxes list of online bookmakers Australia instead of punters.
  • Gambling isn’t considered a profession; it is treated as a recreational activity or a hobby.
  • The government of Australia views winnings from best online betting Australia activities not as income but as a result of good luck. It understands that even if someone wins big, he or she also loses a lot in other betting online Australia sessions.
new bookies bookmakers australia online betting sites

The taxation of online bookmakers Australia differs from one state to another. And the different services are taxed differently. There’re taxes on player losses, net profit and turnover. As all Australian bookmakers need to obtain gaming licenses to provide their services to Australians, they must also pay some fees at this stage of business development. 

The different tax bases and rates across the states make it difficult to compare the taxes. For example, the gross profits rate in a state can be 10.12%, while that of turnover is 2.53%.

Revenue and Money Bet in Australia for the Past Couple of Years

In the past few years, the gambling revenue has been 7.7% of the territory and state tax revenue. Similar to other things like taxation and some gambling laws and regulations, the gambling revenue rate has been differing from state to state for aus bookmakers.

Western Australia has been producing the lowest while the Northern Territory has been providing the highest. The gambling revenue was more than $19 billion, and it has been increasing. The share of household consumption has been 3.1%, and it is also expected to increase.

best new betting app sites bookies australia

The amount of money bet in Australia betting sites has been increasing since 2017 across all of the territories and states. Total gambling expenditure in the country increased from $23.690 billion between 2016 and 2017 to $24.880 billion between 2017 and 2018. 

This represents a 5.0% increase, which has been a trend. In 2020, the increase was about 7.0%, and it was as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. The total online sports betting sites Australia expenditure also increased significantly in 2020 from $1.060 billion to $1.240 billion, which is a 16.3% increase.

Australian Bookmakers Association

Abbreviated as ABA, the Australian Bookmakers Association represents Australian bookmakers list and state sportsbook associations, their clients and members. The organisation promotes the reputation and public image of online betting in Australia and encourages them to be responsible, honest and respectful towards their customers and between each operator. 

best sports betting apps bookmakers online australia

Also, it encourages each operator to maintain customer confidentiality, client loyalty and the best practice. The Australian Bookmakers Association also serves as a link between sports betting sites Australia, the controlling authorities, National Racing Administration, and the federal government.

Australian Bookmakers Association has developed a code of practice for the licensed bookmakers Australia industry and encourages all new bookies Australia to adhere to the code’s guidelines. Making sure that there is an effective resolution of all complaints is one of the main objectives of the code.

Top Betting Sites Australia

Both the gambling control authorities and the Australian Bookmakers Association require all new betting sites Australia to offer the best features, products and services to their punters. And that is why it is good to sign up with top betting apps Australia. All top betting sites Australia have these important features:

Competitive Odds on Some Markets. Every bookmaker has a different set of odds on any given markets. Much of this is determined by aus bookies own margins and market. If you are a serious punter, then you’ll notice that while the odds provided may be similar between bookmakers online Australia, they’ll rarely be exactly the same. With that in mind, best bookmakers Australia are famous for setting up the best odds on specific markets, and you can find such sites in the Australian market.

biggest betting companies in licensed bookmakers australia

Local Deposit and Withdrawal Options. Best betting sites Australia offer lots of local payment methods. Most of them offer Australian-friendly methods like POLi, Flexpin, Neteller, Skrill wallet, PayPal and BPAY. All these methods offer instant deposits and speedy withdrawals in best online bookmakers Australia. Also, deposit and withdrawal fees are not involved during transactions. 

Australian Dollars Are Accepted. All Australian punters want to make deposits and withdraw their funds through AUD. And all best bookies Australia provide them with the opportunity to achieve that. Some of them support other currencies, providing lots of options for the players to pick from. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are also common in new Australian online bookmakers.

Favourite Sports in Australian Online Betting Sites

The world of betting has many sports. But Australian players love just a few of them. While some of them love to place bets on top football leagues and competitions like AFL betting, EPL, Champions League and Europa League, some prefer betting on National Rugby League and Indian Premier League. New online bookies Australia can offer a lot of esports betting options.

new best online bookmakers aus bookies australia

These competitions indicate that punters from Australia love sports like football, rugby, and cricket. Other sports that best online bookies Australia offer include basketball, Aussie rules, formula one, boxing, golf, tennis and American NFL football, to name just a few of them. If any of these sports is your favourite, you should be sure to pick the best betting Australia site, sign up, claim the welcome bonus and start playing.

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