Spain La Liga Predictions

When you compare the football leagues around the world, the Spanish La Liga stands out as being one of the very best. Two of the biggest clubs in the world, Barcelona and Real Madrid, both fight it out for the La Liga title each season, while others such as Atletico Madrid and Sevilla try to get involved and cut the gap between the big two and the rest. In this article you will find Spain La Liga Predictions for 2020.

We have seen Spanish clubs have a lot of success in Europe, Real Madrid in particular, with numerous Spanish wins in both the Champions League and Europa League over the past decade. This shows that as well as being a great league to watch, and full of domestic games, it is also a league that stands up well against the other top leagues in Europe.

The league has a reputation for being an attacking league, with plenty of flair players plying their trade in Spain, which makes it good to watch. These players can put together multiple scoring chances each game, and because of that, we often see high scoring games in Spain which is good for the neutral fans.

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spain la liga season betting predictions
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Who Will Win La Liga 2019/20?

We are around a third of the way through the La Liga season right now, and the start has been exactly as expected. Barcelona and Real Madrid are leading the way, tied at the top of the table with both Sevilla and Atletico Madrid trying their best to keep up with them in 3rd and 4th.

Based on our thoughts before the season, and what we have seen from the top four so far, it would be a really big surprise is anyone else was able to break into the top four this season, those who occupy the places now look likely to remain there for the full season, but in what order will they finish?

It doesn’t look like this will be the year where either Sevilla or Atletico Madrid can win the league and not only that but it doesn’t look like they have the ability to get into the top two. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had their struggles at the start of the 2019/20 season, but no one has been able to pass them despite that. It is expected that Real and Barca will both be better than what we have seen moving forward, and that should only kick them further clear of the chasing pack behind them.

So, we have Atletico Madrid and Sevilla fighting it out for 3rd and 4th, and Barcelona and Real Madrid battling it out for 1st and second, this looks like being a great race to look out for in 2020 in La Liga.

There appears to be little to separate the top two in the league, but something that could decide things is squad harmony. Real Madrid are having trouble with that right now, which has been no secret since the summer. Much of it revolves around Gareth Bale, but there is plenty going off in Madrid and many people not happy at the club so it will be interesting to see how this unfolds and the effect it has on the players involved.

This could play a big part in how the rest of the season goes. It is vitally important to be together as a team, and they are not right now, if things get tight and they have to battle hard for the points, will this team pull together and help each other or not? That has to be a big worry for their fans moving forward this season, it is not something you want hanging over the team.

As for Barcelona, they have been far from their best so far, but there is much more to come from them, they just need to work out how they are going to get going. The positive for them is that they will look at the table and see they are right in the mix at the top, and this is without playing their best. If they can find their feet and play at their best, they should be more than capable of pulling clear from the opposition to win the league.

Spain La Liga Predictions of the Season

  1. Barcelona
  2. Real Madrid
  3. Atletico Madrid
  4. Sevilla

Betting odds are available on La Liga (read La Liga betting tips) for those who wish to have a bet on who will win the league this season. Our Spain football prediction: Barcelona and Real Madrid are both the favourites to win the league, while big prices are available on anyone else.

Another betting market available, other than just the standard win market, is the yes/no market. Here you place your bet depending on how you answer the question, for example, will Barcelona win the league? Odds are available on the two answers, yes and no. The same is available for those looking to bet on Real Madrid too.

spanish premier la league predictions

While many people like to bet on who will win the league before the season begins, betting during the season is also available, and can give you a slight advantage as a punter. The betting odds will have changed because teams have played games and picked up points but there is one advantage to this for punters.

By waiting until now, you can take a look at how the teams have played this season, and base your bets on real-time information. Those betting before the season started are basing their bets on what happened last season, but teams have changed and new players have arrived. By betting now you can take all of this into account and try to find the value based on what you have seen and what you think may happen in the future.

This can often be good to use when a team have been unlucky, hurt by injuries or struggled to get going. These teams won’t have as many points on the board as they should, and could be underestimated a little by the bookmakers if they have not seen what you have. This is where you need to look to find value in the market, if a team has been really impressive then everyone will have seen it, including the bookmakers so they will be priced up accordingly.

Top Goal Scorer – Spain La Liga Prediction

One of the best features of La Liga is the big-name players that are in the league. These are mainly all attacking players, the league is home to some of the biggest attacking names in the world, led by Argentinian Lionel Messi. The Barcelona forward has been regarded as one of the best players to ever play the game by many, and for the past decade he has been lighting up La Liga with his play. He can do it all, he can provide for his teammates, score goals himself and is a great leader that other players look up to.

He is the name you think about first when going through the top goal scorers in La Liga, but he is not the only one capable of winning the top scorer award this season.

Currently leading the way in the La Liga scoring race is Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, who is now in double figures for the season. With the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo more than a year ago and the problems, Gareth Bale has had at the club, Benzema has had no choice but to step up and lead the team in terms of goals. He is the only Madrid player capable of troubling the top scorer list. Our La Liga betting predictions on top goal scorer – if Real Madrid are to win the league this season then he will need to keep scoring at the rate he currently is, which would mean him scoring 30+ goals this season.

Barcelona have further players who could be top scorer this season, which is a great accompaniment to having Messi in the team, and something that Real Madrid are lacking. Luiz Suarez is more of an out and out striker than Lionel Messi, and not as good as his fellow Argentinian but he does know how to put himself in the right place at the right time, which counts for a lot when you have creativity behind you.

spain primera prediction

Suarez leads the line for Barcelona, plays off the last man and allows the creative players to get the ball to him, where he is more than capable of adding a finish to the move. He won’t catch the eye as much as Messi, and if he doesn’t score then he won’t offer the same contribution that Messi will, but he can score important goals. Suarez is all about being in the right place at the right time thanks to his fantastic movement, and he is capable of finishing a move to score goals for his team.

We often see the top goal scorer come from the big two clubs, but it is worth mentioning a few more players who could get involved. Gerard Moreno of Villarreal has got himself off to a great start and is right up there with Benzema and Messi at the moment on the goal-scoring chart. He doesn’t have anywhere near the same kind of supply that the big clubs offer, so it will be hard for him to keep up this pace, but he has been very impressive so far.

Of those clubs trying to challenge Barcelona and Real Madrid, Alvaro Morata of Atletico Madrid could prove to be the best bet at keeping up with the big players. He was fantastic in Spain, scoring for fun until a move to Chelsea in the Premier League (read how to bet on English Premier League) where things didn’t really work out for him. Now he is back in his home country and is already scoring. He has a long way to go to catch up and overtake the bigger names, but he should get plenty of service and will be playing on a team that will win more than they lose this season.

spain la liga prediction

Total Player Goals in the Season

If you are looking at goal scorers then a betting market you should look at alongside the top goalscorer market is the total player goals market. This is where you concentrate on one single player, and you back over or under the line set on how many goals they will get this season. For example, for Lionel Messi the line may be set at 28.5, this means you go for either 28 and under or 29 and over for Messi’s total goals during the season.

It doesn’t matter where your player finishes in the top goal scorer standings if you bet on this market, you are simply focusing on your one player and no one else. One of the great reasons to use this spanish premier league predictions market is if you think someone will struggle and won’t get many goals.

If you use the top goalscorer market and think a player will struggle then you have to name someone else to beat him and be the top scorer, with this market you don’t. Instead you can just look at the line and back under it if you think the player will struggle to get there.

This is also a great way to back one of your favourite players for success, without needing them to beat anyone else. If you are a big fan of Alvaro Morata then you can back him on this line, not having to worry about him beating the likes of Lionel Messi and Karim Benzema, instead, all you are focused on is him having a good goal-scoring season and beating the line you have had a bet on.

This market is something you can use for those who you like but don’t fancy to take the top scorer title too, perhaps players who are at some of the smaller clubs in Spain. The top goalscorer market isn’t one they can lead, but they can still have good seasons and win you some money if you guess the line right and back them.

If you want find more information about football betting strategy and find not only Spain Primera prediction, visit our football betting guide page.

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