NFL Touchdown Scorer Bet

One of the betting markets that has really thrived in terms of NFL betting over the past couple of years is touchdown betting. Those who bet on soccer will know that goal scorer betting is hugely popular, and thanks to many punters becoming interested in NFL touchdown scorer betting, bookmakers have tried their best to replicate the markets on offer.




If you are watching a game and you want an interesting bet in it then backing a touchdown scorer is a fantastic way of getting involved.

You can either bet at a short price on someone to score a touchdown NFL at any time in the game, or you can increase the odds by backing someone to multi score bet on touchdowns in the same game.

Here are the basic touchdown betting markets which you can use to get yourself involved in an NFL game. If you want make bets with crypto, check best crypto betting sites.

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First Touchdown Scorer Bet Explained. Last Goal Scorer Betting

Just like in soccer, you are able to bet on who will score the first and last touchdown in the game. First touchdown odds on offer from the nfl bookies are exactly the same as last touchdown odds.


🏈 How much is a touchdown worth?

A touchdown is worth 6 points and scoring team gets oppotunity to get extra point or two point conversion.

🏈 What is no touchdown scorer bet meaning?

Touchdown scorer in the game, or whether no touchdown will be scored. If no Touchdowns are scored, stakes will be lost unless no Touchdown scorer is selected

🏈 Who scored the first touchdown in the nfl?

1920 in St. Paul Ideal gainst Rock islands Independents game, Eddie Nowak scored the first touchdown in 10 yard rush.

🏈 What is first touchdown scorer betting rules?

Time of 1st Touchdown/1st Field Goal -Winning bets must predict the time when the first touchdown or field goal occurs. All bets are timed in accordance with the official match clock.

🏈 Where to find best odds player to score first touchdown bet?

Check best US Sports betting sites rating and bookies on the top are great for NFL bets.

🏈 What is an anytime touchdown scorer bet?

Anytime touchdown scorer bet means that you are betting on a touchdown score at some point in the game, it doesn’t matter which player scored first or last and how many touchdowns are scored. But on this touchdown market you will get much smaller odds.

For example, if your player is 5/1 first touchdown scorer bet, they will also be available at 5/1 to score the last touchdown. Whichever you choose to go with is entirely up to you, but the majority of punters like to bet on touchdown score first bet when placing this kind of bet.

how much is a last touchdown worth

The advantage to backing a first scorer or last goal scorer betting instead of an any time scorer is that the odds on offer are much bigger, so if you win then you are going to get a much bigger payout on touchdown in american football bet.

However, of course, if the first touchdown scorer betting goes on the first drive, there is a chance that your bet will be down within the first couple of minutes and without your player even touching the ball, so there is that risk to consider when placing that player to score first touchdown bet.

Anytime Touchdown Scorer Meaning

If you want an interest throughout the full game and you want to place a bet that gives you an opportunity to win at anytime scorer then you should be looking to place an anytime touchdown scorer bet.

This counts for all the game, and it doesn’t matter how many touchdown american football are scored and whether your player scores first or last, all they have to do is score a touchdown at some point in the game.

player to score first touchdown bet odds

With a lot more chance of winning and plenty more in your favour, the anytime scorer odds on offer here are much smaller as you would expect. This is especially the case for the best players in the game, who find themselves on the scoresheet on a regular basis.

In instances when you are backing players like this, it may be best to place a double or treble on two or three selections in different games you are watching. This will help you to increase the odds that you will be paid out at, while also giving you an interest in multiple games.

Multiple Touchdown Betting

If you want to stick to just one game and one player, but you don’t like the short odds on offer for that player then you can back them to score multiple touchdowns instead. There are two american football betting markets available for this, the first is for the player to score two or more touchdowns and the second is for the player to score three or more touchdowns.

odds player to score first touchdown bet

Both of these markets will enhance the price of your bet, although the obviously have more risk attached as you are betting that your selection will score twice, or maybe even three times in the game for you to win the bet.

While players do score multiple touchdowns sometimes in games, this is usually only done by the very best players in the league, so think about this when you are putting a bet on. This is an option to use if you want to bet something at a bigger price, although make sure you understand that a bet like this will be a winner far less frequently and you need luck on your side.

Bookmakers Special Bets

Thanks to the surge in NFL betting over the past few years, bookmakers have been doing all they can to add alternative markets for punters to use. Every weekend when there is NFL action taking place, alongside their standard markets, they will also offer a number of specials for punters to bet on, usually covering either multiple players in the same game to score touchdowns or one player from each of two or three games.

first touchdown scorer bet explained betting rules

The majority of these offers will be available at an enhanced price, with the bookmaker boosting the odds for you so if you are looking to find some value and you want an NFL interest for the weekend then this is certainly something to look out for.

Many bookmakers are now offering these kinds of bets to try to compete with each other, so if your bookmaker nfl doesn’t offer them, there should be plenty of others out there that do.

When you are looking at these bets it is also important to note that alongside players scoring touchdowns in the game, it could also include the number of yards they get. For example, the special bet for one game may be for two different players to score a touchdown in the game and for a quarterback to throw more than a quoted number of yards.

no touchdown scorer bet meaning

These special bets offer you the chance to jump on something that has been specially created by the bookmakers. These bets on the NFL usually cover touchdowns and total yards, and many of them focus on just one or two games.

If you are looking for an alternative way to get involved then NFL markets certainly offer that. Be sure to understand the bet you are placing before you put your money down though, so you know what you need to happen for you to pick up a win.

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