Horse Racing Betting Systems

Horse racing is one of the biggest betting sports in the world, with many punters placing their wagers on who they believe will win. Due to this, we see many different horse racing betting systems in place and many different ways in which you can bet. This makes it interesting, and as you progress as a gambler you can work out which is the best horse betting strategy for you and the picks you make. 

If you are new to horse racing betting and looking for a way in then here are the three ways in which you can bet on horse racing with ease, simple markets to get you started.

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Win Betting

Win betting is as simple as it sounds, here you are backing horse to win the race. It doesn’t matter about anything else, all you do is choose a selection and then hope that it wins the race. The payout will be determined by either the price you take or the final odds depending on what you request on the bet, and this is the best place to start for newcomers who are just starting to bet on horses. 

Of the three methods of betting we are going to mention here, this is the hardest one to get right as you are relying on your horse to win only. However, it is also the one that gives you the greatest return on your bet, so you need to decide if you want fewer winners but at bigger prices, or more regular winners at shorter odds. 

horse racing system bookmaker

Place Betting

Place betting in worldwide racing terms is to place bet a horse to finish first or second in the race. This is different to each way betting that some people may have heard of, and different to show betting which we will come onto after this. 

The benefit of place betting is that you are covering your selection finishing in two places compared to one place like you do with win betting. This means that you are doubling your chances of winning straight away, as you have two places in which your horse could finish for you to back a winner. 

However, the downside to this additional chance of winning is that you suffer with the odds on offer. The betting odds on the place bet market are lower than on the win market to take into account the fact that two horses will be deemed the winner and get a payout. 

place bet backing horse

Show Betting

Show betting is the final main way in which to bet, and this is a bet that covers the first three places in a race, so gives you an additional chance to win compared to place betting. This is great if you are looking to back a horse at huge odds and you want to give yourself the best chance of winning, or for punters that want to win little and often rather than have a smaller number of wins at bigger odds. 

With this being the method of betting that gives you the most chance of winning, it is also the method that lowers the odds the most. Your selection will be a bigger price on the win and place markets than it is here on the show market, but you have one more chance of winning. 

If you are betting in a 10 runner race and you are betting on this market then 30% of the runners will give you a winning bet. If you can discount a couple of the horses and narrow it down to eight then there will be three winning horses from just eight, which gives you a great chance of winning. 

If you are a new punter and looking to build your confidence by going on a good streak of winners as you start betting on horse racing events then this is the market that is best for that. The odds you receive back will be lower than on the other two markets, but still good enough for you to bank some profit with regular winners. 

greyhound bet

What is the Best Way to Bet on Horses?

The best way to bet on horses is to find yourself a dedicated horse racing bookmaker. offer a service that only accepts bets on horse racing and greyhound racing. This means they are a specialist racing bookmaker and can cater to your needs. For more horse racing bookmakers check our best horse racing bookmakers rating page.

For those who are new to horse racing betting, it is important you find a bookmaker that can offer you competitive odds and the ability to use the betting markets that you want to. offers exactly this, they are all about horse racing and greyhound racing, so you know they are going to put everything into providing you with the best possible service for these sports. This is something you can’t guarantee with other bookmakers, who have many other sports on their website to work with and spread their offers over. 

With the option to use a dedicated horse racing bookmaker to place your bets, you have the chance to put yourself in the best possible position. With the markets and odds you need all waiting for you, this will set you up to start your journey as a horse racing gambler while giving you the chance to try greyhound racing too if you wish to. 

More information about horse racing strategy you will find in horse racing betting guide page.


? What is Greyhound Bet?

Greyhound bet is something very popular with those who bet on horses. Greyhound racing works in a very similar way to horse racing, and moving between the two sports is easy so you will find that a lot of punters who bet on one of these, also bet on the other. 

If you are a new horse racing punter then you can try out greyhound racing alongside horse racing, and use the same markets on them both. This gives you two sports to learn, but only one way of betting so it is not too much information to remember, while also giving you nice variety. 

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