What are the Best Horse Racing Betting Offers Available Online?

Anyone who bets online will know that if you look in the right places for your sport, you will find some great offers that you can take advantage of. The offers that are focused on a specific sport are becoming more popular and one sport where you will regularly find them is horse racing.

Betting on horse racing is very popular all over the world, but in places such as the UK (read this – best betting sites UK), America and Australia, interest in horse racing is even bigger. 

Regardless of where you are from, where you bet and what bookmakers you use, horse racing betting offers will be available to you. These best horse racing offers are only going to help your betting, if you start using them and don’t change anything else about your betting, you will see an improvement in your profit and loss figure. 

Get these offers right and they are going to make a big difference to your betting over the course of a year, and it will all be positive. But what offers are out there, and which ones should you be looking to take advantage of?

Here is a look at the best horse racing offers that are currently available, and how they can help make your betting more profitable when you implement them into your betting strategy. Here you can find all best horse racing bookmakers 2024

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Best Odds Guaranteed

This is the most common horse racing offer you will find online and if there is only one offer you take as a punter, make sure it is this one. Horse racing best odds guaranteed offer gives you a price guarantee when you place your bets, assuming that the bet is placed on or after the time when best odds guarantee apply.

best horse racing betting offers sp bonus

This is an important point to check as a gambler, some bookmakers will offer it when their prices are made available the day before, others will wait until the morning of the race. Bets placed before the time when best odds guaranteed apply will not be part of the offer and be settled at the price you take. 

The offer works in a very simple way. When you bet on a horse, take the price that is available at the time. If the horse racing SP is greater than the price you took, you will be paid out at the bigger SP price


Back a horse at 5/1 in the morning 

The horse wins at an SP of 8/1 when it runs

You will make a profit of 5 if you don’t have the best odds guaranteed offer, and a profit of 8 if you do have the offer. Let’s say over the course of the year, this offer is something you take advantage of 20 times, which is easily going to happen if you bet on a regular basis. This means 20 lots of additional profit, if it’s a profit of 3 like the above example, that is an additional 60 into your winnings for the year, which could turn things from being a loss into a profit, or increase your profit overall. 

Money Back if Beaten or Horse Racing Free Bet

The second offer to mention is a money back offer. There are a few different varieties to this, but they all work on the same principle when it comes to your bet. You will see offers such as money back if beaten into 2nd, money back if beaten by the favourite, money back if you lose in a photo or money back if you lose by a head or less. 

horse racing best odds guaranteed free bet

If you are taking advantage of an offer like this, make sure you know which you have and what needs to happen for you to receive your money back. Some will give this back in cash, but more likely you will receive this back as a free bet. This doesn’t matter too much, because with a free bet you can just use it to place your next bet, so you are saving on your stakes. 

If you use this offer 10 times in the year, this means you are saving on 10x your stake money, again this could be the difference between winning and losing or it could increase your profit even further. 

Bonus on Winnings

This is usually confined to horse racing multiple bets only, but can still be a great offer to use if you bet in multis. Here you will receive a bonus on your winnings, usually given as a percentage bonus based on your returns. This could be on a winning accumulator that you place, or it could be on a bet such as a lucky 15 or lucky 31 (read this – using lucky 15/31/63 bets in horse racing).

back a horse each way bet betting

If these are the bets you already place, and you are not changing anything other than where you bet, you will see your profit rise by taking the offers. With potential big returns at stage here, you only need to land one or two winning bets each year with a horse racing bonus attached to them to make a huge difference to your profit and loss figure. 

Enhanced Each Way Terms

The final offer to mention is based on each way betting (read this – understanding each way terms on horse racing). Again, if you place these bets then there will be a time when you win thanks to the offer, whereas you would lose if you placed the bet elsewhere. 

For example, bet a horse each way that finishes 4th. Your current bookmaker pays out on the standard each way terms which is to pay out on the first three places, so here this bet is a loser. 

horse racing multiple bets lucky 15

However, if you bet with a bookmaker that has enhanced each way terms and they pay out on the 4th placed horse, your bet is then a winner because your horse has placed. This offer is the difference between winning and losing in some cases, so it is certainly worth looking out for. 

Usually, the offer is limited to specific races each day with different bookmakers so try and match the offer up with the races where you are going to place an each way bet to get the best benefit.


? How best odds guaranteed works in Horse Racing?

Best odds guaranteed offer on horse racing works very simple. When you bet on a horse you take price that is available at that moment. If starting price is greater that the price you took, you will get bigger starting price.

? What does horse racing sp mean?

SP in horse racing means starting price. Is the price that bookmaker offers on the horse as the race starts.

? What is horse racing free bet?

If you want find free bet in horse racing you need to see money back if beaten into 2nd or money back if beaten by the favorite offers.

? How does horse racing lucky 15 works?

A lucky 15 bet covers 4 selections and as the name suggests there are a total of 15 bets inside this multiple. Those are 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and one accumulator on all four selections. More information you can find in article – using lucky 15/21/63 bets in horse racing.

? What is a lucky 31 bet in horse racing?

A lucky 31 covers 5 selections and this gives you a total of 31 bets across those selections. There are 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and one accumulator on all five.

? What does enhanced each way mean?

Each Way Extra gives you the option to increase or decrease the number of places in a race when you are betting EW on horse race.

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