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la liga betting spain league tipsLa Liga in Spain is known as one of the best football leagues in the world, with two giants of world football heading the way in Real Madrid and Barcelona. The league itself is the top flight in Spain and offers fantastic betting opportunities. With games spread across Friday, Saturday and Sunday and many televised, the league is perfect for those who wish to sit back and watch the action that they bet on.

Alongside this feast of action across the weekends, from time to time the league will also have midweek games that usually take place across Tuesday and Wednesday nights. These don’t happen too often, but Spanish sides from La Liga also play in the Champions League and Europa League as well as their own domestic cup the Copa del Rey which all take place throughout the week so while league fixtures may not be happening, something else could be that involves La Liga clubs.

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Who are the Top Teams in La Liga?

Spanish football as a whole is dominated by two teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. These two rivals have dominated proceedings in Spain for a long time and their success has seen their rivalry grow even stronger. These are the two teams who are usually battling it out for the league title while also being the ones who are capable of winning European tournaments like the Champions League, something which Real Madrid have a great recent record in.

We have a group of other teams which sit just below these two and these are the teams that fill the remaining European spots while competing towards the top half of the table on a regular basis. These teams including Atletico Madrid, big rivals of Real, Valencia and Sevilla.

Some people criticise La Liga because the top teams are far better than those at the bottom meaning the league is a little uneven but, on their day, anyone can beat anyone else in this league. Those behind Barcelona and Real Madrid have improved over the past few years and closed the gap, especially Atletico Madrid who are close to joining the big two such has been their improvement in the past few years.

la liga outright betting

La Liga Outright Betting

This is something that isn’t as popular in Spain as it is elsewhere as it is seen as a two-horse race by many, potentially a three-horse one if you include Atletico Madrid as a value selection. However, that does mean that people often choose their side, either going with Barcelona or with Real Madrid.

Further down the league, there is the opportunity to back teams to finish in the top four, top half or in the relegation zone if you are looking at those at the very bottom of the league. This all gives the punter options when they are looking at La Liga, you don’t have to take a short price on Barcelona or RealMadrid bet to win the league if you don’t want, there are other markets available. If you want find best La Liga outright odds, check best online sports betting sites for 2024 rating.

La Liga Betting Tips

If you are looking for something simple to get stuck into then there is one way you can bet on La Liga right from the off. This is by betting on goals in games, this is one of the most expansive and attacking minded leagues in Europe, and there are many games that have goals in them.

The difference in quality between the top and bottom of the league means that we will often see Barcelona and Real Madrid winning games by comfortable margins. Those games that have a closer feel to them can also produce goals, with five and six-goal thrillers not uncommon in this league that has a lot of attacking talent.

This also lends itself to having exciting matches that you can watch, so if you like to bet and watch and you like to watch good football matches with plenty of scoring opportunities then this is a good league for you.

Another angle into La Liga is by using the handicap lines. As already mentioned, if there is one negative point to this league that people don’t like it is the difference in quality between those at the top and those at the bottom. However, with a bit of work, you can turn this into a positive as far as betting on the games goes.

A handicap line is a fictional line created by the bookmakers which is used to bring teams closer together. For example, Barcelona will be a very short price to beat a team at the bottom but the handicap line will increase their odds as it is harder for them to win using this. A -2 line means they need to win by three goals or more as they have a fictional -2 deficit to overcome, this is only for betting on the game.

This makes it tricky but gives you enhanced odds and if you have pinpointed a team that is going to struggle against Barcelona then you can use this kind of line to add value to your bet and make Barcelona worth backing.

When you have games like this which are one-sided you will need to be creative if you want to success when betting on them. This is something you can perfect while betting on La Liga as there will be plenty of opportunities to bet in this way with some big score lines and big wins for the top teams.

Those looking for a way into La Liga should certainly check out the total goals line with over 2.5 or maybe even over 3.5 in certain games a bet that is worth looking at. When it comes to backing teams to win, look out for handicap lines to add value to your selections and bring home a better profit. These are just two ways you can begin your La Liga betting journey as a newcomer to the top flight in Spain, and you are sure to pick up more La Liga tips as you bet.

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⚽ Who are the top team in La Liga?

There are two big teams in La Liga and they are Real Madrid and Barcelona. These two are clear of the rest, with Atletico Madrid and Sevilla being the two teams behind them.

⚽ What is outright betting mean?

Outright betting is when you place a bet on someone to win the league outright. For example, Real Madrid to win La Liga means they win the title at the end of the season, not that they win their next game.

⚽ How to make profits on La Liga bets?

There is a big difference between those at the top and bottom of this league, so markets such as handicap betting, total goals betting and more will help you make a profit as they offer bigger odds than general win betting.

⚽ Which team won most La Liga titles?

Real Madrid have won the most La Liga titles with 34 to their name.

⚽ Can you make a living betting on football?

Yes, you can make a living betting on football but you must understand that this is very difficult to do and requires a lot of skill and patience. Being a top gambler requires many attributes, if you have those then you can be successful.

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