Best Tipsters on Twitter (X) 2024

Finding the Best Tipsters on Twitter (now known as X) is challenging due to X’s vast and ever-growing network with millions of accounts. 

Here, we identify the top X betting tipsters and share tips on choosing them and avoiding scams.

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Key Aspects

  • Following free X tipsters is simple – just visit their page and click ‘follow.’ However, be cautious about spending money based on their picks.
  • When selecting a tipster, consider their reputation, follower count, industry activity, and credibility. It’s beneficial to follow multiple tipsters for diverse insights and be flexible in switching between them.
  • Recommended football tipsters include Andy Robson Tips (@AndyRobsonTips) and James Murphy (@JamesMurphyTips), known for their substantial follower bases and track records of success.
  • For horse racing, notable tipsters like Tipsters Empire (@TipstersEmpire) and Betting Pro (@bettingpro) offer valuable insights and tips, with some providing free selections.
  • Among free tipsters, Bettingtips4u (@BTips4you) and Ron Williams are highlighted for their follower count, consistency, and profitability.
  • Caution is advised to avoid scam artists and unskilled tipsters. Look out for excessive self-promotion, bookie affiliations, and the authenticity of their results. Consider the tipster’s experience, follower count, and account history to gauge their credibility.

How to Access Top Free Tipsters on X?

Following free X tipsters is straightforward: just visit their page and hit ‘follow.’ Be cautious with spending on their picks. 

While some free services can be profitable, opting for professional tipsters who charge but have a solid track record, positive reviews, and consistent profits is usually better.

Choosing an X Tipster

Selecting an X tipster can be overwhelming due to the numerous choices. Here’s a simplified guide to make the decision easier:

✔ Find a Reputable Tipster: Look for tipsters with a solid reputation in the industry. This could be someone like Mark Lawrenson, who offers football predictions on the BBC, or a well-known horse racing expert like Hugh Taylor from At The Races. 

✔ Follower Count: It can indicate a tipster’s popularity and influence. Tipsters like Andy Holding, with a substantial but not overly large following, can offer valuable advice without significantly shifting the betting market. 

✔ Do Your Research: Check platforms like Tipstrr or Betting Gods, where professional tipsters are vetted, and their statistics are transparently displayed. Look for consistent performance over a significant period and not just short-term wins.

✔ Multiple Accounts: Following multiple tipsters, such as football analyst Kevin Pullein from the Racing Post and tennis expert Sean Calvert, gives you broader insights and can help you cross-reference tips to make more educated bets.

✔ Take Your Time: Analyze their track record, review their success rate, average odds, return on investment (ROI), and read independent reviews. Websites like Smart Betting Club offer unbiased reviews and performance tracking of some of the best tipsters.

✔ Be Flexible: Stay adaptable in your approach. If you notice a tipster’s declining performance, don’t hesitate to explore other options. It’s crucial to stay dynamic and responsive to changes in tipsters’ effectiveness and the betting landscape as a whole.


⭐ How do I choose sports betting tipsters on X?

Look for tipsters with a good reputation, solid track record, and a reasonable number of followers. Do some research to check their credibility.

⭐ Who to follow on Twitter for sports betting?

To find reliable sports betting tips on Twitter, consider following established tipsters with solid reputations, like Andy Robson Tips (@AndyRobsonTips), and James Murphy (@JamesMurphyTips) for football, and Hoops Bet (@Hoops_Bet) and ObiaJulu (@NBA_Tipster5) for basketball.

⭐ Are free X tipsters trustworthy?

Some free tipsters can be trustworthy, but it’s essential to research and be cautious. Check their past performance and read reviews before following their advice.

⭐ How to avoid scams with X tipsters?

Be wary of tipsters who over-promise, focus too much on bookie promotions, or have few followers. Always validate their claims and track record.

⭐ Should I follow multiple X tipsters?

Yes, following multiple tipsters can give you a range of perspectives and betting insights. Compare their advice and performance to decide which works best for you.

Best Football Tipsters on Twitter (X)

Here are some recommended X pages of football tipsters you can follow to evaluate their tips yourself:

Andy Robson Tips (@AndyRobsonTips)

One of the best Twitter football tipsters, Andy Robson Tips, found on X as @AndyRobsonTips, shares free betting tips, focusing on betting as entertainment and any profit as a bonus. He promotes responsible gambling for those 18 and older. 

His website, Andy’s Bet Club, offers betting analysis and predictions for over 20 football and horse racing leagues worldwide. The website emphasizes his reputation as a top UK football tipster, with a large social media following and many monthly website visitors. 

James Murphy (@JamesMurphyTips)

James Murphy is a famous football tipster on X with over 80,000 followers. He often shares free football tips and betting strategies, claiming to have turned £25 into £1k many times. He also has a Facebook page with many likes and active followers, where he posts similar betting tips and football insights.

Football Super Tips (@FootySuperTips)

This service provides free betting tips for various sports, but they are mainly known for their football predictions. They offer detailed analysis and statistics to back up their picks, which can be a valuable resource for bettors.

Bet365’s Ray Winstone

Although not a traditional tipster on social media, Bet365 often features actor Ray Winstone in their adverts, where he provides insights and betting odds. While these should not be taken as personal tips from Winstone, the platform offers a range of betting markets and odds that can inform your decisions.


Best Basketball Tipsters on X

Betting on basketball, including the NBA, is popular, and many use X tipsters for bet advice. These tipsters provide predictions for NBA, college, and international basketball games.

Hoops Bet (@Hoops_Bet) 

Hoops Bet, part of the Pyckio group of professional tipsters, primarily focuses on American basketball, covering both the NBA and college leagues. It has recorded a notable return on investment of 5.5% after 2259 bets, with average betting odds of 2.04. 

In terms of performance, Hoops Bet has accumulated a total profit of 647 units and maintains a win rate of 51.5%. When considering Hoops Bet, it’s important to note the subscription costs, which are on the higher side. 

ObiaJulu (@NBA_Tipster5)

ObiaJulu, known on X as @NBA_Tipster5, is an avid basketball enthusiast interested in the NBA and college basketball. They are also open to receiving direct messages for advertising and promotional inquiries. For contact, ObiaJulu can be reached through email at [email protected].

Basketball Tips & Predictions (@RimProtector4)

The X handle @RimProtector4 is known for offering basketball tips and predictions. Managed by a basketball journalist and seasoned tipster, this account delivers daily betting advice, mainly in association with @betexperts_com.

Regarding performance predictions, @RimProtector4 recently tweeted about a player’s improving shooting form, indicating that they expect the player to score at least 20 points in an upcoming game.

Mr. Reddington (@MrReddington12)

Mr. Reddington, known on X as @MrReddington12, is an expert basketball tipster with a wealth of experience. He contributes articles and picks for @betexperts_com. Those interested in his private tipping service can contact him via direct messages on X for subscription details.

On his account, he frequently posts about his preferred games for basketball betting, focusing on European basketball.


Best Tennis Tipsters on X 

Tennis betting is another area where tipsters can provide valuable insights into matches across the ATP, WTA, and ITF tours. 

Tennis Pilot (@TennisPilot)

Tennis Pilot offers tennis betting tips and advice on strategy to help bettors. They have an X account, @TennisPilot, where they post updates and results of their tennis bets.

They use a data-driven approach for their recommendations, combining their passion for tennis with research using software like OnCourt and various websites.

Tennis Tipster (@TennisTipster05)

@TennisTipster05 shares tennis betting tips and predictions. Since March 2022, the account has boasted a profit of over 100 units (+100u) since starting. Although there’s limited information available from search results, it’s evident that Tennis Tipster05 specializes in offering recommendations and insights for tennis betting.


Best Horse Racing Tipsters on X

Horse Racing has numerous pages on X offering free racing tips. The best approach is to follow these horse racing tipsters for free on X. 

Below are some of the top horse racing tipsters you can find on X:

  • Tipsters Empire (@TipstersEmpire): Considered one of the best free horse racing tipsters on X, they provide daily informative selections and premium options. They also offer detailed analysis with their free picks via their newsletter.
  • Betting Pro (@bettingpro): With a substantial following of over a hundred thousand, Betting Pro offers weekly free tips for horse racing and football, making them a valuable account to follow.

How to Avoid Scams?

Choosing X tipsters requires caution, as only some are reliable and trustworthy. 

Here’s how to avoid scams and poor tipsters:

✔ Do In-Depth Research: Look for independent reviews, user testimonials, and evidence of their predictions’ accuracy over a significant period. Genuine tipsters will have verifiable track records.

✔ Bookie-Tipster Relationship: Be aware that some tipsters may have affiliations with bookmakers. They earn a commission every time someone places a bet through their link, so their primary goal might be to encourage betting rather than provide winning tips.

✔ Analyze History: Look for tipsters who can demonstrate consistent long-term profits. Request a detailed history of their tips, outcomes, and the rationale behind their choices. If they can provide a record of their bets, it’s a sign of transparency.

✔ Win Rates and ROI: Some tipsters may boast high win rates, which can be misleading without context. A 90% win rate with negligible returns isn’t as valuable as a lower win rate with high returns. Focus on the Return on Investment (ROI) rather than win rates alone.

✔ Follower Engagement: Many followers might suggest credibility, but be cautious. Sometimes, followers can be bought or inflated through promotions. Engage with the community and see if followers actively discuss the tipster’s picks and outcomes.

✔ Sample Tips: Reputable tipsters might offer free tips or a trial period before asking for a subscription fee. Take advantage of this to gauge the quality of their advice. 

✔ Avoid Guaranteed Wins: Be wary of anyone claiming to have fixed matches or guaranteed wins. The nature of sports betting is uncertain, and no one can guarantee outcomes.

✔ Check for Response: A legitimate tipster should be able to respond to your queries or concerns. Consider it a red flag if they’re unresponsive or dodge your questions. 

✔ Comprehensive Analysis: A trustworthy tipster will thoroughly analyze their tips, explaining the reasoning behind their selections. This level of detail shows that they’ve done their homework and are confident in their advice.


Finding good sports betting tipsters on X means being careful and picky. Always look for well-known tipsters with a good history, and check their many followers. 

Do your homework to make sure their advice is solid. Look for scams and double-check how true a tipster’s success stories are. Following these tips can help you make more profitable bets.

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