Draw No Bet Meaning: DNB Betting Market Explained

It’s true that you have come across the term draw no bet in a sportsbook or somewhere on the World Wide Web, and you’re wondering what it means.

Luckily, this article explains, everything about this betting market, including draw no bet meaning, featured sports, examples, similar markets and if it’s a profitable bet or not. Keep reading to discover more.

  • Draw no bet market is straightforward in the sports betting world.
  • Popular among punters who don’t want to risk losing their money.
  • In draw-no-bet, you wager on a team to win; if the match draws, your stake is refunded, nullifying the bet.
  • The possibility of a tie is ruled out in this market.
  • Sportsbooks return the entire stake if a draw occurs.
  • The odds are generally lower for draw no bet because of its reduced risk.
  • Not all sportsbooks offer this market due to certain sports like Tennis and Basketball not allowing ties.
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Draw No Bet Explained

A draw-no-bet market sounds complicated if you’ve no idea what it is, but it’s one of the most straightforward markets you’ll find in the sports betting world.

The wagering market is quite popular among punters who prefer not to risk their hard-earned money. A draw-no bet provides you with the opportunity to wager on the away or home outcome on a three-way market.


⚽ What does draw no bet mean?

DNB meaning in betting is as follows: it is a type of sports betting market where you place a wager on a team to win, and if the match ends in a draw, your stake is refunded, effectively voiding the bet.

⚽ What is draw no bet example?

If you place a bet on Team A to win a soccer match, and the game ends in a draw, you receive a refund of your stake. However, if Team A wins, you collect your winnings as per the odds offered at the time of the bet. This is the example of DNB in betting.

⚽ Can I use the draw no bet option in sports other than soccer?

Draw no bet can be used in various sports, not just soccer, as long as the sportsbook offers this betting market.

⚽ How are the odds for draw no bet bets typically compared to regular win bets?

The odds for draw no bet bets are usually lower than regular win bets due to the insurance against a draw.

⚽ Is draw no bet a good strategy for risk-averse bettors?

Yes, draw no bet is a popular choice for risk-averse bettors seeking some protection against draws while still having a chance to win.

⚽ What are the advantages of draw no bet?

Draw no bet reduces the risk of losing your stake by eliminating the possibility of a draw in sports betting, making it a more conservative option. It provides a simplified betting choice by focusing on the win or loss outcome, which can be particularly advantageous when you want to back a favorite while minimizing risk.

You’re simply asking yourself what will happen to the third result; well, the possibility for a tie is scratched out. That means the sportsbook will return the whole of your stake if a tie or draw occurs.

You shouldn’t expect very competitive odds when placing this type of wager. It’ll most likely have lowered betting odds since it has less risk. When considering the draw no bet option, it’s essential to choose one of the best football betting sites to maximize your options.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all sportsbooks offer this type of market since some sports, including Tennis and Basketball, cannot end in a tie.

These sports have unique rules in place that prevent any game from ending in a draw, and the tiebreaker in tennis is one of them. That means the market is only for a few sports where draws or ties are possible, such as American football.

Some betting platforms might offer a draw-no-bet market for the first and second half of events besides the full-time market. I’ll provide you with some examples across various sports in the following section.


DNB Betting Markets

As you already know, betting sites cannot offer a draw-no-bet market on all sports since ties and draws aren’t possible in all sporting events. Football and cricket are the most popular sports that can end in a draw or tie. 

Additional sports where a draw can be possible include soccer, boxing, cricket, Australian rules, ice hockey, horse racing, chess and racing sports. A draw-no bet isn’t available in some sports because of more breaks or games are forfeited or rescheduled.

Draw No Bet Example and Similar Betting Markets

Now that you’ve got a grasp of what this type of market means, you need to look at how it works using an example and some similar markets. A draw-no bet works by splitting the stake between one side winning and the game ending in a draw.

Let’s take an example with Manchester City (at home) taking on Chelsea (away). You may want to bet on Manchester City to win the match but strongly believe that a tie could be a possible outcome.

In the normal three-way wagering market, you would place a bet on any of the three possible results, Manchester City Win (1), a draw/tie (X) or a Chelsea win (2).

If you back Manchester City to win the match, your bet will only win if the result comes out as you predicted. On the other hand, you’ll lose your bet and stake if the match ends in a tie or a Chelsea win. It’s here that a draw-no bet becomes helpful.

This market provides an extra cushion of eliminating the possibility of a tie, and therefore:

  • You’ll win the bet if Manchester City wins.
  • You’ll get your stake back if the fixture ends in a draw.
  • You’ll lose your bet if Chelsea wins.

With a DNB market, your initial stake is protected from mediocre plays, substandard refereeing and last-minute equalisers during the concluding stages, which can be frustrating.

Draw No Bet Real Example

Placing a bet on this market is rather straightforward. Let’s take an example where you want to bet on Arsenal playing against Manchester United.

The betting odds in the 1X2 market have Arsenal winning at 24/100, Manchester United at 15/2 and a tie at 5/1. Betting odds in the DNB market are:

  • Manchester United: 1/14
  • Arsenal: 13/2

Considering you’ve got a stake of €100 on Arsenal winning the game at draw-no-bet odds of 13/2, the payout structure will be something like this one:

  • Manchester United (away): €550 (profit)
  • Tie: Your initial stake of €100 returned
  • Arsenal (home win): -€100.

Similar Betting Markets

If your favourite sportsbook doesn’t offer a draw-no-bet market, there’s no need to worry since numerous similar markets are available for you to pick from.

The double chance market is a perfect example, as it still provides you with the same level of security as a DNB. 

When placing a double chance wager, you back two possible results in a three-way market, for instance, home and draw, away and draw, home and away. Betting odds on this market aren’t as competitive as those of a draw-no bet.

Another similar market is a variant of an Asian handicap. An Asian handicap with a 0 is the same as a draw no bet market. With this variant of an Asian handicap, you’ll get your initial stake back if the game ends in a tie.

Conclusion: Is Draw No Bet a Profitable Wager?

A draw-no bet is a profitable wager as it offers the best way to protect your initial stake when a game ends in a draw or win if your prediction is correct. Draw no bet meaning is that your chances of losing money are very minimal since you have some security. 

Another benefit is that you can combine various draw-no-bet wagers into accumulators to increase your profits since a lower risk is involved. Up to this moment, you already know what a draw no bet is, and you can include it in your betting selections. 

Remember to sign up with one of the leading sportsbooks in order to enjoy some competitive odds on this market. Some bookies offer odd boosts on draw-no-bet markets, increasing your chances of winning a significant amount of money. Try out this market if you’re looking for a new market to bet on.

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