Rocket League Betting Sites 2024

Rocket League requires no further explanation as well as an introduction. It is a popular game that was speedy to adapt to its highly demanding electronic sports scene. Even more than five years after its launch, Rocket League is still going strong, and the same goes for eSports betting sites that offer lots of markets on this game.

In addition to lots of markets, Rocket League gambling sites also offer competitive Rocket League odds and generous promotions, not to mention quick withdrawals.

These are all crucial factors to keep in mind if you love to place bets on electronic sports. When you consider these features, you are likely to find one of the top-rated sites that you can sign up with. At first, there were not many betting platforms available for the punter to choose from.

Nowadays, however, there is a wide range of available betting sites. Before you can pick one of the recommended sites, be sure to go through the following parts of this Rocket League betting sites guide. 

Doing so will help you understand what Rocket League betting site is, the markets available, how to have an edge on Rocket League eSports betting, and the biggest tournaments that you can bet on.

What is Rocket League Betting?

Rocket League betting is the act of placing a wager on one of the top soccer games designed and developed by Psyonix. Instead of real human players, gamers are playing with cars in this game. Winning a bet that you had placed on this game is not only highly rewarding but also fun. If you’re an eSports fan, try betting on CSGO, Dota 2 or LOL. This will also give you a great feeling.


🎮 What is RLCS eSports?

RLCS eSports is an international professional esports organization that hosts competitions for the Rocket League video game. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Los Angeles, California. RLCS eSport also organizes events and leagues for other games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.

🎮 Are betting on Rocket League and RLCS betting legal?

There is no definitive answer to this question since gambling laws vary from country to country. However, as long as you are of legal age and are not using any third-party services to place your bets, then you should be fine. Just remember to bet responsibly!

🎮 Where to bet on Rocket League?

There are a few different ways that you can bet on Rocket League. The most common way is through online sportsbooks. There are a few different online sportsbooks that offer Rocket League wagering, and they all have their own odds and lines. You can also bet on Rocket League through eSports betting sites. These are websites that are specifically designed for betting on esports.

🎮 How to bet on Rocket League with crypto?

Crypto and betting on Rocket League is a match made in heaven. Why? Because it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s secure. Find a good crypto sportsbook that offers Rocket League wagering. We recommend or Cloudbet. Deposit some Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency into your account and start placing bets.

🎮 How to choose best Rocket League betting site?

There are a lot of Rocket League wagering sites out there. So, how do you choose the best one for you? You need to look for site reputation, Rocket League betting odds, bonuses, customer service, payment options, betting limits and security.

After placing a bet, you must be lucky enough to guess an outcome correctly. And before you can achieve that, you need to go through these simple steps:

Find a Top Rated Rocket League Wagering Website: Take your time to go through the recommended list of sites and pick one that blends smoothly with all of your needs and requirements. The good news is that all of the sites that experts recommend have everything that you need as a punter, including promotions and speedy transactions.

Open an Account and Claim a Welcome Offer: Once you have identified the best site, the next important step is to sign up and redeem any welcome package available. Whether it is a no deposit bonus, a matched offer, or a free bet, you should be able to get your hands on it.

Log into Your Account: To be able to place your first bet on Rocket League market, you need to access your account and, if possible, make the first deposit. While some sites will require you to use their welcome offers before you can deposit, others will need you to fund your new account.

rocket league RLCS eSports championship betting

Make Your First Bet: Access the Rocket League gambling site, browse the schedule and then choose your favorite event that you want to wager on. It is advisable to research both teams taking into account their previous forms and head-to-head history. You can then decide on your market and enter a stake that you are comfortable with. Press the bet now button and wait for the game to start.

Rocket League only took off worldwide in 2017, and that means it’s still one of the freshest games that players play professionally. And that means it is not at the same level as the likes of Call of Duty and Dota 2 in terms of betting markets. Despite that, there’re still some exciting markets available for you to choose from. The most popular ones are:

Correct Score: This type of wager is self-explanatory. As a punter, you just need to place a wager on what you think will be the final score. Taking into account how fast-paced Rocket League matches are, the correct score is a tricky market to pick, and it does not offer the much-needed value.

Outright: Placing a Rocket League wager on the winner of the match is one of the most popular wagers placed on this game. When placing an outright bet, you are simply choosing one of the participating teams to emerge the winner. If you are new to eSports betting, then outright is a perfect market for you.

Total Goals: Instead of guessing the exact number of goals that both teams will score, your sportsbook of choice will set an under or over goal target. You just need to wager whether the number of goals scored will be over or under the target available. According to betting experts, a total goals bet is a safer betting market compared to correct score.

Total Maps: In Rocket League Championship Series, games are normally decided by the top three games. On the other hand, the final and playoff matches are decided by the best of seven. Every match takes place on a new map of stadium, so it is possible to wager on the number of maps played.

rocket league wager in gambling sites

Next Goal: If you are a fan of live betting, then the next goal market is available for you to bet on. As a reactive market, it allows you to guess which team or player will manage to score the next goal.

Goal Handicap: This is a great market to use when one of the teams is highly favored. For example, if team B is the favorite, you are more likely to find -2.5 next to its name. When you choose this bet, it means that you need to win by over two clear goals for you to walk away with some winnings. The underdog will have the opposite by using +2.5, basically adding two scores to the goals for the wager to win.

How to Have an Edge Betting on Rocket League

Rocket League is a highly volatile game, and that means you need to have a proven strategy that will help you increase your chances of winning. To provide you with the best winning chances when placing wagers, you can keep in mind these five Rocket League betting tips:

  • Be selective when it comes to the bets you pick
  • Do research before placing a bet
  • Wager on an array of events
  • Understand some expert tactics, including shifting metas and understanding team strategies. This will allow you to be more decisive across all the markets.
rocket league championship series rlcs esport

Biggest Rocket League Tournaments to Bet

With betting on Rocket League, both third-party and official tournaments are available on the calendar. The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) was the main tournament since the establishment of this game. The tournament occurred twice a year. It was available in four different leagues that split across North America, South America, Europe, and Oceania. Each of these regions featured a regular season as well as a post-season playoff structure. 

The league games were the best of five matches that changed to the best of seven as the participating teams reached the playoff stage. Playoffs included four teams from North America and Europe and two from South America and Europe. The tournament was canceled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and a new competition was established. Rocket League Championship Series X is the current tournament. 

Compared to the previous competition, this championship is completely restructured. It runs across a year, and that means there will be only a single winner. Another tournament that many sportsbooks cover is the Grid. All these tournaments offer many markets, thanks to numerous events that they have. We wish you the best of luck in Rocket League championship betting.

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