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If you live in a country where sports betting is legal, then the chances are that you have heard or seen a sportsbook ad where risk free bets are mentioned. Bookies have different types of free betting money welcome deals, but risk free bet promotions are the most popular in betting companies.

You could be watching your television, and then an ad appears saying that if you complete an account creation process of a particular bookmaker, your first wager will be risk free first bet.


💰 What betting sites give you a free bet?

Today when betting companies have big online competition for customers, more and more betting sites give free bets to their clients. Here you can find all sports betting sites with bonuses.

💰 What is best risk free betting system?

The best risk free betting system strategy where you can guarantee 100% win, is to find two bookmakers with risk free betting offers and bet on both sides. So you will get an arbitrage situation and it doesn’t matter which team wins you will win extra money.

💰 What betting sites give free bets without deposit?

Without a deposit you will not get a free bet. Bookmakers give free money, but to get it you need to make a deposit and complete the wager requirement for that free bet. You can’t just register, get a free bet and cash out it.

💰 How to get online free bet offers?

To get online free bet offers, you need to choose a bookmaker which offers these types of bonuses and make deposits. But don’t forget to look for bonus terms and conditions, range of sports betting market and other bonuses.

💰 Is free matched bet offers really risk free?

✅ Yes, matched betting offers are risk free, because when you place a bet on A team win and lay A team to win, this means you cover both sides – A team winning and team not winning which includes having a draw or lose).

While this looks and sounds too good to be true, it is amazingly true. Below, you will find everything that you need to know about risk free bets, including what they are, how they work, the best strategy and examples, among others. So keep reading to discover more.

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How Do Risk Free Bets Work?

A risk free wager is a bet that will provide you with something back if you lose it. This could be a free bet or a website credit. If your bet loses, you will receive either all or a section of your stake back.

You can receive the refund as a free bonus, a free bet or cash. A risk free bet is a popular new player offer amongst sportsbooks as they know that it’ll appeal to many new players.

free betting money welcome matched bet offers

If the new players’ first wagers lose, they still have a second chance to try out. Sportsbooks do not mind providing risk free wagers since they know that there is every opportunity for a regular player to lose both bets and still be able to continue making deposits and placing more bets. So how do risk free bets work?

When you make a risk free first bet, and it loses, your sportsbook of choice will refund you. The refund can be paid in money, but there is nothing more you can do with it. But if the refund is either a free bet or bonus, you will have to convert your free wager into money or meet the bonus play-through requirements.

Either way, you will end up with some money back, and that is what allows you to make some fixed profits from this kind of promotion (read this – how to get money back on ante post bets).

Risk Free Bet Strategy: No Risk Matched Betting

There is a proven risk free bet strategy that experienced bettors use. The only proven way to beat these deals and guarantee yourself a profit is to try and score the lines at different competing bookies and hope to get an arbitrage situation where you can be able to wager both sides of a bet and guarantee that you will come out ahead.

While these are difficult to come by, you can be able to find different no risk matched betting sites offering a special odds boost or booster on a sports event that you can take advantage of. No risk matched betting is another common strategy. It is a betting method that mathematically guarantees some profit from free bet offers to attract new players to place wagers with them.

bet 5 10 get 10 20

A matched bet involves two types of wagers, which are back and lay. A back wager requires you to bet for a specific result to come true. For example, you can wager for a team to win. If that comes true, you’ll win your bet and collect all of your winnings. If the team you support loses or draws, you lose the whole of your stake.

When it comes to a lay bet, you are basically betting against a given result to come true. For instance, you place a bet that a certain team will not win. If it loses or draws, you win the bet and collect the winnings.

Keep in mind that you can only place a lay wager at an exchange betting site (read this – Betfair sportsbook and exchange review). Risk free matched betting functions by cancelling out any risk on the back wager at the online sportsbooks by wagering against yourself at the same odds, which you can only do at an exchange betting platform.

what betting sites give free bets

Following your qualifying or first real cash wager, you’ll then receive a free welcome bet from your bookmaker, and this is where you make the profit. Everything is quite simple, just repeat the entire process and wager using the free bet, and lay the wager.

Whatever the outcome, you’ll be in for a profit. For every matched bet, you’ll be left with a maximum of 95% of your free bet stake as a profit. Many betting exchanges normally charge a 5% commission on all winnings.

Risk Free Bet Offers and Examples

There are many risk free bet offers that you can claim out there. The best free bet deals for you is subject based on the type of promotion that you’re looking for.

You should consider not only the amount of bonus that a sportsbook offers but also other features such as generous bonus terms and conditions, a range of sports to wager on, other bonuses and promotions, mobile compatibility, instant deposits and quick withdrawals, among others.

free bets without deposit

If you choose a betting site that offers all these features and they are player-friendly, then you should be able to claim its risk free offer. Some of the best risk free bet offers that you can find in many online gambling venues are; bet 5 get 10, bet 10 get 20, bet 20 get 40, bet 10 get 40, bet 40 get 40. While these are the most common risk free promotions, other sportsbooks offer unique bonuses such as bet 80 get 40 and bet 100 get 50. For more information read betting sites with bonus article.

Risk Free Betting vs Free Bet Deals

A free bet deals is simply a credit that a sportsbook gives to players that allows them to wager without having to incur any inherent risks. They are not real money, so do not think that you can just claim a free bet promo wager and cash it out.

bet 10 20 get 40

You must be able to make a qualifying bet and only withdraw the winnings once you fulfil the wagering requirements. When you fulfil them, the funds will be available in your cash account, where you can withdraw from.

A risk free betting deals is almost identical to free wagers in each way, except for only one. You must be able to lose your bet in order to claim a risk free bet. If the wager loses, you’ll receive a free bet that is either equal, less or more than the initial stake. After placing your bet and winning, you will need to fulfil the play-through requirements to be able to cash out your winnings.

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