World Surf League Betting Guide

Surfing is a dynamic and exciting marine sport. It has captured the fascination of millions of individuals globally. The sport comes with: 

  • Stunning displays of athleticism
  • Fast-paced action
  • High energy

These captivating features have propelled surfing into widespread sports betting. World Surf League betting allows enthusiasts and professional surfers to engage in electrifying and potentially profitable wagering experiences.

It’s vital to have solid information about surfing, including surfers and events, similar to any other sports wagering, and also, you need to understand the:

  • Betting odds
  • Markets
  • Rules

It’s also important to understand the betting mistakes to avoid and have a solid betting strategy.  

Are you thinking about placing successful wagers on surfing? Look no further than this betting guide. It explores how to wager on the World Surf League. You’ll be in a good position to understand the following important things once you complete reading this comprehensive guide:

  • The World Surf League
  • The types of wagers available
  • Betting rules and tips to incorporate into your wagering strategy

Let’s start right away!


Key Highlights:

Surfing Betting Essentials: Catch the Wave of Wagering Excitement

  • Thrilling bets on WSL events for committed, innovative surfers
  • WSL Championship Tour offers diverse bets on major events
  • Assess surfers based on commitment, difficulty, and innovation

Key Bets and Mistakes to Avoid

  • Bet on outright winners, head-to-head matchups, and prop bets
  • Understand surfing dynamics, unique odds, and recent form to avoid common mistakes
  • Develop a winning strategy with past stats, forecasts, and a disciplined budget
  • Find a reputable betting site for the World Surf League that offers competitive odds and reasonable promotions and sign up with it.
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Surfing Betting Explained

Surfing fans understand that wagering on the sport is thrilling and highly rewarding. Punters who place wagers on surfing experience excitement and fun while waiting to boost their wagering bankrolls. Judges have the responsibility to determine the performance of a surfer via various factors like:

  • Commitment and degree of difficulty
  • Variety of manoeuvres
  • Innovative and progressive manoeuvres
  • Speed, power, and flow
  • Combination of significant manoeuvres

Are you new to betting? You may start wagering on the World Surf League outcomes immediately since bookies already have the odds and markets to choose from. Betting on surfing events such as the World Surf League Championship Tour is about placing bets on the outcomes of the events that unfold.

The winners of the event excel in showing their skills and style, overall performance and manoeuvres difficulty. Let’s discover the most popular events and common types of bets that the World Surf League tours and events provide punters with.


🏄 What is the World Surf League?

The World Surf League (WSL) oversees competitive surfing events worldwide, including the elite Championship Tour, where top surfers vie for world titles. The WSL plays a central role in organizing and promoting professional surfing, determining world champions based on performance throughout the season.

🏄 How to bet on surfing?

Bet on WSL surfing by assessing surfers’ commitment, difficulty, and innovation, exploring diverse options like outright winners, head-to-head matchups, and prop bets. Avoid common mistakes by understanding unique odds, studying recent form, and developing a disciplined strategy with past stats and a reasonable budget.

🏄 How does World Surf League work?

The World Surf League (WSL) operates through a Championship Tour (CT) where elite surfers compete in various global events, earning points based on their performances. At the end of the season, the surfer with the highest total points is crowned the world champion in both the men’s and women’s divisions.

🏄 How many surfers are there in the world?

Around the world, approximately 23 million people take part in the sport of surfing.

🏄 Is surfing an adventure sport?

Yes, surfing is often considered an adventure sport. It involves riding ocean waves on a surfboard, requiring skill, balance, and a connection with nature. Surfers seek out challenging conditions and diverse wave types, contributing to the adventurous and exhilarating nature of the sport.

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Major World Surf League Events to Wager On

Surfing has grown into a very competitive sport with major global and international events taking place. Surfing competitions occur globally and follow the same rules and format, with competitors competing in heat to progress to the next level. Stand-up surfing has three main subdivisions:

  • Paddling
  • Short boarding
  • Longboarding

Some of the most popular and significant surfing events include:

  • The Vans US Open of Surfing
  • The RIP Curl WSL Finals
  • The Quiksilver Jaws Big Wave Challenge
  • The Tudor Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge

These competitions attract the best and leading surfers from across the world. As a result, they provide punters with exciting opportunities for wagering on the outcomes.


Are you a professional surfer? Or just a die-hard fan of the sport? You can find numerous significant surfing events to wager on and earn some profits.

You can take advantage of your surfing betting interest with the most famous surfing locations that hold major events. The World Surf League Championship Tour is the most popular surfing event that attracts huge crowds of surfers in various competitive rankings.

World Surf League Types of Bets

Punters can place wagers on their event winners of choice, the season’s World Champion, and individual heats. Also, they can place prop bets, head-to-head matchups, and outright winners of different surfing competitions.

  • An Outright Winner: This wager involves predicting the surfer to win the entire competition or event.
  • Headto-Head Matchups: This bet involves forecasting which of the two competitors will score higher in a given heat.
  • Prop Bets: A prop bet requires a punter to bet on a given number of waves a surfer catches. It also involves the time it takes to complete a certain manoeuvre.
  • Over/Under: In surfing, an over/under bet applies to the points given to a certain surfer. You can bet on these points to be either under or over a given number.

Experts recommend knowing the different and common types of bets that surfing offers. This also helps you to make data-driven decisions.

Betting Mistakes

Understanding some common World Surf League betting mistakes can be key to winning big. Let’s find out some of these common mistakes.


Not Understanding Surfing Inside and Out

You need to understand how the sport works before you place your first surfing bet. This means understanding:

  • The different wave types
  • The conditions that create them
  • How they affect the performance of surfers

If you don’t understand the sport, then be sure not to make more informed wagers.

Failing to Understand the Betting Odds and Markets

Surfing markets and odds are different from those of other sports. That is why it’s advisable to know how the odds work on different markets available. 

For example, an over/under bet in World Surf League betting doesn’t mean the same in football wagering. In most cases, in football, it involves the number of goals being under or over a given number. In terms of surfing, it means the points given to a certain surfer.

Not Knowing the Waves

Waves are as vital as the surfers when it comes to surfing betting. Different wave types offer different challenges. So, understanding the surfer who is more likely to succeed in a given wave type can help you place informed wagers. If you fail to understand how waves work, you’ll not know how to bet on them.


Failing to Study the Form

Similar to any other sport, you need to study the surfer’s form before you can place your wagers. This means looking at the recent performance of surfers, knowing any changes in techniques and getting a feel for their form.

If you fail to consider this factor, you’ll not make better-informed wagers that have higher winning chances.

Betting Rules

The world of surfing seems like a crazy one. However, there are some rules that come into play and which can affect your bets. The most important rule is about the surfer’s right of way. The surfer that’s closer to the water break has the right of way over the other.

If a certain surfer has taken possession of a given wave, they remain in ownership of it until their ride comes to an end. If another surfer manages to join them on the side, they’re known as snakes. 

If a judge decides that they have interfered with the owner of the wave, then they will be scored accordingly.

Surfers usually have the highest number of waves they can catch within a certain heat, being remorseful of intrusion if they manage to catch their allotted amount. Want to maximise your chances of winning? Understand these rules before you can start wagering.


You need to develop an effective strategy and a few things are available that you can incorporate into it to give yourself an edge. Let’s discover some hot tips to add to your surfing betting strategy:

  • Look at past statistics
  • Consider the form
  • Look at the forecasts
  • Research the surfers and the conditions of the event
  • Always pay attention to the wagering odds and how they change over time
  • Have a reasonable surfing betting budget and stick to it
  • Keep records of your past wagers and analysing them can help identify important patterns and areas of improvement
  • Finally, find a leading World Surf League betting site that offers competitive odds and reasonable promotions and sign up with it.

There’re no specific strategies to use for wagering on surfing. Just:

  • Analyse your past bets
  • Stick to a budget, understand the odds and markets
  • Research 

These are key to boosting your chances of placing profitable bets.

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