Eurovision Betting Strategy

Online betting companies offer a wide range of different betting options for sports and non-sports. With the arrival of spring, Eurovision betting is becoming popular again.

Eurovision is more than just a song contest, it is always spiced with politics. Winning is not only determined by the song, but also by what the performer wanted to say when performing the song in front of an audience of millions. This has been particularly evident in the songs of the last three Eurovision winners.

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The Eurovision Song Contest is more than just Music

There was a lot of politics in this contest in 2016, when the Eurovision Song Contest was won by the Ukrainian artist Jamala, whose song “1944” was about the deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 by the Soviet Union. 


🎵 Which country has won Eurovision the most times?

Ireland has won Eurovision the most times (7), Sweden has won it 6 times and Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain have won it 5 times.

🎵 What are the Eurovision bets?

The most popular Eurovision bet is on the winner, but you can also bet on who will go through from the semi-finals to the final, which country will finish higher, or guess the top 10 or top 3.

🎵 How do I know who the likely winners will be?

It can be hard to predict the winner of Eurovision before it begins, but you can look at factors such as each country’s past record in the event, their political leanings and the quality of their chosen songs. You can also check out fan polls and analytics to get an idea of how popular each country’s song is likely to be at Eurovision.

🎵 Are there any special offers available for Eurovision betting?

✅ Yes, many bookmakers offer special deals and bonuses when it comes to betting Eurovision song contest. These can include enhanced odds, refunds if your bet loses, or even free bets that you can use to place multiple wagers without risking your own money. Be sure to keep an eye out for these offers when you’re finding where to bet on Eurovision.

🎵 Are there any risks associated with betting on Eurovision song contest?

As with any form of gambling, there is always an element of risk involved when you bet on Eurovision. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose, and it’s important to remember that betting can be addictive. If you ever feel like you are getting in over your head, then it is best to stop and seek help from a responsible gambling organisation.

This song was just perfect for the political events that took place in Ukraine when Russia illegally annexed Crimea. European audiences were therefore taken in by Jamala’s sensitive performance and gave their highest votes to this song, which was quickly forgotten after Eurovision.

So, sometimes it can be difficult to predict Eurovision, and it is necessary to predict not only the sympathies of the European public, but also the judgments of the juries in all the countries, whose evaluations can sometimes go beyond the evaluation of the song and the performance.

Another aspect may be the health of the singer.  Salvador Sobral, who won Eurovision 2017 with the song ‘Amar pelos dois’, did not win Europe with his song, which was boring and, again, abandoned by European radio DJs after the contest.

betting for eurovision song contest bets

Before the Eurovision Song Contest, the news broke that Salvador Sobral was facing heart surgery. He did not even take part in the rehearsals and it was not entirely clear whether he would appear in the final.

But when he did appear in the final, he sang so poignantly as if it was his funeral, the audience was taken in by it and the Portuguese won Eurovision.

European performers have noticed that it is not only the song that affects people, but also what they say before they go on stage. The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon was peppered with performers declaring their various missions in life, what they were singing about and so on.

We can see that often the songs that win are those that have a certain subtext. Perhaps it is because the contest lacks a really strong song, a real hit, as was the case in 2012, when Europe was in a state of euphoria and Loreen won the contest. Or when Man Zelmerlow smashed everyone in 2015 with ‘Heroes’.

When betting for Eurovision song contest this year, don’t just listen to the song, look at the history of the artist and try to predict not only the behaviour of the audience, but also how the jury, which is more concerned with the artist’s voice and the quality of the song, will evaluate the song.

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Eurovision Betting: How to Bet on Eurovision Profitably?

If you wonder why Loreen won Eurovision with “Euphoria” or Mans Zemerlow won Eurovision with “Heroes”, Eurovision betting tips and betting on Eurovision is probably not for you.

However, the main thing you need to have in order to be a successful predictor is that you have to like Eurovision, i.e. at least half of the songs you really like and you have to be a fan of pop music. Otherwise it will be really hard to predict Eurovision relying on your musical taste.

First impressions are best

If you decide to bet on this year’s contest in the Eurovision betting sites, listen to all the songs on youtube first. If you are looking for the song that is favourite to win Eurovision, you should like the song on first listen or at least be hooked.

The first impression is the best, because afterwards, when you have to listen to the same song many times, it becomes more familiar to your ear and more beautiful.

But it should be remembered that most Eurovision viewers will vote for the song they heard for the first time, and if that song makes it to the final, they will at best be voting on the impression of two performances.

Older viewers, the biggest Eurovision fans

Some Eurovision Song Contest betting fans treat youtube views or comments as a serious assessment of who can win Eurovision. But who has the most views does not mean they will win.

First of all, Eurovision is also watched a lot by older people who are not active on the internet and what they think is hard to measure. Another thing is that behind some

Eurovision performers there are strong production companies that throw a lot of money at advertising and all the other things that are needed to make sure that they are seen as often as possible before the contest starts. The Scandinavians usually have a strong backing.

Eurovision performances and live betting

If you want to make a profitable bet, it is best to rely on your intuition and taste in music, and not to make big bets Eurovision until you know what will be the performance on the main Eurovision stage.

In 2016, the French artist Amir performed a song that topped the European radio charts after the contest and was a huge radio hit. However, his performance during the final was very lacklustre and was drowned out by the performances of the other artists, who used a lot of fireworks and LED screens.

eurovision song contest betting odds bookmakers

So do your pre-contest song analysis and during the 15-minute audience voting break, you can place your bets on live betting sites by watching the live Eurovision broadcast.  

In 2018, the Polish artist’s Light Me Up was highly praised, but the Polish artist’s voice wavered and the performance was poor during the semi-final, which meant that the song didn’t even make it to the final.

Therefore, Eurovision live betting will protect you against such unexpected events. Also, listen to what the commentators are saying when watching the live broadcast. Often their opinion of the participating songs is reflected in the final standings.


Eurovision starts a week earlier for the participants themselves, as the performers from all over Europe still have a lot of rehearsing to do. This is to make sure that everything is smooth and professional when the event is watched by millions of TV viewers. If you want to bet on Eurovision profitably, you need to watch the rehearsals too.

On the official Eurovision youtube channel, videos from the rehearsals will be uploaded. Of course, most things will not be revealed and you won’t see the fireworks, but you will be able to see how the stage is laid out and how the performers plan to move around it.

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Eurovision Bet Types

The main Eurovision bet – who will win the Song Contest – is getting most of the attention. However, it can also be pointed out that there are more options that are not really bad bets and that betting on Eurovision is not just about Eurovision winner bet. Depending on the Eurovision bookmaker, Eurovision bets such as:

Who will be in the Top 10, Top 5, Top 3 – it could be said that this is the second most popular bet, where you bet on whether a country will be in the Top 10, Top 5 or Top 3 in the final. 

Will they make it to the final – this is the most popular bet during the semi-finals, where viewers can place Eurovision bets on whether a certain country will make it to the final. 

Head-to-Head – this is the bet in Eurovision where bets are placed on one country performing better than the other. Eurovision bookmakers place pairs and viewers can bet, for example, that Sweden will finish higher than Italy this year or vice versa.

How many points will be scored – this is another type of Eurovision song betting where you can bet on how many total points a country will score. In this case, there is a lot of work involved in the calculation, as the countries get their points from both the public and the jury. 

how to bet on eurovision

The main Eurovision offer is only made available just before the contest, so it is usually not possible to look at the offer in advance. At the moment, only the main bet – who will win Eurovision – can be seen in the offer. 

Conclusions of Eurovision Betting Guide

In sports betting, it is much easier for bookies to predict what will happen, because they have unlimited resources of statistics, the players themselves are the same for years, they just change teams, one talent emerges, but most leagues are dominated by the same teams.

Online betting Eurovision is different, it is a song contest where every year different artists perform. Predicting the taste of the music and yet all of Europe is a real challenge. And if you mix politics with the song contest, things get really hard to predict.

That’s why you can certainly find some worthwhile Eurovision betting odds by looking at the betting offers. If you have a great taste in music and POP music is on your mind, following our tips will surely make you a profitable Eurovision bet for years to come.

favourite to win eurovision live betting sites

First of all, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to place a lot of bets just after hearing the songs on the radio. The biggest bets should be placed in the final, when you have judged the two semi-finals, seen the performances of all the countries and chosen your Eurovision favourites to win.

Before the Eurovision Song Contest, you will hear all sorts of opinions about each song and that is normal. It’s a music contest, everyone has their own unique taste in music. Have a strong musical backbone and don’t get lost in the opinions, follow your intuition and our advice and successfully place a bet on Eurovision!

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