Premier League Betting 2024

Premier League betting has become increasingly profitable for both punters and sportsbooks.

As the most watched domestic football competition globally, the EPL boasts twenty incredibly skilled teams with talented players and some of the most tactical managers. As a result, it offers many football betting opportunities and markets. Let’s discover more.

Premier League


Premier League

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Premier League Betting Markets

The Premier League is undoubtedly the leading football competition worldwide. So, you’ll not be surprised to discover that sportsbooks offer deep and diverse EPL betting markets.

From match results and over/under to correct score and top goalscorer, here are the most popular Premier League Betting Markets.

Match Results

A match result is the most straightforward EPL market that you can select. All you need to do is to pick either the winner or loser of the match. You can also decide to choose a draw.

Match results are simply the outcomes of the EPL games. They can be home wins, away wins, or draws.


⚽ What is the Premier League?

The Premier League is the top tier of English football, featuring 20 clubs that compete annually from August to May. It is known for its global popularity, competitive nature, and financial strength, attracting top talent and millions of fans worldwide.

⚽ Where to bet on Premier League?

Best Premier League bookmakers include: Jackbit, Rolletto, Unibet.

⚽ How can I bet on Premier League matches?

Online sportsbooks offer easy access to Premier League betting. Explore various betting markets and competitive odds on licensed platforms. Some sites even feature special bets related to top European football clubs with the most trophies, enhancing your betting experience.

⚽ Where Premier League teams are from?

Premier League teams are based in various cities and regions across England, including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and others.

⚽ Which is better Premier League or Champions League?

The preference between the Premier League and the Champions League is subjective, as both offer unique attractions. The Premier League provides consistent domestic competition and intense rivalries, while the Champions League features elite European clubs and the prestige of continental success.

When you’re betting on match results, you need to have some statistics in mind. Use top-rated stats platforms to find the information you need. For this market, you can look at stats like:

  • Home and away performances
  • Current form
  • Home advantage
  • Players, including injured and suspended
  • Draws and attendance
  • Predictions

In the EPL, most teams win at home, especially those in good form. Also, draws are common, especially when a top side is playing a mid-table team or those at the tail of the EPL league table.


The over/under market includes the total number of times an event will occur during a game. In the EPL, this event can be a goal, a corner, a card, a foul, etc. Many top-rated bookies currently offer this market.

Sportsbooks allocate the lowest and highest number to an EPL game, and punters can place wagers on whether there’ll be fewer (under) or more (over) than that number. Read our in-depth analysis on over/under 2.5 goals betting strategy.


The sportsbook’s lowest and highest number will never be a whole digit. That guarantees the outcome will be either under or over. There can’t be half a corner or goal in a football match.

So, for example, if there is a game where a sportsbook is offering the market under or over 10.5 corners, there must be a total of 11 or more corners for your over bet to win.

Your bet will be lost if the number of corners awarded is ten and below. If you place an under bet, you earn a profit if there are nine corners and below. You’ll lose if the total is 11 or more.

Statistics are also available for this market. Look for goal-scoring information about the two competing teams. Many stats platforms offer over and under comparisons. Also, you should look for card and corner stats.

Many English Premier League games end with at least one goal. So research the goal-scoring statistics of your teams, including clean sheets, before you can make your bet.

Correct Score

A correct score wager is one that allows you to forecast an EPL game’s final score. This will be the result after 90 minutes. There could be extra time and penalties in some games, especially cup ties or matches where the winner must be determined.


Many top-rated bookmakers often offer attractive odds on correct scores. But making a prediction of this outcome isn’t easy. Two versions of the correct score are available, which include:

  •  A scorecast: This wager is an advanced bet of the traditional correct score. It involves choosing the correct score of the game and a goalscorer. For instance, it can be Raheem Sterling to score and Chelsea to win 2-0.
  •  A wincast: This wager type combines picking the goal scorer and the EPL game outcome. It doesn’t involve the correct score result. So it would be Raheem Sterling to score and Chelsea to win. A wincast’s odds won’t be as high as those of a scorecast since it’s easier to forecast the result than the scoreline.

You need to access some valuable statistics to boost your chances of winning a correct score bet. Look at goals scored, average total, clean sheets, goals conceded, expected goals, and failed to score.

The exact score is difficult to predict in the EPL. But on average, most teams score two goals. Better sides manage to score between three and four goals. So research the two sides in your favourite game to determine what the underdog and the favourite can score.


To Win Outright

With this simple bet, all you have to do is pick a team that will be the overall winner. It’s possible to place your bet at the start or when the race to the title gets serious. 

To make an informed bet, look for competition stats such as form, home and away performance, players signed and injuries. It’s advisable to place your bet after at least ten games.

With a minimum of ten games, you can be able to get the right statistics to increase your chances of placing an informed to-win-outright bet.

Pick a team that starts with 100% win across the first ten games. Or the one with the least defeats. Take into account things like expected goals, shorts on target, shots per game, and goals per game. With these stats, you can know if a team can score goals and continue winning games.

Recently, we also covered another unique betting market – Premier League Champions League Qualification – make sure to check it out.

Teams Recent Performance

Several teams performed excellently last season, including:

  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Manchester United 
  • Newcastle 

They were among the top four. As a result, many experts expect them to challenge the leading contenders for the title.

Liverpool and Tottenham are also strong, meaning they can join the race for the title. Let’s look at the undervalued and overvalued teams in the English Premier League.

Newcastle Prediction

This season, Newcastle is one of the overvalued teams in the EPL regarding performance. With its newfound wealth, Newcastle found immediate success.

While many football experts, fans and punters thought that it’ll continue to emulate this season and more others to come, it has started the Premier League 2023-2024 campaign poorly, winning two games out of five.


It is still early days. However, the Champions League tournament could overwhelm the team this season. There is no denying that Newcastle will be a strong contender in the following seasons. Great players with a lot of fighting character are in the team.

They invested heavily during the transfer window and will be looking forward to becoming a force to watch in the EPL.

Manchester United Prediction

Manchester United is another overvalued team in the Premier League in terms of performance and pushing for the title. Erik Ten Hag is working his magic on the team to improve. The team finished in the third-place last season, which is a great result.

But it can still challenge the EPL title this season. During the first four games, they have won two and lost two. They need to improve in order to push for the title.

Chelsea Prediction

Chelsea enthusiasts rejoiced when the new management took over the club. Todd Boehly started purchasing players immediately after taking over the club, spending a fortune to acquire young players with great talent.

Chelsea is among the most undervalued EPL football teams in terms of betting odds, results and form.

When the campaign started, many football fans and sportsbooks were hoping that Chelsea would push for the trophy, considering it had invested profoundly in the past two transfer windows. However, the club’s wheels have started to fall off, with two draws, one win, and two defeats.

Liverpool Prediction

After Chelsea, Liverpool is another undervalued team when it comes to performance. Last season, the club finished in the fifth position.


Its resurgence towards the end of the campaign helped it grab that particular position. This season, Liverpool will be looking forward to playing Europa League football. 

They can be title contenders with great additions, including Alexis Mac Allister and Dominik Szoboszlai. In their first five games, they have managed to draw one and win four, and they’re scoring goals. That means they’re on the right track.

Injury Report and Teams News

Successful EPL bettors follow injury reports and team news to stay up-to-date. If you understand injury reports and stay updated, you’ll make informed wagers on the games, teams and players.

Injury reports and team news allow you to know which markets to select, including top goalscorer, over/under, match results, outright winner, etc. 

Let’s take Chelsea, for example; it has the highest number of injuries, from Reece James and Romeo Lavia to Carney Chukwuemeka and Christopher Nkunku; the list continues. Maybe these injuries are the main reason why the team has started the season poorly.

Team news also helps make Premier League betting predictions. If you follow the news, you’ll know players who are injured, those in good form and suspended, and more. So always follow injury reports if you want to bet on English Premier League successfully.

What Bankroll Management is Good for the Premier League?

Effective bankroll management is key for successful EPL football betting. If you want to maximise your winnings in the Premier League, you must rely heavily on intelligent money management. Over the long run, gambling needs careful bankroll management to reduce losses.

The bankroll you need to use in the Premier League depends on what you want to achieve. If you are after long-term betting, you need to have a bigger bankroll. A big bankroll will allow you to bet for an extended period, which can be the entire EPL season.

With a big bankroll, you’ll also be able to realise huge profits if you use correct data and stats to make smart wagers.

Many EPL punters embrace a flat-betting strategy when it comes to bank management. With this strategy, they bet the same amount of money on each EPL match.

They only risk between 1% and 5% of their bankroll per bet. A recommended medium is 3% per bet or play. If you have £1000, for example, you should risk £30 on each wager. Your unit size would be £30.

Premier League Odds

Every sportsbook provides odds for each English Premier League event and market. Punters will find Premier League title odds, usually available before and across the season.

They’ll also find other odds on different markets, including correct score, match result, over/under, etc. 

It is advisable to shop around for the most competitive odds available on your market of choice. And this is where top-rated bookies become on top of the list.

Three top-rated bookmakers that have proven to offer the best payout margins for different betting markets at the Premier League include:

Jackbit was established in 2022. The bookie holds a Curacao licence, making it legit and fair. Committed to providing punters with a special crypto betting experience, Jackbit offers a range of bonuses and promotions for both existing and new customers, including a 10% bet insurance.


From sports like football to eSports, you’ll find numerous events and markets to choose from, including live betting Premier League. Jackbit has payout margins of 94% on Premier League events.

Rolletto started operating in 2020. It operates under a Curacao licence and accepts players globally, including the UK. Rolletto supports over 40 sports and eight eSports games for fans. The sportsbook supports both digital currencies and traditional methods of payments.


In terms of promotions, new players have a lucrative 150% welcome bonus, and existing punters have many ongoing promotions, such as a 10% cashback bonus. Rolletto has live betting and many other markets to pick from. The sportsbook has payout margins of 97% on Premier League fixtures.

Unibet is an industry leader. With a UK Gambling Commission licence, the sportsbook offers multiple products, including a racebook eSports and an online casino. From football and American football to politics and entertainment, the bookie has it all in terms of sports and markets.


New players can get a 200% welcome bonus of up to £100, while existing players can participate in numerous free-entry tournaments that offer many rewards. Unibet has payout margins of 96% on Premier League games.


Betting on the Premier League is a huge deal. It’s the most watched and popular football league among betting fans globally, thanks to the numerous wagering opportunities that it offers.

With 20 great teams and the most talented players, few football competitions come close to matching the EPL. Find a top-rated EPL sports betting platform to get started.

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