Best Fortnite Betting Sites 2024

Fortnite is one of the most played and loved Battle Royale games across the world. The title has attracted lots of professional gamers and celebrities as well as superstars. Since its establishment on 26th September 2017, until now, the game has amassed more than 250 million registered players making it the highest-grossing title in history. 

A fast-paced third-person shooter game, Fortnite has already made a huge splash in the electronic sports world. The Fortnite World Cup and the Champion Series, paired with hundreds of gambling sites across the world, are building the case of Fortnite for the hottest esports betting markets.

If you are new to Fortnite betting, then no need to worry since this guide will help you learn how to bet online, the biggest tournaments, and the best sites to sign up with, among other important things. So keep reading to discover more.

How to Bet on Fortnite Games Online?

Before you can place your first wager in betting company, there are a few steps that you need to go through. The best part is that all of these steps are straightforward, meaning you can get started within the shortest possible time. Here are all the steps to make bets at the best Fortnite betting sites.


🎮 Can you make Fortnite bets online?

✅ Yes, you can make bets online on this esports game and Fortnite sports betting is legal if you are betting in a reputable and licensed bookmaker.

🎮 What Fortnite tournaments are today?

There are always some tournaments going on in Fortnite games, but the most popular are World Cup and The Skirmish Series.

🎮 How to make fortnite esports betting profitable?

First of all, if you want to make profitable bets on this game you need to understand that, so we recommend you try this game before you make bets. Secondly, we recommend trying a live betting strategy, where you can watch Twitch streams and adjust your betting strategy.

🎮 What are Fortnite tokens wagers?

Fortnite tokens wagers is a form of gambling, where you can put wagers on your own performance with other players, betting on events or streamers and bet on yourself in private bets.

🎮 How many Fortnite players are there?

Fortnite is a very popular game, which debuted on the game scene in 2017 and now has more then 350 millions players across the world.

🎮 How Fortnite makes money?

Fortnite’s annual revenue reached $5 billions, this game makes money from selling hard copy or digital versions of the game and also from microtransactions which players make in the game.

🎮 Who's the best Fortnite player?

Best Fortnite player of all time is Kyle Giersdorf, he is an American professional gamer and  won more than $3 million in Fortnite tournaments. He also won Grand Royale champion title (2021), Chapter 2 Season 8 champion title (2021) and in 2019 won Fortnite World Cup.

🎮 Why Fortnite is better than Minecraft?

Both games are very popular and different. Fortnite is a shooter survival game and Minecraft is a game about building and exploration. So if you are looking for a battle with someone when the Fortnite game is better and if you compare games revenues – Fortnite makes 10 times more than Minecraft.

To find a Fortnite gambling site that offers the best betting services, you will need to choose from the recommended list. Experts take their time to find and review only top-rated sites available online. 

When picking the sites, they keep in mind a number of things which include bonuses and promotions, the markets available, speed of transactions, a range of payment methods, and customer support services, among other crucial features. With all these features, you are sure to find a good Fortnite betting site from the list.

Sign Up With Your Betting Site of Choice

After choosing one of the Fortnite bet sites recommended by experts, you will have to create an account. In most cases, you will find an easy-to-complete sign-up process that requires just a few minutes. Once you have an account, the next step is to claim a welcome bonus if it is a no deposit offer (read this – betting sites with welcome bonus). You can use the bonus to place a bet on Fortnite games or competitions.

who's the best fortnite bets player

Make the First Deposit

While you can bet using a no deposit bonus, some Fortnite wagers sites do not offer such a promotion. They will require you to make a deposit and use the funds to place a bet. The best sites will always provide you with a matched bonus that you can also take advantage of. Just like a no deposit bonus, you can also use a first deposit bonus to bet money on Fortnite market, event or tournament.

Access Your Account

To place the first wager on any Fortnite event or market, you must log into your account. Once you access it, you will be able to browse different events and markets that you can bet on. Keep in mind that you can use either a no deposit bonus, a deposit bonus, or your funds to bet on sports Fortnite tournaments and games.

Place the First Bet

Placing the first Fortnite bet is a straightforward event. You only need to access wager Fortnite site, go through the schedule, and pick an event that you want to bet on. Before you can place the bet on any event, be sure to do some research about the two teams keeping in mind things like H2H history and their respective previous forms. You can then choose your favorite market and enter the amount of money that you want to stake. Confirm your bet and wait for the event to kick off.

Biggest Fortnite Tournaments to Bet

When it comes to Fortnite tournaments, gamers are grouped into squads or can play solo. The groups usually feature four gamers. The number of matches in a single tournament isn’t set. However, the first team or player to achieve a given amount of points emerges as the winner. Fortnite competitions are still few, but you will always find enough events betting on Fortnite. With that in mind, the most popular Fortnite competitions are:

what betting on fortnite tournaments are today

Fortnite World Cup Betting: The Fortnite World Cup is an outright festival that attracts the hottest talents from across the universe, lucrative sponsorship deals, and a bunch of gambling potential, creating continuous traffic for real money esports betting Fortnite websites.

Fortnite Skirmish Series: The Skirmish Series includes the summer and fall Skirmish. Aside from attracting lots of viewers, the Skirmish Series also provides many markets to bet Fortnite on. The first Skirmish Series took place in 2019, and it was secret since it was not greeted with much public exposure. During that time, only a few betting sites offered betting markets on the event. But currently, many of them offer lots of opportunities to bet money Fortnite.

Best Fortnite Betting Sites

To convert your predictions into real money that you can withdraw, you will need to sign up with a dependable wager website Fortnite. If you are looking for a betting platform completely dedicated to offering the best eSports betting products and services, Cyberbet, Betzest, and Thunderpick is best fortnite betting sites and should be your go-to options. 

Aside from Fortnite game betting, they also offer gambling services for other popular electronic sports, allowing you to use the same platform for Rocket League or League of Legends betting. Additionally, these sites offer competitive Fortnite betting odds, generous promotions, and the fastest withdrawals.

How is Fortnite Played?

It is important to know how the Fortnite online game is played before you can place a bet on any matches available on your sportsbook of choice. The game’s competitive ruleset has some massive differences from the casual mode. Currently, there are two types of competitive play, which are closed and open. Open tournaments include Fortnite professionals participating in open online games for a given number of matches. 

It can also be a set period, depending on what comes first. Across these two game modes, players are trying their best to score kills and be able to rack up the much-needed Victory Royals to collect as many points as possible. Note that in this game, professionals do not kill other contestants to score. Any killings on random gamers also count towards the score. 

how many fortnite bet players are there

As a result of the high number of gamers in the esports Fortnite game, the chances of any player winning are smaller compared to other electronic sports games. But the good news is that you do not have to take a one-in-a-hundred chance when making your Fortnite predictions. Squads and duos are popular with many betting sites, and their Fortnite tournaments work similarly to the Solo ones discussed above.

Fortnite Live Betting Strategy

Similar to other eSports games, Fortnite also provides you with an opportunity to place live bets. And to increase your chances of winning, you need to have the best Fortnite live betting strategy. Having such a gambling Fortnite strategy will help you to push your betting success into a new dimension. But setting up your live betting strategy can prove to be a time-consuming as well as a complex process. 

But there are many FNCS betting sites that offer some proven strategies. When you take your time to look deeper into the different proven strategies available, you will discover that most of them require you to choose the right sportsbook, take advantage of Fortnite betting bonus and promotions and do lots of research before you can place your live bet.

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