Overwatch League Betting Sites 2024

Truly speaking, Overwatch League games are among the most popular events (like League of Legends betting) that punters bet on these days. In fact, Overwatch eSport has been growing rapidly in terms of popularity. But which part has benefited from the other? From the expert point of view, both parties have benefited, including punters, Overwatch League betting sites and the developers of Overwatch.

With close to approximately 330,000 peak spectatorship for the Grand Finals game only, there is no secret that the Overwatch League Inaugural Season was a huge success. And this success brought the league to a higher level and made its existence known across the world.

Thanks to these massive numbers, one of the biggest international tournaments in Overwatch has stirred dust in the community, and there’s still room for growth, especially with more and more competitions being arranged each year.

One major thing that punters are interested in is the availability of the Overwatch League when it comes to eSports betting. The major factor here lies in sports gambling sites that offer eSports betting and their willingness to provide lots of markets for the Overwatch League games. A list of the best Overwatch League betting sites can be found on this page.

Even if all the biggest eSports betting sites offer popular events only, there are some that cover minor tournaments and playoff games. On top of that, they offer generous deals on a range of Overwatch League events.

What is Overwatch? Overwatch Game Modes

Overwatch is Blizzards 4th original franchise. It is a team-based title that includes components of major gaming genres in the universe. With a gaming genre such as multiplayer battle arena, Overwatch has a diverse roster of controllable and playable heroes with different abilities, weaknesses and strengths. 


🎮 What is Overwatch?

Overwatch (OWL) is a cooperative computer game involving two teams of six players who choose the character they want. The characters can be different: Damage heroes, Tank heroes and Support heroes. The aim of the game is to complete all the specified objectives on the map within a given time limit.

🎮 Is betting on the Overwatch League legal?

Yes, Overwatch League eSports betting is legal. Join a betting company that operates in your country, and you can place bets on OWL events. Some companies also offer Overwatch live betting.

🎮 Where to bet on Overwatch League?

On this page you will find the best Overwatch betting sites. These bookmakers receive many positive customer reviews, are reliable, make timely withdrawals and keep your personal data safe.

🎮 How to choose the best Overwatch League gambling site?

When choosing a betting Overwatch League site, always pay attention to the following:

  • whether the bookmaker has a reputable gambling license, e.g., Malta gaming license;
  • how long it takes to withdraw your winnings;
  • whether the bookmaker has positive reviews;
  • what bonuses the bookmaker offers.

🎮 Where to watch eSports Overwatch online?

At most OWL betting companies, you can not only find overwatch league betting odds and place your OWL bet, but you can also watch a live stream of the game. Sometimes you can watch the live stream without even placing a Overwatch bet – all you need to do is register or fund your betting account.

Players manage these heroes by controlling them from a first-person perspective and compete in different modes that are taken from the FPS mould. Because of this, the title has seen players from different genres taking interest in one of the competitive modes that focus on an individual’s ability and teamwork.

Gamers can participate in games in several modes and on different maps with the modes. Six players make a team that competes in different modes like Assault, Escort, Hybrid and Control. On the other hand, there are arcade games such as Capture the Flag, Elimination, and Deathmatch. These games are available in fun modes that aren’t featured in any competitive scene. Here are more details about the four major Overwatch game modes.

Overwatch OWL bet on Overwatch League gambling


Lijian Tower, Busan, Oasis, Ilios, and Nepal are the maps of this Overwatch game mode. In the control mode, teams compete for objective areas in a top-three challenge. Every round features an objective area, and teams make a progress towards claiming the area in question. Each round also presents a brand new objective area that is featured on a unique part of the map. 

The participating teams ban the maps available by turn, and the remaining ones are used for play. In this mode, the banning procedures vary from one tournament to another. Due to this, different tournament structures influence the matchups.


The maps available in the hybrid mode are Hollywood, Numbani, Eichenwalde, Blizzard World and King’s Row. Hybrid is a mix of Escort and Assault, the First Person Shooter game modes. When playing in the hybrid mode, all competing teams are battling to capture points for the game’s first part. After that, the mode changes to Escort.

Overwatch League OWL betting odds


Paris, Volskaya Industries, Hanamura, Horizon Lunar Colony, and Temple of Anubis are the maps that you will find in the Assault mode. Defending and attacking teams have to defend and claim capture points across a given map. The Assault mode is similar to the Battlefield Series’ the Conquest. To be successful in this mode, players must work as a team.


Escort features six maps which are Dorado, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Havana, Route 66, Rialto and Junkerttown. Often called payload, the main aim in the Escort mode is for the attackers to move the cart to a specific point. The winning area varies from one map to another. And players can only move the payload when the heroes position themselves in its vicinity. 

The more the heroes from a team position in that range, the speed of movement increases massively. On the other side, defenders need to stop the payload from reaching that particular point before the expiry time elapses.

Overwatch League Betting Tips and Strategy

When you are putting together an Overwatch eSports betting strategy, you can apply some of the things that pro bettors use in mainstream sports betting. In most ways, placing bets on Overwatch competitions and games is like wagering on any other minor or major real sport. Some of the simple Overwatch betting tips that you can keep in mind when building an Overwatch sports wagering strategy that’ll provide lots of success are:

Research the Players and Teams Thoroughly

Similar to any other type of sports betting, information is important to being not only successful but also placing some winning wagers. You need to be up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Overwatch world if you want to be in a good position to make informed decisions about betting on this major eSports game. Sources like Overwatch League betting Reddit are useful when it comes to getting the latest information.

Know All Types of Odds and Bets

Apart from having the latest information, you also need to understand all the types of bets and eSports odds that offer Overwatch League betting sites. Understanding the odds and bets means that you can be able to know where good value is. Also, it is important to know how the Overwatch League odds work and how they present the probability of an outcome happening.

Best Overwatch League betting sites

Keep a Close Eye on Your Bankroll

Being able to manage your bankroll money is an important skill, whatever gambling type you love. If you keep a close eye on your betting budget and the overall bankroll, you are more likely to make wiser and better decisions about the sportsbooks to sign up with and how much you can use to bet each day. With a proper bank management strategy, betting on Overwatch League events will be fun rather than converting into something stressful.

The Overwatch World Cup Betting

The Overwatch World Cup (OWC official site) is the yearly eSports competition that provides a platform for all national teams to prove their gaming skills. This competition is separate from the Overwatch League scene. The Overwatch World Cup format has shifted across the years, with the latest consisting of three main stages, which range from the preliminary round and group stages to playoffs.

Any country that is looking to take part in a single-knockout seeded bracket must compete in the pre-preliminary stage. However, a minimum of five countries are enrolled automatically in the group stages of the Overwatch World Cup based on the top five national rankings. In terms of group stages, the leading ten countries are grouped into two, with the top country from each group qualifying for the semi-finals. The winners of the semi-finals progress to the playoffs.

Overwatch League eSports live betting Reddit

The Overwatch World Cup offers many events for punters to place bets on as there are lots of games to choose from, which range from the preliminary round to the playoffs. Apart from lots of markets, you will also find some bonus offers that you can use across the Overwatch World Cup competition.

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