NFL Super Bowl 2020: Top Five Novelty Betting Markets

We are in the NFL playoffs, which means the NFL Super Bowl 2020 is just moments away from taking place! This is the greatest show on earth, and often a fantastic game of football, although the game last year will probably go down as one of the worst Super Bowl games in recent times. However, it is time to look forward to the upcoming 2020 event from a betting perspective and as ever we are going to have a wealth of betting markets available to use when the game comes around. Here is a look at five novelty betting markets you can use to bet on the NFL Super Bowl 2020. 


How many days till super bowl 2020?

Super Bowl 2020 will be in beautiful Miami, Florida in February 2nd.

How to win correct score betting?

You must have access to the team news, know what is at stake for both teams, know the form of both teams, understand which team has a good scoring record, which is defending well and the recent record between the teams.

What is correct score betting?

Correct Score Bet is a form of betting which allows you to predict the result of a certain game. You can make a lot of money from one correct score.

How much is a touchdown worth?

Rushing touchdown worth six points. The scoring team is also awarded the opportunity for an extra 1 point or 2 point.

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Super Bowl MVP

A great market because this is the only game of the season where you can bet on this. Who will be given the MVP award in the game for being the most valuable player to their team? This is often a market that is dominated by the two quarterbacks for the teams taking part, but if you can find someone elsewhere to take a punt on then you are going to get some huge value here. 

We have seen many NFL quarterbacks win this award, but we have also seen surprises in the past so don’t be put off backing someone at a huge price, either an attacking player to score or a defensive player to create havoc and have a couple of interceptions, and maybe even a touchdown on a turnover. 

For those looking to have a fun bet and place a wager on something that hasn’t been available for any other games during the season, this is the NFL Super Bowl 2020 betting market you need to be looking at. 

first touchdown scorer betting

First Touchdown Scorer Betting

A market that you can normally bet on for all NFL games, but one that has extra interest in a big game like the Super Bowl. Will you go for the favourite and back a top wide receiver or running back to land the first touchdown or will you go for a big outsider, perhaps a run from the quarterback himself, or maybe even a defensive player picking up an interception and then taking it to the other end of the field to score. 

This is a great market to be involved in because it gives you the option to bet how you want. Those who want to have a big chance of winning and are maybe staking a larger bet can go for one of the favourites while those who want a small staking bet at big odds can look at the outsiders in the field and choose one of those. 

how to win correct score betting

What Will the First Score Be?

This is a market that is not very common at all, but on the Super Bowl, it really comes to life. There are many markets like this that people bet on for the big game, but don’t usually use at any other point of the season. This is where you decide what the first touchdown scorer bet will be, will it be a field goal, rushing touchdown, receiving touchdown, onside kick or defensive touchdown. 

This is a great, alternative way to place a touchdown wager on what will happen first in the game. It is likely that we will see points scored in the first quarter of the game, so this bet won’t last too long but it will give you something to cheer on during that quarter as the game gets underway. Again, like the other markets we have mentioned here, you can either go with something that has a big chance of happening or choose an outsider such as a defensive touchdown to be the first score of the game, and be rewarded with big odds for making a selection like that. 

Correct Score Betting

While there are some sports where correct score betting is hugely popular, the NFL certainly isn’t one of them. Betting on who will win the game can often be hard enough without having to try and work out the correct score too, and this is why many people stay away from this market as it is almost impossible to predict. 

However, for a big game like the Super Bowl, people do try their luck here, often covering multiple correct scores at big odds to try and find the winner. You can expect to see three-figure odds for many of the scores in this market, which makes it ideal for those who are looking for something to bet on with small stakes at huge odds. 

While this is not the market to turn to in search of a strong bet and likely winner, the correct score market is popular on Super Bowl night and will continue to be so because of the odds on offer inside it. 

how much is a touchdown worth

Betting on the Half Time Show

One of the biggest reasons why the Super Bowl is such a big deal is because of the half time show that takes place, with a huge name in the world of music taking to the stage in the middle of the field to perform for the audience. 

This is actually something you can bet on, with a few different markets created by the bookmakers. These include betting on which special guests will appear to play with the artist, what songs they will play and a few other things that will become available if there is a story surrounding something. 

This is of course not a serious betting market but if you fancy a wager on something completely different at the 2020 Super Bowl then this is the market where you will find that. This year, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform the half time show for fans in Florida, and with both artists being the type who love to put on a show for their fans, it is fair to say that you can expect something huge from these two. Betting will be available on a variety of things for those who wish to bet on the event. 

If you want find more information about NFL betting strategy check out our NFL betting guide page.

Dalius Mikalauskas

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