What Is Double Chance Bet?

“What is double chance bet?” is a common question among punters, and it refers to placing a bet on two selected results simultaneously.

Double chance betting is essentially designed to give you a huge winning chance from a single occurrence.

In sports like football, where this type of bet is popular, sportsbooks can use it to cover two of the possible three results in a single wager. It combines the win/tie for both sides. Alternatively, it eliminates the option for the tie.

When placing your double chance wager, you’ll notice that the wagering odds are shorter than normal. This is because of the higher chance of your selection coming in, and that’s why it’s known as double chance.

Key Aspects:

  • Three possible outcomes in a football game: away team win, draw, home team win.
  • Standard prediction odds for these outcomes are approximately 33%.
  • Double chance bets combine two outcomes, increasing the chances of winning to 66%.
  • Double chance bets typically cover average playtime in a football game.
  • Three types of double chance bets: Home or Away Win (12), Away Team Win or Draw (X2), Home Team Win or Draw (1X).
  • Popular in football, basketball, and hockey.
  • Strategy tips include studying team statistics and redeeming bonus offers.
  • Double chance in betting reduces risk in games with evenly matched teams.
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How Does a Double Chance Bet Work?

Three outcomes may occur in a football game; 

  • The away team may win
  • The match may end in a draw
  • The home team may emerge as the winner. 

Your opportunities of winning such a prediction are approximately 33%. But leading bookies in the industry usually increase these chances by providing punters with two outcomes in one wager.

With the two most probable outcomes in your wager, you’ve got a better opportunity of a successful bet than if you decide to pick one of the three outcomes.

In an event, the double chance wager usually covers the normal playtime. In a football game, it covers the normal 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Extra time scores and penalty shootouts don’t count when it comes to settling wagers. But “own” goals, which are popular in football, count towards setting the wager.

Types of Double Chance Bets

Three types of double chance bets exist. The selection of teams you expect to win or pair a tie is the major difference between these three types.

In line with this, players have the chance to pair up options that have the highest chance of winning the wager. Let’s learn more about these types of double chance wagers.


❓ What does double chance mean in betting?

Double chance in betting allows punters to wager on two of the three possible outcomes in a sports event, significantly increasing their chances of winning.

❓ Can you lose a double chance bet?

Yes, a double chance bet can be lost if neither of the two selected outcomes (e.g., home team win or draw) happens in the match despite covering two possible results. While it enhances chances, it doesn’t guarantee a win.

❓ What are types of double chance bets?

The types of double chance bets are Home or Away Win (12), Away Team Win or Draw (X2), and Home Team Win or Draw (1X).

❓ What does home draw away mean in betting?

Home, Draw, Away” in betting refers to predicting the outcomes of a match: “Home” is a bet on the home team winning, “Draw” is a bet on a tied result, and “Away” is a bet on the away team winning. This terminology is commonly used in 1X2 betting markets.

❓ What does X2 double chance mean?

“X2” in double chance betting means predicting that either the away team will win or the match will end in a draw. This provides bettors with two out of three possible outcomes for increased chances of winning.

Home or Away Win (12)

A home team or away team market allows you to wager on a win for the home side or the visitor side. It eradicates the chance that the game may end up in a tie. That means the teams in question need to look like they would score on several occasions. 

This type of bet is ideal when wagering on high-scoring sides. In high-score games, the chances that the match will end in a tie are very minimal. This makes it an excellent prospect for a home team or away team (12) double chance.

Away Team Win or Draw (X2)

This double chance wager requires a punter to predict that a match may end in a tie or a victory for the away side. It’s an ideal option where the visitor is in excellent form. However, you are not sure about its away performance. With this wager, you’ll avoid backing a visitor win blindly. 

This will be a perfect option especially when a home team has an excellent defense or can easily equalize the scores. A punter must analyze the latest performance or the two sides before placing this type of wager.

Home Team Win or Draw (1X)

With this wager, punters need to predict that a home team will win or the game will end a tie. The wager works excellently when the home side has a massive advantage. However, the visitor is also in excellent form. 

That means the home side may emerge the winner of the match. You also mean that the match may end in a tie in the worst-case scenario. To determine if there’s an advantage to playing at home and winning, be sure to check home matches for the team that you want to place a bet on.


Depending on your favorite sportsbook’s specialization, you can find double chance wagers on any match with a 1X2 (moneyline) market.

This is a common bet in ball games where two competing sides meet, and one with the highest score wins. Football is the most popular sport for double chance wagers. 

In a football match, you can wager on any of the three outcomes discussed above with ease across all games and in live betting. Another sport that allows punters to wager on a double chance for the final score or different sets is basketball.

Also, hockey games allow punters to wager on a double chance on home or away, away or tie, or home or draw. If this market sounds great and profitable for you, these are the sports where you can make some successful double chance wagers.

A Good Strategy for Double Chance Betting: Tips and Tricks to Win

If you want to benefit from double chance betting, you need to develop a good strategy. With a good double chance strategy, you will easily know which option to select. You need to research the teams’ latest games, paying close attention to how they performed against each other. 

With such information, you’ll easily decide which of the two sides has a better chance of winning or the game ending in a tie. Some expert-proven double chance tips you need to consider when placing your wager include:

  • Add more selections to your bet slip: If you add more selections to your bet slip, you’ll automatically boost your odds. In most cases, double chance odds are low. However, you should limit the number of selections because the probability of winning also reduces as you add more options.
  • Study event statistics: It isn’t uncommon for certain teams to win or draw their games. That means before making any decision, you must study statistics first. Look for teams that are performing below or above their latest position in the standings. Such teams are usually difficult to defeat. That means you can get competitive odds on them.
  • Redeem bonus offers: Trustworthy bookies with bonuses and promotions exist. When you create an account, you can redeem a bonus, especially when you meet all the requirements. Depending on the terms and conditions, your bonus can cover all bet types, including double chance, which can be a huge boost for you.

Final Thoughts

Double chance wagering allows bettors to combine two results into a single wager. This improves the betting odds for the moneyline from about 33% to 66%. That is why it’s a preferred option for bettors when trying to roll over their free bet or welcome deals. 

As a punter, you need to identify the most probable outcome and choose the next likely result. A double chance wager reduces the risk in wagering, especially in games where teams have almost the same strength.

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